Odin, God of Magic

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Odin, God of Magicbanner.png
Name Odin, God of Magic
Type Points Exchange
History 06/30/2014 - 07/14/2014 (2nd run)
Event Cards
Hugimunicard.png Sleipnircard.png Geri and Frekicard.png
Feeder Materials

Dungeon Summary

Dungeon consists of three waves. In the first two, capture-able trash monsters and white crystal feeder materials will appear. The third wave will have Odin and a random selection of either his helpers (Hugimuni, Sleipnir, Geri and Freki), white crystal feeders, or purple/blue/yellow gem feeders. The helpers and feeders are capture-able in the final wave, although the helpers are difficult to capture due to their resistance and tendency to run away after a few turns.

Odin is a typical damage race, weak to beat type damage and taunting status effect. If taunted, he will act as if he was silenced and waste turns doing normal single hit attacks to the player that taunted him. If a flush is played, Odin will counter with an AoE paralyze attack. Additionally, Odin may also use an AoE blind attack during normal play.

Feeder bonus EXP

These Norse-themed cards will receive 2x EXP from this event's feeder materials

Medal Shop Cards

Odin is the featured DRA card for this event and can be heavily customized depending on which of his helpers you subcard to him. On his own as a main card, Odin's active skill does not do much since it is a single hit stab attack. As a subcard, Odin is a highly recommended pickup due to his 15% unconditional increase to enhance skills as well as a 5% reduction to incoming damage active at all times.

To augment Odin's active skill, you must evolve his helpers and subcard them to Odin. You may customize the helpers' abilities by evolving them with certain colored gems. You can use the following gems with corresponding effects for the first evolution.
Blue - Confuse
Purple - Poison
Yellow - Petrify

This will unlock their second evolution, which will require a different set of colored gems and grant a different set of abilities. Note that these gems are not capture-able and must be purchased in the medal shop.
Red - Seal
Green - Heal

Additionally, each of Odin's helpers have an inherent enhancement that they grant to Odin after they achieve first evolution.
Hugimuni - Power up
Sleipnir - AoE
Geri and Freki - Multiple attack