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Aardvark +-  +
Abyssinyan +Heals self for X% HP  +
Accelerator +1x Non-Elemental AoE attack with a 33% chance to Reverse the targets' Buffs  +
Accelerator (Black Wing) +5x Non-Elemental Hit attack with 50% chance to apply 1.5x Damage UP effect and 33% chance to Reverse the targets' Buffs respectively  +
Acqua of the Back +1-2x AoE Water-elemental Slash attack (When your HP is 50% or less, Skill Power increases)  +
Ada +3x Hit attack that ignores Shields, applies Sustained Buff effect that increases ATK for 3 turns (On Straight+, chance to Debuff all targets' ATK/AGI when Sustained Buff triggers)  +
Adramelech +3x Claw attack with a chance to inflict Taunt (If you or your target is Taunted, attacks become imbued with Fire-element.)  +
Agate Silky +Heals self for X% HP.  +
Agent Fuwano +Chance to inflict Damage UP and Confusion to all targets (For every target that is Confused, increases the Party's AGI by +1 and decreases all targets' ATK by -1)  +
Agravain +1x Slash attack with chance to reduce target's ATK by -1  +
Ainrare +3x Stab attack that ignores Shields; If target has a Shield effect, immediately applies 1.5x Damage UP effect (If target is not inflicted with a Status Effect, chance to inflict Seal)  +
Ais Wallenstein (Danmachi) +5x Non-Elemental Slash attack that ignores Shields; Grants +1 to all Stats (Skill Power increases as your Stat Total increases; At +15 Stat Total, attacks become imbued with the Element the target is weak against)  +
Akane +1x Strong Fire attack with chance to inflict Seal (Skill Power increases as more Red cards other than your own are in the played hand)  +
Akane (Angel) +Clears the Party's Status Effects, Heals their HP, and applies 2-4 tick Status Reflect Shields (When the Stat Total of a Healed target is Negative, wipes their Debuffs)  +
Akane (BIOHAZARD) +2x Hit attack that reduces the target's AGI and breaks Shields; If target's AGI is Negative, self-applies 1-tick Evasion Shield (On Shield Destruction, increases AGI Debuff Strength)  +
Akane (Fallen Angel) +Breaks all targets' Shields with a chance to decrease their ATK/AGI; Skill Power increases as the target's HP decreases (When the target has an active Shield, also decreases their DEF)  +
Akaneko +4-6x Slash attack (guaranteed to hit) with chance to Steal the target's ATK & AGI (For every +1 ATK & AGI you have, Skill Power increases)  +
Akeginu +Linked Skill becomes AoE; If the Card being Linked is a Ninja, Skill Power increases (When you target a single foe, Linked Skill activates 4x instead)  +
Akira Nishikiyama +3x Non-elemental Hit attack with chance to inflict Confusion  +
Aladdin +3x Non-elemental Stab attack, chance for skill to be boosted (if enemy is Genie, damage is doubled)  +
Alberich +1x Strong Wood attack, 50% chance to grant +1 AGI  +
Alchemy Devil +1x Hit attack (Skill Power increases are more Hit cards are present in the hand other than your own; If any Debuff card is in the played hand, attack may also reduce ATK & DEF.)  +
Alcoholic Tanuki +1x Hit attack  +
Alec +1x Slash attack (On Straight+, gain Strong Fire element on attack)  +
Alex +2x Hit attack and execute an additional 1-3x Non-Elemental attack (If your HP is below 50%, 2x Hits gain Strong Fire element. For every +3 buffs your target has, power of the Non-Elemental attacks increases)  +