Pirates of Immortality

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Pirates of Immortalitybanner.png
Name Pirates of Immortality
Type Score Attack, Points Exchange
History 2/23/2015 - 3/9/2015
Event Cards
Iguana Commandercard.pngManatee Boatswaincard.pngMonkey Seamancard.png
Feeder Materials

Dungeon Summary

The previous run of this dungeon was a Score Attack dungeon.

The current reprint is a Points Exchange dungeon this time.

First two waves consist of the associated Event Cards.

The boss, Xebec, is weak to Wood, Holy, and Bite.
Thus, any Holy cards (Johann, Clare, Klaus, etc.) or Bite cards (Beelzebub or Belphegor, for example) are highly effective.

Event Cards

Xebec can be obtained for 50,000 Points.

Iguana Commander, Manatee Boatswain, and Monkey Seaman can be obtained for 20,000 Points each.

The Feeder cards obtained can skill up Status, Bite, and Holy cards.

Treasure Rewards

上級 (12*): 200 Dragon Medals
鬼級 (16*): 10 Black Medals
竜級 (20*): 10 Black Medals
神級 (24*): Telescope of the Ocean - On straight+ and skill activation, buff ATK or DEF (buffs both on full house+).
竜王級 (28*): Compass of Treasures - On straight+ and skill activation, heal for a tiny amount (effect increases inversely with target HP).
(32*): Proof of the Great Pirate - When main card is A, decrease damage taken based on your lowest negative stat (out of ATK/DEF/AGI, 5% reduction per -1).