Rebirth of the Dead

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Rebirth of the Deadbanner.png
Name Rebirth of the Dead
Type Points Exchange
History 10/12/2015 - 10/26/2015
8/29/2016 - 9/12/2016
Gus Allen (Zombie)card.png
Event Cards
Angelicacard.pngFormer Shopkeepercard.pngEasy Illcard.png
Feeder Materials
Taco Set

Dungeon Summary

Cardify Skills are disabled.

First two waves consist of Fodder and Event Cards.

The boss, Wood.png Gus Allen (Zombie) is weak to Fire.png, Slash.png, Bite.png, and Holy.png

On God difficulty (114 STA) and higher, Elsa Allen (Zombie) and Anna Allen (Zombie) have a chance to appear.

Fire.png Kim Allen (Zombie) may randomly appear in the 2nd wave on any difficulty; defeat her and gain extra bonus Points!


Gus comes with two minions (of Angelica, Former Shopkeeper, or Easy Ill).

  • While you can defeat the minions, they will respawn the next turn. It's possible to keep them from respawning if you kill enough of them though.
  • Gus will mostly strike with attacks that can cause Zombify and Paralysis.
  • If any member of the Party is inflicted with Zombify, the minions will execute an extra attack on those inflicted. Cards that can clear Status Effects are useful to keep you from taking more damage!
  • Gus will occasionally apply a Counter Shield on himself; Shield Breakers/Bypassers can be useful for the fight.
  • Rarely, Gus can use an attack that steals the Party's Buffs, and he'll Buff himself for each Stat stolen.
  • If you defeat Gus and any of his minions are still alive, he'll resurrect and devour one of his minions to recover 30% HP.
  • If the minion that Gus devours if affected by a Status Effect or Debuffs, it'll transfer to Gus! You can use this to your advantage!
    • Angelica: Vulnerable to Paralysis
    • Former Shopkeeper: Vulnerable to Confusion
    • Easy Ill: Vulnerable to Blindness
  • Gus doesn't seem to have any sort of enrage or release mechanic; Debuffs are recommended for higher difficulties to make the fight much easier.
  • On higher difficulties, Gus will open with a nasty preemptive attack that can inflict Zombify. Make sure you're prepared!

True Dragon King

  • Wave 1: Angelica, Former Shopkeeper, and Easy Ill
  • Wave 2: Elsa, Kim, and Anna Allen (Preemptive Attack)
  • Boss Wave: Gus Allen & Minions (Preemptive Attack)

For the most part, it's pretty much a more difficult 132 where everything hits much harder.
However, Gus gains an improved Counter Shield that's Unbreakable with added Damage Reduction.

Recommended Cards

AoE Enhance cards such as Undine, Snow White and Hestia are highly recommended to try and defeat all enemies at the same time.
Additionally, cards such as Elsa Allen, Shuten-doji, Izanagi and any Holy cards are highly effective.

Event Cards

The following cards can be exchanged for Points:

Reward Points Needed
Wood.pngSS+.png Gus Allen (Zombie) 50,000
Fire.pngS.png Angelica 20,000
Water.pngS.png Former Shopkeeper 20,000
Wood.pngS.png Easy Ill 20,000


Vaccines have a chance to drop from the Dungeon Chest when you complete the Dungeon. Gus Allen (Zombie) has a split evolution at SSS.
If you use a Vaccine (SS) as evolution material, you can evolve him to Gus Allen, his cured, human form. Otherwise, you can use an Overlord's Ring (DRA Ring) to keep him as a Zombie.

  • You need only 1x Vaccine (SS) as evolution material to evolve Gus to his human form.
  • The Vaccines that drop are R-rarity. (You'll need 12 total Vaccines (R) to make 1 Vaccine (SS); 4 R to 1 S; 3 S to 1 SS)
  • Vaccines also act as Skill-Up material for ANY Skill. (Equivalent to Gem Fairy)


1st Run Fodder are Medical Supplies. They give 2x EXP to all Event-related cards.
Other than that, they're just straight EXP fodder.

2nd Run Fodder are Taco Sets. They give 2x EXP to all Event-related cards.
They also give Skill-Ups to Bite.png Shield.png Slash.png Skills. (Skill Fairy Equivalent)

Point Rewards

  • 3 Black Medals for 10,000 P (Obtainable up to 3 times.)
  • 150 Dragon Medals for 7,500 P (Obtainable up to 3 times.)

Treasure Rewards and Points Earned

Difficulty Points Earned Treasure Reward
初級 (24 STP)
3000 N/A
中級 (42 STP)
5500 N/A
上級 (60 STP)
8000 10 Black Medals
鬼級 (72 STP)
10000 200 Dragon Medals
雷級 (84 STP)
12500 10 Black Medals
竜級 (96 STP)
15000 200 Dragon Medals
神級 (114 STP)
30000 10 Black Medals
Dragon King
竜王級 (132 STP)
45000 3x Goddess Fairies (Fire)
True Dragon King
真・竜王級 (150 STP)
90000 10 Black Medals
  • Defeating Kim Allen will award you with half of the Points you get for clearing the difficulty you defeat her on.