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Aladdin +When Main Card has Attack Skill, grants 30% Skill Boost (When target is a Genie, grants 40% Skill Boost)  +
Alice +When Main Card's Heal Skill activates, heals 5% HP and 35% chance to reduce the next instance of damage by 30%.  +
Amaterasu +When attached to A, skill efficacy +10% and 15% damage reduction (When main is Fire, skill efficacy +20%. If it's also A, 15% damage reduction)  +
Ame no Uzume +When attached to card with Buff/Debuff main skill, Skill Efficacy +15% (On Straight+, Skill Efficacy +20% instead)  +
Amnelia +When Main Card is A, grants 20% Skill Boost; When your HP is 60% or lower, 50% chance to grant 50% Damage Reduction  +
Anubis +When Main Card has Attack Skill, grants 30% Skill Boost (On Five Card+, grants 40-60% Skill Boost)  +
Aphrodite +When Main Card is a Girl, grants 15-25% Skill Boost  +
Apollo +When attached to Red Main, +15% Skill Efficacy (On Straight+, also recovers 5% of max HP)  +
Aqua Lord +When Main Card has Water Skill, grants +5% Skill Boost for every Blue card in the hand (On Straight+, grants 35% Skill Boost)  +
Aquila +When Main Card has Slash Skill, grants 20% Skill Boost (30% on Straight+, 40% on Four Card+)  +
Ariel +When Main Card has Attack Skill, grants 30% Skill Boost (For every 20% HP lost, grants +2% Skill Boost).  +
Aries +When Main Card is NOT a Girl, grants 25-30% Skill Boost and +2 AGI  +
Artemis +When Main Card has Attack Skill, grants 30% Skill Boost (For every 20% HP lost, increases Skill Boost by +2%)  +
Asmodeus +When Main Card's Skill activates, grants 20% Skill Boost and 33% chance to Charm all enemies but self-inflicts -1 ATK  +
Ataxia +When Main Card is Dragon, grants 20% Skill Boost (When Main Card is Dragon and has Attack Skill, grants 35% Skill Boost; If the target's HP is 70% or higher, executes an additional Strong Fire attack (0.80x))  +
Athena +When attached to Ace, boosts damage by 25% and receive 15% less damage at all times  +
Azzurro +When target is Dragon-type, give 25% Skill Boost (35% on Straight+ with Attack Skill)  +
Baphomet +When Main Card is A or Demon, grants 25% Skill Boost and 5% Increased Damage received at all times.  +
Batista +When Main Card is A, grants 10% Damage Reduction and 15% Status Avoidance (When your HP is 80% or more, grants 80% Status Avoidance)  +
Beelzebub +When Main Card's Attack Skill Activates, grants 20-40% Skill Boost (Chance to grant +1 ATK, DEF, or AGI)  +
Belphegor +When you are Asleep, grants 50% Damage Reduction and 3% Increased Healing Received  +
Beryl +When Main Card has Slash or Claw Skill, grants 15% Skill Boost; 35% on Straight+  +
Bivouac +When Main Card has Wood Skill, grants 25% Skill Boost (For every Green Card in the played hand including your own, grants +4% Skill Boost; Maxes at 45%)  +
Blackbeard +When Main Card does NOT have an Enhance Skill, grants 25% Skill Boost  +
Brulee +When Main Card has Fire Skill, grants 30% Skill Boost and 50% chance to inflict Poison (When target is Poisoned, grants +1 ATK)  +