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Current Game Version: 3.1.3

Dragon Poker is a 5-player app game by Asobism. Out for iOS and Android (APK Mirror) devices.

Click here for the new player guide.

Been gone a while? Check out the Patch Notes to see what's changed.

Be sure to check out the [Dragon Poker Facebook English Group] for other people to play with or to simply ask questions or see what's going on when new stuff is released.

Also keep an eye on the official [Dragon Poker Twitter] for Boost Times and other information.

Feel free to use the other resources currently available as well.


  • Version 3.1.3 Update
    • Version 3.1.3 has been released! Be sure to check the Patch Notes for updates.
  • New Original Soundtrack Releases
    • For the first time in years, Asobism is releasing new [Dragon Poker OSTs] on several Music Streaming services (Spotify, iTunes, YouTube Music, etc.)
    • [Dragon Poker OST IV] just released recently in January.
    • [Dragon Poker OST V] just released recently in February.
    • Dragon Poker OST VI is set to release later this year.
  • Valentines Bad Girls (2/1 - 2/28)
    • Valentines Bad Girls returns to replace CBG on the Weekends in February!
    • Try you luck at capturing Chocolate Marrones and Valentines-exclusive cards!
  • Future Awakenings
    • As decided by a [lottery], Cassiel, Clover, and Damiel are in line for Awakenings later on in the near future.
    • Of course, Falco is still awaiting his Awakening as well from the last Wrestling Event (not to mention Volklingen, Leopard, and Guardian).
  • February Login Campaign (2/1 - 2/28)
    • Earn 1 Dragon Stone every day and a nice reward every 5 days!
Day Reward
5 Goddess Fairy Set
10 SS Ring Set
15 Goddess Fairy Set, Heavenly Gem Marrone Set
20 SS Gacha Ticket (U28)
25 SS Gacha Ticket
Current Event Dungeons
Mystic Academy 2 - All Dispatched! (February 15 - March 1) Awakening of the Three Domains (February 22 - March 8)
Mystic Academy 2 - All Dispatched!banner.png Awakening of the Three Domainsbanner.png
Stone.png Current Gacha Event (February 28 - March 5) Stone.png
Individual Rolls come with an Princess Fairy, while 11-Rolls come with 3 Queen Fairies. In addition, all SS or higher Cards rolled in this Gacha are guaranteed to be one of the following:
Fire.png Water.png Wood.png
Nightingalecard.png 70px Rengecard.png Owadatsumicard.png Furious Samurai USA & Dr. Christcard.png Elven Healercard.png Sleeping Beautycard.png Vesty (Ancient)card.png Prince of Evilcard.png

Stone.png GDR MAX Gacha (February 28 - March 5) Stone.png
Perform an 11-Roll and you have a 34% chance on getting a SS/SS+ Card (7%) to get the following GDR Card:
Masurao & Shioncard.png

New/Relevant Cards

Eigo & Endecard.png  Setsuna & Irohacard.png  Meister Monicacard.png  Artificial Galaxy Dragon Beastcard.png 

Little Meilingcard.png  Goku-chancard.png  Sha Gojou & Nyo Hakkaicard.png  Nyoi Shinsencard.png  Melty Fairycard.png 

Seven Sisterscard.png  Ninja World Battlers - Aocard.png  Armageddoncard.png