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<!--=======================================GACHA TEMPLATES==================================================-->
<!--=======================================GACHA TEMPLATES==================================================-->
{{KailTest01|The Mirror World of Wonderland|January 6 - January 20|| ||Awakening of the Three Domains|December 30 - January 13|||}}
{{KailTest01|The Mirror World of Wonderland|January 6 - January 20|| ||Sacred Fist Awakening|January 13 - January 27|||}}
<!--{{KailTest01|Emerald City of Oz|July 8 - July 22|| ||Marvelous Land of Oz|July 8 - July 22|||}}-->
<!--{{KailTest01|Emerald City of Oz|July 8 - July 22|| ||Marvelous Land of Oz|July 8 - July 22|||}}-->
<!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Marvelous Land of Oz|July 8 - July 22}}-->
<!--{{CurrentEventDungeon|Marvelous Land of Oz|July 8 - July 22}}-->

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Current Game Version: 3.0.2

Dragon Poker is a 5-player app game by Asobism. Out for iOS and Android (APK Mirror) devices.

Click here for the new player guide.

Been gone a while? Check out the Patch Notes to see what's changed.

Be sure to check out the [Dragon Poker Facebook English Group] for other people to play with or to simply ask questions or see what's going on when new stuff is released.

Also keep an eye on the official [Dragon Poker Twitter] for Boost Times and other information.

Feel free to use the other resources currently available as well.


  • New Years Bad Girls (1/1 - 1/14)
    • New Years Bad Girls returns for the new year, replacing CBG for a few weeks. Catch Gem Fairies and exclusive SS Cards!
    • Also earn Tickets from defeating the SS Cards to redeem special New Years Marrones!
  • Dorapo First Dream Campaign Results
    • As a result of Twitter replies and a lottery held, Qued, Four, and Zhar will receive Awakenings in the near future!
  • New Years Login Campaign (1/11 - 1/31)
    • Earn 1 Dragon Stone every day and a nice reward every 5 days!
Day Reward
5 100 Rare Medals & SS Ring Set
10 300 Dragon Medals & GOD Gem Marrone Set
15 SS Gacha Ticket (U28) & Goddess Fairy Set
Current Event Dungeons
The Mirror World of Wonderland (January 6 - January 20) Sacred Fist Awakening (January 13 - January 27)
The Mirror World of Wonderlandbanner.png Sacred Fist Awakeningbanner.png
Stone.png Current Gacha Event (January 10 - January 13) Stone.png
Individual Rolls come with an Princess Fairy, while 11-Rolls come with 3 Queen Fairies. In addition, all SS or higher Cards rolled in this Gacha are guaranteed to be one of the following:
Fire.png Water.png Wood.png
Nightingalecard.png Willycard.png Spy Angelscard.png Vhuzompha (AW)card.png Seimeicard.png Dragonewtcard.png Yato no Kamicard.png Sara & Road Runnercard.png Kukurihimecard.png
Stone.png Selection Gacha Event (January 10 - January 13) Stone.png
Select 3 of the below Cards and you can perform an 11-Roll with a 50% Chance on getting an SS Card to get one of the Cards you selected. If you manage to get one of the Cards you selected, you cannot select it again. (You can continue to roll until less than 2 Cards are remaining.)
Fire.png Water.png Wood.png
Noelcard.png Kidomarucard.png Norncard.png Ariescard.png Mercuriuscard.png Ushiwakamarucard.png Bivouaccard.png Raijincard.png Namahagecard.png

New/Relevant Cards

Devil Eyes Black Demoncard.png  Creation Alchemistscard.png  Sanaecard.png 

Oni Macho Broscard.png  Campaign Girl Piratescard.png  Cutie Teacherscard.png 

Vhuzompha (AW)card.png  Nightingalecard.png  Dark Norncard.png  Hanako (Christmas)card.png