Merc Storia - The Adventure of the Healer and the Bell

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Merc Storia - The Adventure of the Healer and the Bellbanner.png
Name Merc Storia - The Adventure of the Healer and the Bell
Type Points Exchange
History 09/14/2015 - 09/28/2015
Event Cards
Feeder Materials

Dungeon Summary

Dragon Poker x Merc Storia!

A Story Mode has been provided for this Event, though going through it is optional.

Cardify Skills are disabled.

The first two waves simply consist of groups of Kesesera, Cater, or Churanda.

The boss, Water.png Vindale is weak to Wood.png and Stab.png


Vindale has several attacks that can cause Blindness and Confusion, as well as debuffing your Party.

  • Vindale has considerable armor, but doesn't have a ton of HP, so a good Power-Up Enhance + a Wood Stab card can put a nice dent in it.
  • Vindale typically attacks twice per turn; the second attack is generally a follow-up attack that only deals damage to the Party. However, it packs quite a punch on higher difficulties.
  • On higher difficulties (114+), Vindale opens with up a nasty preemptive attack that can cause Blindness. Status Immunity or Reflect is highly recommended.
  • Aside from hitting considerably harder on higher difficulties, Vindale also has a dangerous combo where he'll buff himself +10 to all stats and deal tremendous damage.
    This is generally followed up by another devastating attack after which Vindale will clear his buffs.

Cards such as Azzurro, Gold Lightan, Baal, Tristan, and Harushuto are highly effective, as are Cards that can cure or block Status Effects like Zashiki or Diamond.

Event Cards and Missions

For this event, there are several ways to get the Event Cards as well as other rewards.

Points Exchange

The following monster cards can be exchanged for Points much like typical Event Dungeons:

Accumulated Points

You can also get the following cards by reaching certain event PP thresholds:

Dragon Poker Missions

By doing the following Missions in Dragon Poker, you can obtain Nana, Mammon, and some Diamonds in Merc Storia:

  • Login to Dorapo and claim prize - Nana
  • Clear 24 stamina Merc Storia dungeon - 5 Diamonds
  • Clear 42 stamina Merc Storia dungeon - 5 Diamonds
  • Clear 60 stamina Merc Storia dungeon - Mammon

Merc Storia Missions

By doing the following Missions in Merc Storia, you can obtain Filia, and Sietto and some Dragon Stones in Dragon Poker.

  • Login to Merc Storia and claim prize - Wood.pngS.pngFilia
  • Clear tier 1 Dragon Poker dungeon, "Malchut" - 5 Dragon Stones
  • Clear tier 2 Dragon Poker dungeon, "Wandering Monster" - 5 Dragon Stones
  • Clear tier 3 Dragon Poker dungeon, "True Malchut" - Fire.pngSS+.pngSietto


  • In order to unlock the next tier, you have to complete the previous one 10 times.
  • The Dorapo units you can get are powered up in the Event Quest dungeons; as such, it's highly recommended to use them.
  • By using the "Air Shield" technique, you can avoid taking damage from enemies and bosses. Just swipe the unit's icon down and up when the enemy is about to attack! Perfect for a lone melee unit.

Collaboration Gacha

Gerald, Fuu, and Harushuto can be obtained through the Merc Storia Collaboration Gacha.


The Fodder for this event are Seeds. As usual, they give 2x EXP to all related Event Cards.
They also act as Skill-Up Material for ANY Skill. They're pretty much equivalent to Gem Fairies.

Training Area

With this event, a new Training Area has opened up! It's geared for any color card and has a 12hr duration.
You can obtain Seeds and Rings as rewards as well as special Orbs!

Treasure Rewards

  • 上級 (60 stam): 10 Black Medals
  • 鬼級 (78 stam): 200 Dragon Medals
  • 竜級 (96 stam): 10 Black Medals
  • 神級 (114 stam): 200 Dragon Medals
  • 竜王級 (132 stam): 5 Black Medals
  • 真竜王 (150 stam): ???