Monarch Awakening

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Monarch Awakeningbanner.png
Name Monarch Awakening
Type Challenge Dungeon
History 10/22/2018 - 11/5/2018
Durancard.pngZedcard.pngAlpha 70card.pngGanymean Soldierscard.png
Event Cards
Feeder Materials
Awakening CrystalR3card.pngAwakening CrystalB3card.pngAwakening CrystalG3card.png

Dungeon Summary

This is a Challenge Dungeon, which has the following restrictions:

  • Each entry costs 1/6th of your max Stamina
  • SP boost is not allowed
  • There is only one round instead of the normal three so be prepared to face off against the boss immediately!
  • Because there is only one round, when hosting this dungeon the game will wait 30 seconds before starting in order to allow players to join

Entry Requirements

Unlike some other dungeons, this Challenge Dungeon requires a minimum Deck Power to enter.

Difficulty Minimum DP Required
鬼級 (24★)
竜級 (28★)
神級 (32★)
Dragon King
竜王級 (38★)
Super Dragon Emperor
超竜皇級 (38★)


Water.png Duran is weak to Wood.png Hit.png
Fire.png Zed, Water.png Alpha 70, and Wood.png Ganymean Soliders are weak to Hit.png

  • Duran will come with two of Zed, Alpha 70, or Ganymean Soliders.
  • Duran's Preemptive Attack will attack the Party and break their Shields (if you have a Shield on, this also Debuffs you).
    • He'll then apply Damage Reduction Shields to his minions and a Strong Counter + Damage Reduction on himself.
    • Duran's minions also have a Preemptive Attack as well that can Debuff you and inflict Status Effects. They'll also buff their allies.
  • Duran will constantly apply Shields to himself and his minions every turn. Shield Breakers/Bypassers or Anti-Shield cards are a must!
  • Duran will sometimes put himself to Sleep (this also Debuffs his ATK); on the following turn, he'll Heal himself.
  • Once Duran's Stat Total reaches +10, he'll begin to charge up (Ganymede Charge Lv1).
    • If Duran reaches Ganymede Charge Lv2, he'll unleash a powerful Release attack that deals heavy Gravity Damage and inflicts Damage UP!
    • You'll need to hit Duran with multiple Hit attacks to get him to dispel the Charge. Make sure to have Multiply Enhance cards handy.
  • The Minions won't come back once they're defeated, so feel free to get rid of them at your discretion.
    • Zed is probably the most annoying of the minions as he can inflict Debuffs and nasty Status Effects. Get rid of him ASAP for a much easier time.
    • Alpha 70 will mostly attack the Party and possibly inflict Paralysis. He'll also frequently Buff his allies. Watch out for his Energy Release attack!
    • The Ganymean Soliders will mostly attack the Party with multiple attacks. If they get Buffed up, they can hurt quite a bit.
    • The minions can get pretty annoying on higher difficulties as they can inflict strong Debuffs or inflict painful Status Effects such as Paralysis and Blindness.
    • If you defeat Duran and the minions are still alive, they'll greatly Buff themselves and unleash some strong attacks on the Party.
  • Debuff Cards are recommended as Duran and his minions will constantly Buff themselves every turn. (Preferably with Subs that make them activate multiple times.)

Super Dragon Emperor

  • This fight is a MUCH harder one than previous difficulties. In addition, no Points or other Rewards will drop except for Orbs.
  • Duran's Preemptive Attack will attack the Party and break their Shields. (If you have a Shield on, you'll take Increased Damage and get Debuffed -5 to all Stats)
    • On top of that, you may also get inflicted with Taunt or Paralysis depending on which of Duran's minions show up.
    • The combined attacks hit VERY hard! (Around 70-75k with sufficient Damage Reduction; If you don't have sufficient Damage Reduction, you'll likely get OHKO'd)
  • Duran now has a Damage UP Counter. If you inflict Damage UP on him, he'll Counter and apply it to the Party.
  • As before, Shields are an ever-present challenge:
    • Duran will apply a number of Shields (Damage Reduction, Iron Wall, etc.) throughout the fight sometimes with Overwrite Disabled attached. Shield Breakers/Bypassers are highly recommended.
    • His Minions have Unbreakable/Unbypassable Damage Reduction Shields. Consider bringing a Damage UP card to take them out.
  • His Ganymede Charge now has more Charge Lvs and can inflict significantly more damage.
    • In addition to Buffing him, the Minions will provide extra Charges now.
    • If it reaches Lv4, it'll hit for high Damage (guaranteed to hit) break Shields, and heavily Debuff.
    • That said, the Release attacks are survivable, but if Duran's minions are still alive, they may pick you off with their attacks.
  • As before, Duran's minions will be annoying and if you defeat them, they won't revive or come back.
    • However, this now has the nasty side effect of making Duran stronger as he'll gain extra attacks upon their defeat. He will also get stronger Shields as well. (Such as them becoming Unbreakable.)
    • He'll also unleash his Release attack quicker (at Lv3 with 1 minion left, Lv2 with none).
    • That said, if Zed or Alpha 70 pop up, take them out quickly as their Status Effects (Blind/Paralysis) can prove very annoying to deal with.

Recommended Cards

  • Hit Cards
  • Shield Breakers/Bypassers & Anti-Shield Cards
  • Strong Debuff Cards
  • Multiply Enhancers
  • Debuff Wipe/Reversal

Special Equipment Subs

When you clear the Dungeon, you have a chance to get one of Duran's Special Equipment Subs!
In order to evolve the Subs, you'll need additional copies as evolution mats. (You'll need 12 copies to fully evolve one to SSS.)

Name Sub Skill
Wood.pngSSS.png Phaser Gun Grant 10/15/20% Skill Boost when Subbed on the same card as Duran.
Water.pngSSS.png Hadron Pod On Skill Activation, Heal 3/4/5% HP and have 30/40/50% chance of applying 1-tick 30% Damage Reduction Shield when Subbed on the same card as Duran.
Fire.pngSSS.png Dark Matter Grants 2/3/3% Damage Reduction when Subbed on same card as Duran. (The SSS version has the additional effect of no longer linking with Enhance Skills if it is Subbed together w/Duran and one of the other Special Equipment Subs such as the Phaser Gun or Hadron Pod).

The most important of these is the Dark Matter, which at SSS, has the special property of no longer linking with Enhance cards if you have it attached alongside Duran with another Special Equipment Sub listed above (For example, Duran + Dark Matter (SSS) + Phaser Gun/Hadron Pod). As such, it can be put to good use on cards that you don't want being linked (or stealing links for that matter).


This dungeon can drop materials used in Awakening System and Orb System. Also, high rank Marrons and Fairys may drop.
Additionally, special Limited Orbs may rarely drop that are specific to this Challenge Dungeon. (The higher the difficulty, the greater the chance they have to drop from the Boss.)

Orb Name Rarity Slot Effect
Callisto Catena Lv1
★★ 2 HP +100, When played in a hand, grants 2% Damage Reduction (Limited to Blue Cards only)
Callisto Catena Lv2
★★★ 2 HP +100, When played in a hand, grants 3% Damage Reduction (Limited to Blue Cards only)
Ice Sheet of Ganymede Lv1
★★ 2 DEF +100, When you take damage during the turn, 10% chance to grant +1 DEF to the Party
Ice Sheet of Ganymede Lv2
★★★ 2 DEF +100, When you take damage during the turn, 20% chance to grant +1 DEF to the Party
Europa's Protection Lv1
★★ 2 DEF +100, When played in a hand, grants 10% Status Avoidance (Limited to Shield Cards only)
Europa's Protection Lv2
★★★ 2 DEF +100, When played in a hand, grants 15% Status Avoidance (Limited to Shield Cards only)
Monarch Power
★★★★★ 3 HP +200, 2% Skill Boost; For every 20% HP lost, grants +2% Skill Boost

For Super Dragon Emperor Difficulty, no Points or other Rewards will drop except for Orbs.
The following special Limited Orbs have a chance to drop upon clearing the Dungeon on SDE.

Orb Name Rarity Slot Effect
Callisto Catena Lv3
★★★ 2
Ice Sheet of Ganymede Lv3
★★★ 2
Europa's Protection Lv3
★★★ 2
Monarch Domination
★★★★★ 3