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Rarity (レア) SS+.pngGOD.png
Girl, Dragon, Youkai
女の子, ドラゴン, 妖怪
Max Stats
Lv:120 HP:3051 ATK:1415 DEF:1415
Main Skill (スキル)
Tragic Love Song
3x Strong Elemental attack that breaks Shields and attacks with the Element the target is weak against (On Shield Destruction, Skill Power increases and attacks are guaranteed to hit)
Sub Skill (子分スキル)
Tragedy of the Tamatebako
When Main Card has Water Skill, grants 30-40% Skill Boost (Increases Minimum Skill Boost by +2% every 2 Turns up to a max of 40%)
Awoken Main Skill (スキル)

Awoken Sub Skill (子分スキル)

Awoken Skill (覚醒スキル)

S.Awoken Main Skill (スキル)

S.Awoken Sub Skill (子分スキル)

S.Awoken Skill (覚醒スキル)

Super Fusion (超合体)
Ryugu Legend

Otohimecard.png  Urashima Tarocard.png 
Shared by (合体カード): Otohime, Urashima Taro


Main Skill

Colo/DM Dungeon
DMG 0.60× 0.80×
DMG (Shield Break) 0.70× 0.90×
  • On Shield Destruction, attacks are guaranteed to hit.

Very similar to Ran and Latio, Otohime's Skill is a 3x Strong Elemental attack that hits the enemy's Elemental weakness as well as breaking any Shields they may have. This makes her quite effective as a universal attacker, though obviously she falls a little short compared to some other Elemental attackers with the trade-off being that she can hit anyone equally. That said, she's quite potent when it comes to dealing with multiple enemies with varying elemental weaknesses. And given that she can break Shields, it makes her a very useful card to have around for many foes!

Unsurprisingly, she gets hit with the nerf bat for Colosseum and Duel Match, making her Skill quite weaker. So it's probably not entirely best to use her there. Aside from that though, she's a great card to carry around if you can manage to get her!

One thing that's worth noting is that Otohime is one of a few Cards that take advantage of multiple Types, allowing her to utilize Girl, Dragon, and Youkai-specific Subs. Use this to your advantage when choosing the right Subs for Otohime.

Sub Skill

A great Sub for any Water Skill card, Otohime grants a strong 30-40% Skill Boost.
But for every 2 Turns that pass, the minimum Skill Boost increases by 2%, eventually reaching a max 40% Skill Boost after 10 Turns.
As such, she simply gets stronger as the fight draws out.

Recommended Subcards


Oto-hime or Otohime, in the Japanese folktale of Urashima Tarō, is the princess of the undersea palace Ryūgū-jō.