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Aladdin +3x Non-Elemental Stab attack, 30% chance to increase Skill Power (When target is a Genie, inflicts double damage and executes 1x Strong Elemental attack with the Element the target is weakest to)  +
Alice +Heals Party for 25% HP and chance to reduce damage received for 3 turns (if HP is low when skill activates, chance of Damage Reduction is increased)  +
Amaterasu +Removes all of enemies' Shield skills, chance to give Counterattack + Iron Wall to party in accordance with number of such skills removed.  +
Ame no Uzume +Chance to reduce all targets' ATK, as well as DEF on Straight+ (If any target has a Shield, remove it and increase debuff success rate)  +
Amnelia +Chance to reduce all targets' ATK; also increases the Party's DEF and grants 1-tick Iron Wall to all allies who do NOT have an active Shield (Skill Power increases the lower your HP is)  +
Anubis +3x Strong Water attack with chance to inflict Taunt (When target is Red, Skill Power increases; When target is NOT Red, Taunt Chance increases)  +
Aphrodite +Heals Party for 20% HP and increases their ATK/DEF (On Straight+, chance to reduce all targets' ATK)  +
Apollo +1x Stab attack (Skill Power increases with each +ATK buff on self) and buffs +ATK for self (On Straight+, +ATK buff power increases)  +
Aqua Lord +1x strong Water attack; On Straight+, add 1x Water-elemental Stab attack (Skill Power increases as more Blue cards other than your own are present in the hand)  +
Aquila +1x Fire-elemental Slash attack, increases your ATK  +
Ariel +1-5x Stab attack; When you do not have an active Shield effect, self-applies Counter + Damage Reduction Shield with ticks equal to the number of attacks executed (On Full House+, executes 3-5x Stab attack instead)  +
Aries +3x Stab attack, 50% chance to transfer Status Effect on self to all targets (When you are inflicted with a Status Effect, Skill Power increases)  +
Artemis +3x Stab attack; If you have any Negative Debuffs, chance to transfer them to the target (Skill Power and Debuff Transfer Chance increases as your Stat Total decreases)  +
Asmodeus +3x Hit attack with chance to inflict Paralysis (33% Chance to inflict Paralysis on all foes and 50% Chance to imbue attacks with Water)  +
Ataxia +1x Fire-elemental Claw attack and self-applies Damage Reduction + Counter Shield (Damage Reduction increases as your HP decreases)  +
Athena +Chance for entire party to gain Iron Wall (chance of success higher as target's HP decreases; when target's HP is below X%, add Heal effect; when below 25% HP, grants two ticks of Iron Wall)  +
Azzurro +3x Stab attack, chance to Paralyze and give target -1 ATK/DEF (When target is already Paralyzed, Debuff effect cannot miss)  +
Baphomet +Sacrifices 5% HP to increase the Party's ATK (On Straight+, Buff Strength increases)  +
Batista +2x Slash attack and self-applies 3-tick Iron Wall + Strong Counter Shield for the duration of the Turn (Skill Power and Counter Strength increases as your HP decreases; On Full House+, attacks are guaranteed to hit)  +
Beelzebub +3x Bite attack with 50% Chance to Steal one of a target's ATK, DEF, or AGI Buffs (When your Stat Total is Positive, attacks become Wood-imbued)  +
Belphegor +3x Bite attack with chance to inflict Sleep; 50% chance to Steal +1 ATK (50% chance for attacks to be Wood-imbued; Lifesteals 50% damage inflicted to Sleeping targets)  +
Beryl +1-5x Slash attacks, Lifesteal 20% of damage done (50% chance to imbue attacks with Water-element)  +
Bivouac +4x Strong Wood attack with chance to inflict Confusion (When there are 4 Green Cards in the played hand, increases # of attacks executed to 5; When there are 5 Green Cards in the played hand, increases # of attacks executed to 6)  +
Blackbeard +1x Bite attack that breaks Shields and is guaranteed to hit, but self-inflicts -1 AGI (On Shield Destruction, Skill Power increases)  +
Brulee +3x Strong Fire attack with chance to inflict Poison (If target is Poisoned, reduces their ATK)  +