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Mega Man Battle Networkbanner.png
Name Mega Man Battle Network (Rockman.EXE)
Type Points Exchange
History 3/26/2018 - 4/9/2018
Event Cards
Feeder Materials
Mystery Data

Dungeon Summary

Cardify Skills are disabled.

First two waves consist of Event Cards (Mettaurs and Cannons).

The bosses FlameMan, BubbleMan, and PlantMan rotate daily based on the Element of the day.
They are weak to Paralysis and their respective Elemental Weaknesses.

Alpha has a chance to show up and replace any of the Bosses. Defeat him for additional Points!
His weaknesses are the same as the Boss he replaces.



  • FlameMan's Preemptive Attack will attack the Party. He'll then Buff himself and apply a Water Absorb Shield.
  • FlameMan doesn't have many gimmicks; he hits hard and hits a lot every turn!
    • His first attack hits fairly hard. If you have any Damage Reduction (or even better Damage Reduction + Counter), it helps a lot to absorb the hit.
    • He'll then follow up with several other attacks that don't hit quite as hard, but the damage does add up.
    • His attacks will also frequently inflict Taunt.
  • Like the other bosses, inflicting Paralysis will disable FlameMan's Water Absorb Shield. It'll also prevent some of the extra attacks mentioned earlier.
  • Once he falls under 50% HP, FlameMan will start to inflict a Sustained Debuff effect that Debuffs your Stats as well as attacking you!
  • If you Debuff FlameMan too much, he'll reverse his ATK! Beware!
  • FlameMan can be VERY nasty on higher difficulties as he hits like a truck and deal LOTS of damage per turn. Make sure to stay Healed up at all times!


  • BubbleMan's Preemptive Attack will attack the Party (bypasses Shields) and apply a Sustained Debuff effect. He'll also self-apply a Sustained Buff effect and Damage Reduction Shield.
  • The Sustained Debuff effect is pretty annoying; along with inflicting Debuffs every turn, it'll also attack anyone inflicted with it!
  • Some of BubbleMan's attacks can inflict Confusion and Damage UP.
  • He also likes to spam Shields nearly every turn; notably Damage Reduction, Iron Wall, or Wood Absorption.
  • If you manage to Paralyze BubbleMan, it'll disable his Wood Absorption Shield.'
  • He's also packing some painful Gravity attacks on higher difficulties, so make sure to stay Healed up!


  • PlantMan's Preemptive Attack will break your Shields.
  • Like the other bosses, he can inflict a Sustained Debuff effect that not only Debuffs you every turn, but attacks you as well!
  • On higher difficulties (God+), if you break PlantMan's Shield, he'll counter by doing a heavy attack against the Party that breaks Shields and heavily Debuffs (-5 all Stats). This can be Cancelled though...
  • He can also occasionally Paralyze or Confuse the Party.


  • Alpha has a chance to replace any of the Bosses; His Element will change based on the Boss he replaces (so you don't have to change your Deck).
  • Alpha's Preemptive Attack will attack the Party. He'll also self-apply a Shield.
  • His attacks can inflict Debuffs and Paralysis (this can be Reflected back towards him...quite useful).
  • He's also got an attack or two that will break Shields.
  • Once Alpha falls below 50% HP, he'll Transform! He'll attack the Party and apply a Sustained Debuff effect (this can be Reflected as well).
    • The Sustained Debuff effect is pretty annoying; along with inflicting Debuffs every turn, it'll also attack anyone inflicted with it!
  • Like the other Bosses, if you Paralyze Alpha, you can disable his Elemental Absorption Shield.
  • On higher difficulties, he has a Enhance Counter Attack (unknown if triggered by W-Link or some # of Enhance Activations).
  • Applying Damage UP to Alpha will cause him to Heal himself and Buff himself up.

General Tips

  • Bring lots of Shield Breakers and Anti-Shield Cards! The bosses love to constantly spam Shields (especially Absorption Shields)!
  • If you're lacking in the above Cards, consider bringing off-Element or Non-Elemental Cards to not worry about the Absorption Shields.
  • Multiply Enhance is generally preferred for this Dungeon as most Shield Breakers tend to be 1-2x Attackers; also good for Elemental Cards.
  • Avoid using Cards like Latio, Ran, and Machika (Serenade) that change their Element based on the enemy; their attacks will be absorbed by the Absorption Shields if they're up.

Recommended Cards

  • Shield Breakers/Anti-Shield Cards
  • Paralysis Cards

Event Cards

Point Cards

Reward Points Needed
Fire.pngS.png Canodumb 20,000
Wood.pngS.png Mettaur 20,000

Mission Rewards

Reward Requirement
Fire.pngSS+.png FlameMan Defeat FlameMan 10 times in the Dungeon.
Water.pngSS+.png BubbleMan Defeat BubbleMan 10 times in the Dungeon.
Wood.pngSS+.png PlantMan Defeat PlantMan 10 times in the Dungeon.
Fire.pngSS+.png Alpha Received when you Login during the Event Period.
  • The Bosses can be defeated on any Difficulty.
  • These Cards can be claimed from Treasure Rewards once you've fulfilled the Conditions.
  • Alpha previously had to be defeated 30 times. However, there was an issue with how it was being counted, so that requirement was removed.

Special Sub Cards

When you clear the Dungeon, Battle Chips may drop from the Dungeon Chest.
There are two sets of Battle Chips; ones that will drop from all Bosses and those that only drop from the respective Boss on that day.

For the Cannon, Guts Punch, and Barrier Chips, you'll need 6 copies each to evolve one fully to from SS to SSS.
For the Boss Chips, you need 8 copies to evolve one to DRA.

Card Sub Skill Description
Fire.pngSSS.png Battle Chip: Cannon When Main Card has Hit Skill, grants (0/25/35%) Skill Boost on Straight+ and executes additional Hit attack (1.80x/1.85x/2.20x)
Water.pngSSS.png Battle Chip: Barrier When Main Card has Heal or Buff Skill, applies (1/5/10)-tick Damage Reduction Shield (10/20/20%).
Wood.pngSSS.png Battle Chip: Guts Punch When Main Card is Green and has Attack Skill, grants (0/20/30%) Skill Boost;
Also executes additional Hit attack (1.30x/1.50x/2.00x) and (30/50/80%) Chance to reduce target's AGI by 1.
Fire.pngDRA.png Battle Chip: FlameMan When Main Card has Fire Skill, grants (15/20/25/30%) Skill Boost (Grants +2% Skill Boost for every Red card in the hand)
Water.pngDRA.png Battle Chip: BubbleMan When Main Card has Water Skill, grants (15/20/25/30%) Skill Boost (Grants +2% Skill Boost for every Blue card in the hand)
Wood.pngDRA.png Battle Chip: PlantMan When Main Card has Wood Skill, grants (15/20/25/30%) Skill Boost (Grants +2% Skill Boost for every Green card in the hand)

Accumulated Point Rewards

Unlike most other Special Events, the Points you accumulated are split into two.
The first is an accumulated point total that keep tracks of all the Points you've gained total, while the other you can use to spend on fodder.

Once you've reached the appropriate Point Total, you can obtain the reward associated with it.

Point Total
3000 Gold Marrone Set
5500 100 Dragon Medals
8000 Boost Ticket Set x5
10000 S.png Princess Fairy Set
30000 SS.png Gem Marrone Set
60000 R Gacha Ticket x3
100000 S Ring Set
200000 GOD.png Gem Marrone Set
300000 5 Black Medals
500000 SS.png Queen Fairy Set
600000 SS Ring Set
700000 S Gacha Ticket x2
800000 200 Dragon Medals
900000 GOD.png Goddess Fairy Set
1000000 SS Gacha Ticket

Collab Gacha

The following can be rolled from the MMBN Collab Gacha:


Fodder is Mystery Data. They give 2x EXP to all related Event Cards.
They also act as Skill-Up Fodder for ALL Skills. (Gem Fairy Equivalent)
As such, this is good Fodder to farm for!

Treasure Rewards & Points Earned

Treasure will drop from each Boss on each day, so you can earn Triple the usual Treasure Rewards!

Difficulty Points Earned Treasure Reward
初級 (24 STP)
3000 5 Black Medals
中級 (42 STP)
5500 100 Dragon Medals
上級 (60 STP)
8000 10 Black Medals
鬼級 (72 STP)
10000 200 Dragon Medals
雷級 (84 STP)
12500 10 Black Medals
竜級 (96 STP)
15000 200 Dragon Medals
神級 (114 STP)
30000 10 Black Medals
Dragon King
竜王級 (132 STP)
45000 3x Goddess Fairies (Fire)