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Demoness Nana (Big Sister)
Nicknames Nana
Skill Type File:Scratch.png
Rarity SS+.png
Cost 30
Type 女の子 (Girl), 悪魔 (Demon)
Max Stats Lv:120 HP:2720 ATK:1465 DEF:1343 T:5526
Main Skill
Lovely Shadow
Translation 敵に爪属性のダメージを3回与え、誘惑状態にする(与えたダメージの#%を吸収する)
Scratch-attack 3 times against the enemy, with a chance to inflict Charm status on each hit (#% of damage is absorbed as lifesteal).
Attack Multipliers SL1:0.75× SL2:0.80× SL3:0.85× SL4:0.92× SL5:1.0× SL6:1.1× SL7:1.2×
Effect Values <Lifesteal> SL1:8% SL2:10% SL3:12% SL4:14% SL5:16% SL6:18% SL7:20%
<Charm> SL1:30% SL2:32% SL3:34% SL4:38% SL5:43% SL6:48% SL7:55%
Sub Skill
Demon of Temptation
Translation 親分が女の子以外の時、与ダメージ25%UPするが、確率で自分が誘惑状態になる
When equipped to a card with types that are NOT “Girl” (女の子), increase that card’s damage by 25%. Has a chance to self-inflict Charm.
Values Chance to Self-Inflict Charm: 33%
Super Fusion

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imagine a bunch of words over here about how nana is cool but has a shitty super fusion and what kind of nonsense to expect while using her

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