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|Name(en)=I. The Magician
|Name(en)=I. The Magician
|Skill Type=Buff
|Skill Type=Buff

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I. The Magician

Exclusive to:
Rarity (レア) SS+.pngGOD.png

Max Stats
Lv:120 HP:2681 ATK:1393 DEF:1631
Main Skill (スキル)
Enigma Trick
Increases Party's ATK/DEF (If target is inflicted with a Status Effect, clears it and increases Buff Power)
Sub Skill (子分スキル)
Possibility of Creation
When Main Card's Skill activates, grants 10% Skill Boost and 33% chance not to link with Enhance cards.
Awoken Main Skill (スキル)

Awoken Sub Skill (子分スキル)

Awoken Skill (覚醒スキル)

S.Awoken Main Skill (スキル)

S.Awoken Sub Skill (子分スキル)

S.Awoken Skill (覚醒スキル)

Super Fusion (超合体)
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First card of the "Tarot" type.

The Magician comes in as a Red Buff card, of which there's a relatively small number of. The Magician's Main Skill is pretty straightforward; increase the Party's ATK/DEF. However, The Magician has an extra trick up his sleeve in the form of clearing Status Effects! Not only that, but if a Status Effect is cured on a target, they receive a more powerful Buff. As such, The Magician will probably see lots of use in Dungeons and Colosseum, as Status Effects are pretty common. It also doesn't hurt that it doesn't have much competition as far as a Red Buff card goes as Ham Han is looking somewhat dated these days with a lack of inherent AoE effects, and Jumelles being relatively hard to obtain.

Sub-wise, The Magician has a very interesting one. He gives a meager 10% Skill Boost, but also a 33% chance to not link with Enhance cards. It's a peculiar effect, as it can be very handy for preventing other cards from stealing links from your teammates' Enhance cards. Though given its low chance of activating, you may want to pair him with other cards like Loki or Ham Han, who subs can confer similar effects (at low chances).

Stat-wise, The Magician has pretty good HP and DEF, and below average ATK; mostly ideal for a Support card. Overall, The Magician's a pretty useful card, effectively a 2-in-1 Buffer and Status Cleanser.

Main Skill

Buff Chance 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 100% 100%
ATK/DEF Buff 0.85 1.00 1.15 1.30 1.45 1.60 1.75
(Under Status Effect)
1.45 1.60 1.75 1.90 2.05 2.20 2.35
  • Status Clear has a 100% chance to activate when a target is under a Status Effect.

Sub Skill

A very interesting skill. Apart from the meager 10% Skill Boost, The Magician has a unique effect that grants a 33% chance to not link its Main Card with Enhance cards (similar to the Yata no Kagami, Dark Matter, or Loki's Sub Skill.). However, given as you have roughly a 1/3 chance for it to actually work, it's not terribly reliable.

Recommended Subcards


[The Magician] card is the first Major Arcana in the 78-card Tarot deck, generally succeeding The Fool card.