Merc Storia Challenge

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Merc Storia Challengebanner.png
Name A Healer's Challenge
Type Challenge Dungeon
History 9/18/2015 - 9/28/2015
Event Cards
Feeder Materials
All Awakening Materials

Dungeon Summary

This is a challenge dungeon, which has the following restrictions:

  • Each entry costs 1/6th of your Max STP
  • SP Boost is not allowed
  • There is only one round instead of the normal three so be prepared to face off against the boss immediately!
  • Because there is only one round, when hosting this dungeon the game will wait 30 seconds before starting in order to allow players to join

Entry Requirements

Unlike some other dungeons, this Challenge Dungeon requires a minimum Deck Power to enter.

4★ through 12★ do NOT require a minimum Deck Power to enter.

Difficulty Minimum DP Required
鬼級 (24★)
竜級 (28★)
神級 (32★)
Dragon King
竜王級 (38★)


For 4★-12★, there's very little strategy required as the enemies go down relatively easy enough.
From 24★ on, things can get quite difficult. The primary enemy here is Yuu, who stands as the constant boss for the Challenge Dungeon.

He'll come with two other random minions who will get replaced with another minion should they be defeated. They'll also open with a Preemptive Attack.
Once Yuu is defeated, the minions will stop respawning, but you'll still need to defeat the ones left to clear the Dungeon.

On higher difficulties (32★/38★), the minions will accumulate Guts every turn.
After two turns, their Guts will reach MAX and on the third turn, they'll unleash a deadly Release attack which will deal heavy damage and clear their Guts count.
As such, you basically have three turns to kill the minions before they perform their Release attack.

You can't really ignore the Minions on 32★/38★ since if they start getting buffed, they'll deal lots of damage and quickly impair the Party with Debuffs/Status Effects.


None of the enemies have any weaknesses apart from their Elemental ones.


  • Yuu is the Boss of the Challenge Dungeon. He doesn't attack, but will heal and buff his minions.
  • While it's tempting to focus on him, if his minions are left alive for too long, they can become very dangerous.
  • On 32★/38★, he'll only attack if you defeat both of his minions and he's left alone. (This attack bypasses Shields.)


The minions will flank Yuu and be replaced with another one if defeated.

Enemy Normal Attacks Release Attack
Alec AoE Attack + Debuff, AoE Attack, Follow-Up Fire Attack (Deals Gravity Damage) Strong AoE Attack, Wipes Debuffs from Self
Stella Aoe Attack + Confusion, AoE Attack + Seal, AoE Attack + Debuffs Strong AoE Attack + Seal/Confusion
Filia AoE Heal + Buffs, Buffs + Damage Reduction Shields AoE Heal + Unbreakable Enhance Absorb Shield
Sietto AoE Attack + Debuff, AoE Attack + Follow-Up, Applies Counter + Iron Wall Shields to allies Self-Buffs +10 to all Stats, Strong AoE Attack
Gerald AoE Attack + Shield Break (Debuffs if Shield Broken), AoE Attack AoE Attack + Shield Break
Fuu AoE Attack + Debuff/Damage UP, AoE Attack + Debuff Strong AoE Attack + Debuff/Damage UP
Harushuto AoE Attack + Self-Buff, AoE Attack + Blindness Strong AoE Attack + Blindness
Orthos AoE Attack + Buff allies' AGI, AoE Attack + Shield Break AoE Attack + Shield Break
Raviol AoE Attack + Follow-Up, AoE Attack + Buffs allies' ATK and applies Counter Shields Self-Wipes Debuffs, AoE Attack + DEF Buff
Orco AoE Attack + Debuffs, AoE Attack AoE Attack + Debuffs (Bypasses Shields)
Michelia AoE Attack + Buff Allies, AoE Attack + Debuffs/Buffs, Heals allies and applies Sustained Buff effect Buffs allies +5 All Stats and applies Damage Reduction Shields
Seram AoE Attack + Seal
Sierra AoE Attack + Seal, AoE Attack (Shield Break) Strong AoE Attack + Debuffs/Seal (Shield Breaks)
Ainrare AoE Attack + Sustained Debuff, AoE Attack + Damage UP, Heals his Allies + Buffs Wipes Shields + ???
Helmetres AoE Attack
Lucaluca AoE Attack + Confusion
Lunaluna AoE Attack


  • As the enemies have no weaknesses beyond their Elemental ones, cards with Non-Elemental attacks (or that can change their Element) can be very useful.
    • Examples: Moon, Ran, Latio, Iroha (Summer)
  • Strong Wood cards like Awakened Vermouth and Wind Tiger will help to cut down Yuu's HP quickly.
  • As noted, the minions will spawn indefinitely until Yuu has been defeated. Which minion will pop up is random though, so be prepared for anything!
  • Keep an eye out for troublesome minions like Filia, Michelia, Fuu, Ainrare and Stella. They can prolong the fight if left alive for too long. Defeat them as soon as they appear!
  • Multiply & AoE Enhance are generally preferred for this Dungeon; the minions don't have a lot of HP, but can't be ignored on higher difficulties.
  • Strong Debuffs can help in lowering the damage done by the enemies; if left alone, they tend to Buff themselves or their allies fairly quickly.
  • As stated before, the minions can't be ignored on higher difficulties. If you try to focus on Yuu alone, the minions will likely wreck your Party quickly with Debuffs/Status Effects.

Treasure Rewrads

Unlike other Challenge Dungeons, you have a chance to obtain Treasure when you clear the Dungeon.

Difficulty Treasure Reward
初級 (4*)
5 Black Medals
中級 (8*)
150 Dragon Medals
上級 (12*)
5 Black Medals
鬼級 (24*)
150 Dragon Medals
竜級 (28*)
5 Black Medals
神級 (32*)
150 Dragon Medals
Dragon King
竜王級 (38*)
10 Black Medals


This dungeon can drop ALL Awakening Materials used in Awakening System as well as Orbs. Also, high rank Marrons and Fairys may drop.
Orbs will drop from 12★ onwards and Awakening Materials will only drop from 24★ onwards.
Occasionally, you may get some Limited Merc Storia Orbs as well!