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Here you'll find a few links to make your stay with Dragon Poker a bit more enjoyable as we work to set-up the wiki.

How to set-up a JP iTunes account

Google doc with the cumulative sum of English knowledge on the game.

Translations of menus and other stuff.

Useful Links

Dragon Poker's Twitter:
Check daily for the daily extra boosts timing, and check on Fridays for CBG guest info. They have also been releasing new card art on patch days.
May also have information for special Events and Collabs when they pop up.

"Matome" Dorapo site:
An automated site that catches the gossip and happening regarding Dorapo. One of the better Matome sites.
That said, it has been getting little updates as of late since only a few websites are attached to it.

Gatya's card directory:
Sometimes when the English Wiki is not updated or is wrong, Gatya's card directory is an accurate source of card information. It has a nice search feature. Learn to use this site as it will be invaluable for search purposes.
As of late, it's not really updated anymore, but is still a very useful resource for a majority of cards in the game.

Japanese Dragon Poker Wiki:
The primary Japanese Wiki Site for Dragon Poker ran by the community over there. It contains some very useful information on many things about the game, including some stuff not detailed in this Wiki.

Dragon Poker Facebook English Group:
A Facebook group page created by Kaillera, ran by the community. Join here and mingle with other English members of the game.

Dorapon's Twitter:
A dataminer that usually is on top of stuff when updates or new patches come out. Often has information on things that are otherwise hidden in-game.