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==3.1.3 (1/29/2021)==
*Fixed a bug that allowed you to another card while looking at the Skill description of a Card.
*Fixed a bug that where you could only press Back when you select a Card for Training and try sorting them.
*Fixed a bug that caused a black screen to occur when you select criteria for Searching and close the window out when the results don't fully load.
*Fixed a bug that caused the screen to freeze when you select a Card for Training and try sorting them and you pick the card you already sent off to Train.
*Fixed UI when entering the Tower Dungeon from Group Chat or Free Chat. (This caused the Tower Dungeon to be closed since 3.1.2 as a result.)
*Fixed a bug that didn't show the maximum number of cards in your Inventory on some devices.
*Fixed a bug that didn't show the correct number of cards in your Inventory when rolling the Normal or Material Gachas.
==3.1.2 (1/15/2021)==
*Added function to check Awakening Skill Info in the Card Library.
*Fixed several bugs regarding the UI when trying to back out of certain screens.
==3.1.1 (12/21/2020)==
==3.1.1 (12/21/2020)==
*Fixed a bug where Players couldn't buy Dragon Stones if they were on Android 10 or higher.
*Fixed a bug where Players couldn't buy Dragon Stones if they were on Android 10 or higher.

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3.1.3 (1/29/2021)

  • Fixed a bug that allowed you to another card while looking at the Skill description of a Card.
  • Fixed a bug that where you could only press Back when you select a Card for Training and try sorting them.
  • Fixed a bug that caused a black screen to occur when you select criteria for Searching and close the window out when the results don't fully load.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the screen to freeze when you select a Card for Training and try sorting them and you pick the card you already sent off to Train.
  • Fixed UI when entering the Tower Dungeon from Group Chat or Free Chat. (This caused the Tower Dungeon to be closed since 3.1.2 as a result.)
  • Fixed a bug that didn't show the maximum number of cards in your Inventory on some devices.
  • Fixed a bug that didn't show the correct number of cards in your Inventory when rolling the Normal or Material Gachas.

3.1.2 (1/15/2021)

  • Added function to check Awakening Skill Info in the Card Library.
  • Fixed several bugs regarding the UI when trying to back out of certain screens.

3.1.1 (12/21/2020)

  • Fixed a bug where Players couldn't buy Dragon Stones if they were on Android 10 or higher.

3.1.0 (12/7/2020)

  • You can now cancel an ongoing Training session. There's an added Red button to do this.
  • Maximum Card Slots have been increased by 400; In addition, you can also increase the # of Slots in more varieties now (5, 25, 50, Maximum).
  • New Buttons for "Choosing Deck" and "Choosing SP Deck" have been added. (This is a green button on the Dungeon Info screen. This allows you switch your Deck/SP Deck)
  • Increased the size of the Card Info box. (May look awkward on some devices.)
  • Changed the Dungeon Info UI a bit (along with some other tweaks).
  • Pressing "Cancel" when doing Card Sorting used to have the same effect as "Reset", now "Cancel" Button will just close the window but not reset as before.
  • Removed Chat screen from appearing after clearing a Dungeon.
  • Added more Deck Building functionality and changed the Deck Building UI a little bit.
    • At a later date, "Deck Recipe" and "Delete Deck" will be available for use.
  • On the Gacha Screen, modified the top layout for more Gacha Buttons and moved the "Top" Button to upper left corner of the screen.
  • You can now Bulk Feed Materials to Cards for Upgrading!
    • You first need to set a "seed" of 5 Materials. After that, simply hit the Purple button on the Upgrade screen.
    • You'll then be prompted as to how many Material Sets you want to use and then you can confirm.
    • Past the first Set of Materials used, each subsequent set of Materials used will consume 50% less Gold than the first Set.
    • If the Card is already at Max Lv. or if you don't have enough Gold or Mats, then the Bulk Feed will fail.
    • In case it wasn't obvious, you can only use Mats from the Material Warehouse for Bulk Feeding.
    • In the case of Materials that increase Skill Level, the rate of Success is still tracked as it normally is for each individual Skill Level.
  • Shield Types and Suffixes can finally be tracked on Bosses with the new Defense Status window! This can be checked below the Weakness Search window. Like the Weakness Search window, it can be toggled on/off at will.
    • When turned on, it shows the current active Shield effect(s) on the Boss.
  • You can mark Group Chats as "Favorites" by using the Heart symbol when checking them on the Friends screen.
  • You can also now sort Group Chats by either date created or last activity.
  • Added a new Purple button that allows you to replay the current Dungeon after clearing it. (This starts up a new run of the current Dungeon.)
  • Added option to opt out of Player Search. (You can hide yourself from being searched...if you want.) This can be turned on in Options.
  • Added new Sort option in Card Sorting to be able to sort Cards that can be Awakened.
  • The "Ready to Evolve" option will no longer appear on Cards that ready to be Awakened.
  • Added Text Search function to Card Sorting. This means you can search for stuff in your Inventory much easier now (if you know Japanese...for English players, this is largely useless).
  • Added Card Library feature to the Card Album.
    • This allows to look up data on every Card in the game released! This means you now have access to their maxed Stats, Skill Data, and so forth.
    • Cards you haven't acquired will appear as "?", so you can't view the Card Art but you can still view its information.
    • There's also a Sort function so you can sort the Cards by Text Search, Cost, Skill, or Type.
  • Added magenta Detach Orb Button on the Orb screen.
    • This allows you to detach specific Orbs from Cards without having to go to the Card itself and do the same thing.
    • If you hit the Magenta button in the middle after hitting the Detach Orb button, this will prompt to detach ALL Orbs across ALL Cards!

3.0.8 (10/22/2020)

  • App Icon changed to add some Halloween Flair.
  • Minor Bug Fixes (Unspecified)

3.0.7 (7/20/2020)

  • Fixed a bug where the "Now Loading..." message would get stuck if you swapped to another App while the message was active.
  • The Exchange button for Death Medals is now greyed out if you lack the Death Medals to exchange anything from the Duel Medal Shop.
  • 36 Cost Cards introduced (with the Basilisk Collab Cards marking the first of the bunch)
  • Upper Limit for Special Dungeon Points has been raised to 99,999,999.
    • This has been implemented rarely in the past for some Events. It seems to be permanent thing now.
  • New Type: Wrestler
    • This has been retroactively added to some older Cards.
  • New Type: Halloween
    • This has been retroactively added to all of the Halloween Cards.

3.0.6 (7/6/2020)

  • Various Underground Fixes
    • Fixed Ranking not showing up properly
    • Fixed Ranking not displaying properly
    • Fixed Bug regarding checking another Player's details from the Rankings.
    • Fixed Ranking Inconsistencies (My Tab and the Front Page Tab)
    • Fixed a Sound Effect issue
    • Fixed BP Ranking not displaying properly
  • Fixed Bug with SP Deck Settings (If you chose to select ON only for Deck but OFF for SP Deck, SP deck would change even you set it as OFF.)
  • Fixed wording with certain Enhance Cards whose Conditionals actually apply at Skill Activation, but were noted as applying at the Start of the Hand.
    • This affects Jasmine, Eris, Taro Band, and Iron Monkey specifically.

3.0.5 (3/9/2020)

  • Various Bug Fixes from the last Patches. (3.0.3 & 3.0.4)
  • A new fancy "Now Loading..." prompt has replaced the previous one that popped up every time something had to be loaded.
  • Can now toggle whether you want Deck/SP Deck Selection ON/OFF when you enter Dungeons.
  • Changed up Treasure Rewards for Normal Dungeons.
    • You can now get several SP Skills upon completing the Tutorial. (Skill Guarantee & Shuffle 1-4)
    • Normal Dungeon Treasure # 7,9,13,17,20 have been changed to 5 Dragon Stones each. (These previously had the aforementioned SP Skills.)
    • This was done to help newer players get access to common SP Skills more quickly.
  • The Warehouse has been expanded by another 1000 slots! (You still have to pay for the space.)
  • New Type: Fairy
    • This has been retroactively added to LOTS of older Cards (such as Skill Fairies, Aria, Titania, etc. and so forth).

3.0.4 (2/10/2020)

  • Various Bug Fixes from the last Patch mostly.
  • Fixed Line Spacing for Buffs, Debuffs, Status Effects, and Shields text effects.
  • Colosseum now properly shows the Enhance Bonus; If no Bonus is Present, it'll simply show as "なし" (None).
  • Modified CPU Players to increase the chance they make Full House hands.
  • Medal Reimbursement is slated for Orb Removers (on 2/14).
  • Evo Mats can now be bought directly from the Evolution Screen again.
  • Challenge Dungeons now properly check for required Deck Power.
  • Fixed Bug allowing you to see Enemy Team's Chat in Colo.
  • Push Notifications work again.
  • The Phone header being displayed is now fixed for most devices.
  • Material Warehouse has been increased to 300 Unique Cards to address an issue when Evolving/Awakening a Card when you've hit the Limit on Unique Material Cards.
    • The core issue is slated to be fixed at a later date.

3.0.3 (1/26/2020)

  • New "Underground" PvP Feature added
    • This acts as a solo-based PvP function. It's currently implemented in a Beta state.
    • It acts pretty similar to Colosseum in how it's supposed to operate.
    • You can earn "Death Medals" for participating in the Underground. You can use these to purchase things from the Duel Medal Shop. (Nothing is currently implemented that requires Death Medals.)
  • Enhance Skills have been added to the rotation of Super Effective Skills for Colosseum bouts.
    • These will be added alongside the usual rotation of a Physical Skill and Status Skill, rotating between the different Enhance types.
    • In the case of Hybrid Enhancers, this will only be effective for the type of Enhance Skill being used. (i.e. If Power-Up in in the rotation, only Power-Up will get the extra boost if used.)
  • Weak Point Search added
    • This is now a default feature in Dungeons, which eliminates the use of the "Weak Point Search" SP Skill. It will be removed at a later date.
    • This now means if you have the "Weak Point Search" SP Skill in your SP Deck, it essentially does nothing.
    • In addition, since this was a Reward from Normal Dungeons, the Treasure Reward has been changed to 5 Dragon Stones. (You can claim this even if you already got Weak Point Search previously.)
  • You can now create up to 5 separate SP Decks for use in either Dungeons or Colosseum/Underground!
    • You can also rename these Decks as appropriate.
  • Free Chat and Group Chat functions improved
  • Improved Card Management
    • You can now select up to 50 Cards when Selling them or putting them in the Warehouse!
    • Added "Auto Select" button which will automatically select up to 50 Cards (from the top of the screen) that can be sold. After that, the button becomes "All Release" and all automatically selected Cards will be sold after hitting the button.
  • Improved Warehouse Functions
    • Added Auto Select and Auto Release buttons (see above).
  • Improve Material Warehouse Functions
    • Can now select up to 50 Cards at a time.
    • Added Auto Select/Release buttons.
    • Is now possible to sell a max of 50 (there's added min/max buttons) of a specific Material at one time if necessary.
  • Adjusted the icons on Cards that indicate whether they can Evolve or Awaken.
  • Function Improvement for Special Dungeons/Content
    • At the Start of Special Dungeons and Colo/Underground, you can now switch Decks/SP Decks as necessary.
  • Tower Dungeon Improvements
    • Set function for Host to set a "Continuous" run or not.
    • Removed the "Intrusion OK" button.
  • Detach Orbs removed from the game.
    • You can now remove Orbs from Cards freely.
    • As a result, Detach Orbs have been removed from the Medal Shop.
    • Any Detach Orbs you have will be be reimbursed. (100 Dragon Medals per Detach Orb)
  • Improved CPU Functionality
    • Made it more likely for CPU to make Straights and increased the chance for the CPU to make a Three Card hand when there's a One Pair present.
  • Can now select Continuous Gacha Rolls for more Gachas.
  • Can now sell "S or Less" Cards when rolling the Gacha.
  • Added Confirmation Screen for evolving Cards like Rico and Josie at Lv120 that had extra Forms added after the fact.
    • This is confirm that if you evolve the Card, you can't revert it and you won't get credit for it in the Card Album as stated previously.
  • Other various unlisted fixes.

3.0.2 (7/17/2019)

  • The Material Warehouse has been upgraded!
    • You can now store up to 200 Unique Material Cards and up to 9999 of each!
    • You can withdraw up to 50 Material Cards at a time (can still only deposit 20 at a time though...)
  • Any SS or higher rarity Cards you obtain from Normal/Rare Gachas will automatically lock now.
  • Cards with a base rarity of GOD/DRA now award 10 Dragon Stones from the Card Album instead of 5 like before.
    • Excludes certain Serial Code Cards such as Tsukuyomi (Wood), Lefa, and Fata.
  • Max Warehouse Capacity has been increased by +800 (You still have to purchase the extra Slots with Stones. Max is now 2000.)
  • New Type: Constellation
    • This has been retroactively added to older Cards (such as the Zodiac series and so forth).
  • Super MAX Gacha and 40 Cost Cards added
    • Super MAX Gacha is pretty similar to the GDR Max Gachas, with it being 11-Roll only and you have a 1/7 Chance to get the featured Card on rolling an SS Card.
    • In addition, the Super MAX Gacha has its own Cards exclusive only to it. They can not be rolled via other Gacha or through SS Gacha Tickets.
    • The 40 Cost Cards exclusive to the Super MAX Gacha can be obtained repeatedly. (Unlike the GDR Cards.)
  • New Type: Kungfu
    • This has been retroactively added to older Cards (such as Meiling, Ham Han, Chen Xiong, etc. and so forth).
  • New Type: Magical Girl
    • This has been retroactively added to older Cards (such as Ran, Akane, etc. and so forth).
  • All Event Cards (SS or higher) will now automatically Lock when you obtain them.
  • Daily Missions added for Event Dungeons.
  • New Type: Outlaw
    • This has been retroactively added to LOTS of older Cards (such as Coyote, Emliy, etc. and so forth).
  • Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed issue with Shrine Maiden Medea not showing up in the Card Album.
    • Fixed issue with not being able to swipe left/right when viewing specific Cards.
    • Fixed issue with Android Devices not showing Duel Match bonuses.
    • Fix the bug that searching card sometimes take too much time
    • Fix the bug that prevent Mecha Rico and Mecha Josie to put in Colo and Duel Match.
    • SS Gold Marrone will no longer automatically lock when received.(I don't know why you want to lock it since it meant to be sold anyway.)
    • Dungeon Tracking Counter is now back.
    • Fix the bug with the cards with "Party's total HP condition check" (Like Venus)
    • Fix the bug that sometimes the "Back" button is shown at the bottom of screen.
    • Fix "Taunt/Rage" effect showing in the correct place
    • Fix the bug that cause "!" mark when your friend doing dungeon not working properly.
    • Treasure Box is now displayed properly.
    • Stone cracking effect when you're Petrified now display properly.
    • Zeus Sub Cards had their Rarity reversed; this has been fixed.
    • Nimue & Nyanko's Rarity became GOD (Original rarity was DRA). This has been fixed.
    • Syr Flover's Skill had an unlisted bonus; it also wipes Enemy Buffs when your Stat Total is Negative. This has been fixed to appear on the Card now.
      • However, since this came so late, the Collab Gacha couldn't be extended, so another Card will be released later with a similar Main Skill.
  • Current Bugs:
    • Some UI Elements don't disappear when you try to join with a Friend but then press the Back button too soon.

3.0.1 (6/25/2019)

  • New Functions added:
    • Fullscreen now supported properly (for most devices).
    • Main Screen changed to display currently ongoing Event Dungeons
    • SP Gauge removed from Main Display (it hasn't served a purpose in years); replaced with a Warehouse Stock counter. (No clue why.)
    • Battle Screens now properly supported in Portrait Mode; Battle Screen setting added in Configuration Settings.
      • This can be swapped On/Off to swap from Compatible to Normal.
  • Material Improvements
    • Materials earned from various Gachas (Normal, Material, Special Dungeon, etc.) can now directly enter the Material Warehouse when rolled. (A great fix!)
    • This also applies to the Fodder Sets you can get from Event Dungeons.
    • The Forehead Jewel can now be put in the Material Warehouse. (Still technically doesn't show up as a Material Card though when sorting.)
  • Elements are now displayed for Cards you receive in your Rewards Box.
  • Push Notifications for Android Devices now work properly again.
  • Reduced Loading Time when booting the Game.
  • (Unlisted) Overall game performance somewhat improved. (But numerous things are broken though.)
  • Current Bugs:
    • Dungeon Chest is not properly displaying after clearing a Dungeon. (You are still getting Cards/Rewards though.)
    • Numerous Skills for certain Cards are not functioning properly.
    • Mission Tracking is currently not working. (For Missions that have a required # of stuff.)
    • Materials can't be evolved in the Material Warehouse.
    • Awakened Gigas can put into the Material Warehouse, but not taken back. (Why you would do this is beyond me.)

2.5.8 (7/27/2018)

  • Colosseum Changes
    • Reverted previous changes from 2.5.7; The Enemy Team's Cards are now visible again regardless of completing your Team's Hand.
    • Plans to revamp Colosseum in future updates; they have 3 ideas:
      • 1. Colosseum - Party Mode: Made to participate easily even when Solo.
      • 2. Colosseum - Ranking Mode: Plans to improve and adjust the past Colosseum mode (regarding Ranking anyways).
      • 3. Colosseum - Championship Mode: Mode to create Teams in Group Chat and compete for Points
    • HP For Colosseum has been doubled from what it previously was.
  • New Shield Effect added: Overwrite Disabled
    • This means a Shield cannot be overwritten by Damage UP effects. However, it is vulnerable to being Broken or Bypassed.
    • This is denoted by the Shield having a Lock icon on it.
  • New Type: Guardian
  • New Type: Chess
  • New Type: Galaxy
  • Switch Evolution added
    • This allows a Card to swap back and forth between different Forms. (Unlike Split Evolution where you're stuck to one Form for good.)
  • Maximum Warehouse Capacity increased by 200. (You still have to spend Stones to get the space.) 9/21/18
  • Maximum Deck Capacity increased by 100. (You still have to spend Stones to get the space.)
  • Introduced GOD Gold Bullion Marrones.
  • New Missions Added
    • Added Hidden Missions for clearing specific Floors in the Tower Dungeon 25/50/75/100 times.
  • Rare Medals added
    • Rare Medals can be obtained and exchanged for various things:
      • Costume Evolution Materials: These allow certain Cards to evolve to a "Costume" form when they hit Lv120. Stats, Skills, and Skill Lv are retained and the Card's Max HP is increased by 150.
      • GOD Skill Fairy: These special Skill Fairies allow for a 100% Chance at a Skill Lv Up! (There's one for each Skill Type.)
    • Currently, they can be obtained when rolling Special MAX Gachas. They are also planned to be given out as rewards in the future.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue with Momotaro (Wandering) where his 1x Attack didn't break Shields. It does now.
    • Fixed issue with Don Koala where his Sub Skill was activating even with Girl cards. It now works properly.
    • Fixed issues regarding Evolving Cards in the Material Warehouse.
    • Fixed an issue with Status Effect Skill Orbs not activating properly.
    • Fixed an issue with Cards that have Skills that activate effects on bypassing Shields. These Skill didn't interact properly with Damage UP effects; now their additional effects will activate when hitting Damage UP Shields.
      • This affects cards such as: Dr. Hugo, Elsa Allen, Yuki-onna, Jane (Awakened), Amaterasu (The Sun), etc.
  • GDR Rarity Introduced
    • Cards that are capable of evolving to GDR act much differently than previous cards.
    • For starters, you can only possess ONE of any given GDR Card (meaning you can't have Dupes of them).
    • In order to evolve these Cards, you'll need to obtain a Dupe of that Card.
      • Cards that are capable of evolving to GDR start out at GOD Rarity, Lv120, and Skill Lv5.
      • Upon getting a 2nd Copy of the Card, it will evolve to GOD II and increase to Skill Lv6.
      • Upon getting a 3rd Copy of the Card, it will evolve to GOD III and increase to Skill Lv7.
      • Upon getting a 4th Copy of the Card, it will evolve to GOD IV and increase to Skill Lv8.
      • Upon getting a 5th Copy of the Card, it will evolve to GDR and increase to Skill Lv9.
      • Should you get a 6th Copy of the Card, it will be converted into an SS Gacha Ticket.
    • Currently, GDR Cards can NOT be rolled through SS Gacha Tickets.
    • They can however be rolled from special GDR MAX Gachas or special Selection Gachas.

April/May 2019

  • Gold and PP removed from the Dungeon Chest (when clearing an Event Dungeon). As a result, the Drop Rate on Evolution Rings from the Dungeon Chest has increased.
  • Maximum Warehouse Capacity increased by 100. (You still have to spend Stones to get the space.)
  • Maximum Deck Capacity increased by 100. (You still have to spend Stones to get the space.)
  • Star Romance added to the game.
  • Level Cap has increased to 450
  • Orb Capacity increased by 100 (up to 600)
  • An additional Training Slot has been added! (You still have to pay 10 Dragon Stones to unlock it.)
  • CPU Decks in Special Dungeons have been improved. (No more crappy decks.)
  • Treasure in Normal Dungeons is now guaranteed to drop. No more running a Normal Dungeon 5+ times for that one Treasure drop.

June 2019

  • "Further" (Second) Awakening added.
  • Super EXP Dungeon added permanently to the game.

2.5.7 (7/6/2018)

  • Material Warehouse added
    • This acts pretty similar to the existing Warehouse except it's for Material Cards only (Evolution Rings, Skill Fairies, Marrones, Fodder, etc.)
    • The Material Warehouse can hold up to 999 of any one Material Card and the limit on the Material Warehouse is 100 Unique Material Cards.
    • Any Material Cards you get from Dungeons or your Mailbox will go directly into the Material Warehouse.
  • Added Continuous Gacha Rolls
    • This lets you set a continuous number for rolling the Rare Gacha for a specific Element (just single rolls). The max continuous rolls is 10.
  • Added Jump Button to Tower Dungeon screen that lets you jump to the highest floor you've reached.
  • Added Off/On Switch for displaying BETs in Dungeons. This can be toggled on your Profile.
  • Added Off/On Switch for greatly increasing Super Fusion animation speed. This can be toggled on your Profile.
  • Added Number of Clears for Dungeons on the actual Dungeon Listing now (you don't have to click on the Dungeon to see it anymore).
  • Added Tracking to some Special Missions for keeping track of the # of Clears required (notably for Tower Dungeon).
  • W-Link Icon added
    • When W-Link is activated in a Dungeon now, a "W" icon will appear on the Card.
  • Extra Sort Options added
    • The Sort Options has had its display changed up a bit.
    • Extra Sort Options have been added to where you can sort by Race/Type and Alphabetical order.
  • Added Displays to the Battle Button on the Main Screen to indicate when Colosseum & Duel Match are taking place and if they're currently active.
  • Colosseum Changes
    • The display of the Enemy Team's Cards has been changed to where their Cards will not appear to you unless your Team's Cards have all been played.
  • Bugs
    • Issue with with evolving Mats in the Material Warehouse; You can evolve Mats, but they may not show up correctly until you Refresh the screen.
    • Issue with buying Mats from Medal Shop; When you buy Mats from the Medal Shop, it may show you've purchased two, but you still only have the one. You'll need to back out and go back into the Evolution Screen to get it to display correctly.
    • Rolling Fodder from the relevant Special Event Fodder Gachas will NOT automatically go into the Material Warehouse. This is slated to be fixed in a later app update.

2.5.6 (5/12/2018)

  • Dorapo Anniversary Vol. 2 Groundwork laid.
  • Various UI Changes (most minor)
  • 35 and 38 Cost Cards have been introduced!
    • However, this doesn't mean the existing 35 Cost (Whale Cards) will be put into the Special 9 Gachas.
  • A new Difficulty has been added for Special Dungeons: 超竜皇級 (Super Dragon Emperor)
    • This is an even harder difficulty than the existing True Dragon King difficulty.

2.5.5 (3/22/2018)

  • Orb Conversion Added
    • This allows you to choose a Base Orb and fuse it with up to 4 other Orbs of the same Rarity to change it to another Orb of the same or higher Rarity.
    • To clarify, the chance of getting a higher Rarity Orb is determined by the # of Orbs used; This currently maxes at 25% with 4 Orbs.
    • This costs a fairly significant amount of Gold to do as well.
  • Challenge Dungeon Changes
    • Challenge Dungeon Room function added; allows you to join or create Rooms similar to the Tower Dungeon to recruit people for CDs.
    • Point System added; This allows you to earn Points for clearing Challenge Dungeons. These can be used to obtain specific Awakening Materials on the Event Page. (Also acts as Bad Luck Protection basically.)
        • 50P - Demon
        • 100P - Dragon
        • 150P - God
        • 200P - Dragon King
  • Free Chat added
    • This allows you to create Chat Rooms for the different Dungeons (Special Dungeons, Challenge Dungeons, Tower Dungeons, Colo/DM, etc.) or other various things.
  • Card Album
    • Added Button to Sort Cards that you haven't collected Dragon Stones from yet. (So you don't have to search the entire Album anymore.)
  • Stamina will now overflow when you Level Up now. (Before, you lost the overflow STP when you Leveled.)
    • If the overflow STP reaches over 3000, it becomes truncated after 3001+.
  • GJ Button added to Results Screen in Tower Dungeon
  • Added Buttons on the Title Screen that link to Asobism's Website and Dragon Poker's Twitter Account.
  • Bug Fixes
    • Corrected issue with Damage UP/Debuff effects in regards to Status Reflect/Immunity Shields.
    • Corrected issue with some Sustained Debuff effects in regards to Absorption Shields.
    • Corrected major issue with Debuff Reversal for Mayl & Roll (among other issues).
  • New Type: UMA
  • Level Cap increased to 400.
  • Maximum Warehouse Capacity increased by 100. (You still have to spend Stones to get the space.)
  • Item Shop Card Packages lowered to 80 Dragon Stones from 100. (If you already purchased them beforehand, you'll be refunded the difference.)
  • Implemented Evolution Branching for existing Cards.
    • This means if an additional Evolution Branch is added to a Card in the future that you already own, you can choose to evolve it to the other Branch if it's already at Lv120.
    • However, evolving a card in this manner will NOT add it to the Card Album. (You'd need another copy of the base card and evolve it directly to the other branch.)

2.5.4 (1/12/2018)

  • New Type: Castle&Dragon
  • GJ System Added
    • Gain GJ Points from Players when you complete Dungeons. These Points can be used to roll a Special GJ Gacha that spits out Material Cards (Gold Marrones, Gem Marrones, Skill Fairies, & Rings).
    • Players that are Lv150 or lower can receive Bonus Rank-EXP when higher-level Players give them GJ Points.
    • Players that are higher than Lv150 can receive additional GJ Points from Lv150 or lower Players.
  • Unbreakable Shield Specification
    • The "Unbreakable" Shield effect has been changed to (破壊&貫通不可), which indicates simply that the active Shield is both Unbreakable and Impenetrable. (i.e. The active Shield cannot be broken or bypassed.)
    • This was apparently done since the initial Unbreakable effect confused people into thinking Shield Bypassers got past it. They did not.
  • New Type: Hero
    • This Type has been retroactively added to several old Cards.
  • Bugs
    • Issue regarding Debuffers with Damage UP effects (Daji, Pierrot Four); Damage UP doesn't take total priority over the Debuff effect despite occurring at the same time, meaning the Debuff can be bounced/blocked by Shields until it's overwritten with Damage UP. This will be fixed on the next App Update.

2.5.3 (12/8/2017)

  • Type/Race Special Effect
    • Damage inflicted by a specific Type of Card in a specific Special Dungeon will have their damage increased by 1.2x.
      • e.g. A Knight card would deal 1.2x more damage in a Special Dungeon where specified.
  • Item Shop Added
    • Contains Special Packages/Items that can be purchased with Dragon Stones.
  • Rare Gacha Ticket (U28) Added
    • Dedicated Gacha Ticket for getting a guaranteed SS Card with a Cost of 28 or less.
    • These will be obtained through future events and campaigns.
  • Specified Changes
    • Weak Point Search (SP Skill)
      • When activated by someone in the Party, a "Weak Point Display" Button will appear in the Upper Left corner of the screen that will toggle the Weak Points displayed.
    • Card Name Overflow when obtaining an SS Card (The list showing some of the last 100 people to draw an SS Card)
      • Issue was fixed.
    • Turn Number Display Changed
      • Modified so that the Turn Number resets on every Wave now.
    • Maximum Deck Capacity increased by 100. (You still have to spend Stones to get the space.)
    • Maximum Warehouse Capacity increased by 100. (You still have to spend Stones to get the space.)
    • Maximum Orb Capacity increased from 300 to 500.

2.5.2 (9/26/2017)

  • New Features Added:
    • Turn Number Display function added.
    • Jump Buttons added to the Gacha page. (These let you skip to the relevant Gachas that are active.)
    • Limited Colosseum Missions added. (These reset every day/week of Colosseum.)
  • Other Changes
    • Removed Rarity from Card Name when viewing a Card's info. (This was causing issues with names that were too long.)
    • Berserk Collab Groundwork added.
    • Ancient Mage's Trial Ground added to Tower Dungeon; A Boss Gauntlet-type Dungeon
    • New Type: Knight
      • This Type has been retroactively added to MANY old Cards (far too many to list here).
    • New Type: Herb
    • Ticket System removed from Tower Dungeon.

2.5.1 (7/20/2017)

  • Tower Dungeon Changes
    • Can create up to 10 Tower Decks
    • Deck Copy Function added and can name your Tower Decks.
    • Treasure Missions added (Defeat the Bosses for Treasure)
    • Tower Deck Tutorial Mission Added (Earn 1000 Tower Points upon completion)
    • Boss Difficulty Adjusted
    • Assist Drive has been powered up.
    • Additional Missions added
  • 10 Additional Secret Missions added
    • Mostly stuff like SS Gacha Tickets, Dragon Stones, etc.
  • New Shield type added: Evasion (見切り; Abandonment)
  • New Sub Cards added to Duel Medal Shop
  • Bug: Home Screen appears missing after update
    • Hit the Cache Clear button on the Title Screen to fix this (the Gear icon)

2.5.0 (6/11/2017)

2.4.1 (4/28/2017)

  • Fixes various bugs introduced in 2.4.0
  • Fixed cards other than Enhance cards not activating while Sealed even if it was SG'd.
  • Fixed TS808 and Cronos type-0's Main Skills not working properly; Sub cards would not activate from the Main Skill.
  • Max Capacity Increases
    • Level Cap increased to 375
    • Deck Capacity increased by 50
    • Warehouse Capacity increased by 200
    • Orb Capacity increased by 100

2.4.0 (4/20/2017)

  • Duel Match
    • Player HP for Annihilation and Defense Battles increased to 75000 HP from 55000 HP.
    • Damage Boost of "Super Effective" Skills increased to 1.5x from 1.25x
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed an issue with Cards that had Status Resistance Orbs equipped.
  • Passkey
    • Introduced new Passkey Method that can be used that utilizes Customer-based passwords (that you set).

2.3.2 / 2.3.3 (11/18/2016)

  • Duel Medals added as reward for Duel Match
  • Release Orb cost reduced to 100 Dragon Medals
  • 37 Cost Cards introduced

2.3.0 / 2.3.1 (8/14/2016)

  • New "Battle" Button added to Home Screen.
    • Duel Match added; options for it added in Group Chat.
  • Various text/number/bug fixes
  • Max Inventory Upgrade capacity increased by 100.
  • Max Warehouse Upgrade capacity increased by 200.

2.2.2 (4/22/2016)

  • Boost Tickets added
    • Added EXP Boost, SP Boost, and SDP Boost tickets that invoke the respective effect when consumed (These take priority over using Dragon Stones.)
  • Skill Info Change
    • Changed Skill Info layout for Cards on the Gacha screen; now you can see a Card's Skills before/after Awakening in different tabs.
  • BIOHAZARD Collab Groundwork laid
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Level Cap increased to 350
  • New Skill Type: Sustain
    • Topaz has been changed retroactively to Sustain from Shield.
    • Sustained Buff/Debuff/Heal effects no longer take up a Shield effect, but rather, are their own separate effects now that coexist with Shields. They also don't break from Shield Breaking effects.

2.2.1 (2/28/2016)

  • Stamina Refresh Change
    • Stamina remaining carries over on Refresh now, extending past your max STP; Example: If you have 100 Max Stamina and you have 10 Stamina left, on the Refresh, you'd have 110 Stamina. (If you level up, this doesn't apply.)
  • Colosseum Changes
    • Free Colosseum Tickets Added; You now get 4 free tickets per day during the Colosseum Season to enter the Colosseum without consuming Stamina.
    • Colosseum Rewards modified; More Dragon Medals earned for first two wins instead of first two matches.
    • Colosseum Matchmaking logic modified
    • Amount of Fame loss in matches has been modified for certain Classes.
  • PassKey changes with Account Transfers; PassKey is now automatically re-issued on Transfer.
  • Medal Shop Cards with Colosseum-specific Sub Skills have had that restriction removed (except for Gilbert).
  • 34 Cost Cards added

2.2.0 (1/21/2016)

  • Deck slots increased from 5 to 10
  • Decks can now be named
  • Sub Cards can now be selected up to three at a time (instead of one at a time before; you can still do that if you wish)
  • New filters added when selecting Sub Cards
    • The new filters can help you select Sub Cards by filtering relevant attributes such as Skill Efficacy, Damage, Recovery, etc.

2.1.9 (12/4/2015)

  • "Favorite" card system added
    • You can now mark your cards as "favorite" in the card selection screen by hitting the "lock" icon. Cards marked as favorite cannot be sold.
  • Orb overwriting
    • You can now overwrite Orbs in cards that already have Orbs socketed in them. Take care as any overwritten orbs are permanently lost!
  • Cache clear
    • You can now clear your game cache with a button on the topright of the title screen. Try clearing your cache if you have problems with gameplay/stability. Clearing your cache will not delete your account (but you should make a backup passkey just in case)
  • Data reduction
    • Storage method for images has been changed. This should result in a lowered storage space usage for Dragon Poker.
  • Player CPU logic changed
    • In Dungeons and Colosseum, when a player turns into a CPU, the CPU will now only play a card that was in the player's hand before he turned into a CPU. (This applies to the first turn it happens; on subsequent turns, it returns to default CPU logic)
    • Basically, this means you can't cheese hands anymore by trying to cut your connection.

2.1.7 (8/20/2015)

  • Colosseum changes
    • A proper 5 card straight will beat 4 card straights (IE 34567 will beat 4567 or 44567)
    • Low and high straights with Aces are differentiated, ie A2345 is the lowest value straight and 10JQKA is the highest)
  • Added a function to passively train your cards. Send out your cards for a set amount of time to level them up. You can spend stones to increase the EXP gain and/or decrease the amount of time it spends training. It costs 10 stones for one additional training slot.
    • You can send cards out for training in 3, 6, or 12 hour intervals. Sending cards out for training gets the card XP and can also grant you items. The items you can get depend on where you send the card out for training.
    • You can also get a bonus if you meet a friend's card in the same location you're training at.
    • Cards can still be used as normal while they are training.
    • 12 hour intervals do not necessarily yield the best items. It may be better to do multiple smaller intervals.
  • Added a button to sell cards of rarity R and below while rolling in Gachas.

2.1.5 / 2.1.6 (7/25/2015)

  • Level Cap increased to 325
  • Normal dungeons up to 40* have been added
  • Skill Data fully implemented for all Cards
  • CPU Logic Modified
  • Warehouse feature added; the Warehouse allows you to store cards away out of your Deck. Its initial capacity starts at 50 and can be expanded further with Dragon Stones.

2.1.4 (6/15/2015)

  • Level cap increased to 300
  • Normal dungeons up to 37* have been added
  • Super Weekday Ring Dungeon changes
    • Dungeons have been moved to their own separate area in the Special Dungeons tab
    • Ring capture rates have been boosted from 2x to 3x
    • CPUs will no longer have Enhance cards in their deck in these dungeons
    • Rings are immune to all status effects except Charm
    • 16* ring dungeon has been added which has two SS Rings in the final wave
  • There are now minimum deck power requirements to enter higher difficulty dungeons
  • Added Awakening System: Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, and Zeus can now be strengthened past GOD evolutions!
  • Added Orb System: Orbs can rarely drop as dungeon rewards now, which can be slotted into cards to power them up in various ways
  • Quality of life changes
    • New button added to enter evolution menu directly
    • Gacha and evolution animations are now skippable by tapping the screen
    • Scroll bars are now actually functional instead of just for show
    • View skill details like multipliers ingame (to be implemented after 6/19)

2.1.3 and before (5/2015 and Prior)

  • Upper limit on Gold increased to 9,999,999,999
  • Super Fusion animation has been sped up
  • Level Cap increased to 275
  • Made change to be able to draw from the Rare Gacha even if your Inventory is full.
  • Made change to where Skill Guarantee now takes priority over Super Fusion
  • Added Raid Dungeons to the game
  • Made change to where you now start Dungeons with full SP
  • Increased Decks from 2 to 5
  • Increased Boost Time from 15 Minutes to 30 Minutes