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Super Fusions: How do they work?

Super Fusion occurs when two or more cards that are part of a Super Fusion pool come together in a hand and combine their powers to execute certain effects such as Buffing, Attacking, Debuffing, or Healing. Super Fusion can be quite useful to utilize, though it can also sometimes act as an inconvenience.

Here's some notes on how it actually works:

  • Super Fusion occurs when two or more cards that are part of a Super Fusion pool come together in a played hand.
  • The more cards present for the Super Fusion, the more powerful it can be (only applies to SFs with Attacks)
  • Skill Guarantee takes priority over Super Fusion.
  • Any specific Super Fusion can only be used ONCE per Dungeon. (So say if you activate the "Flame Curse" SF, you can't use it again in the same Dungeon.)
  • Super Fusion ignores all Status Effects excluding Sleep, so it will activate should be impaired. (However, in Duel Match, SFs can still activate even if you are Asleep!)
  • Super Fusions that have Attacks draw their Attack Power from the combined Attack of all the Cards included. (This ignores any active Buff effects. However, other effects such as increased Damage or Healing do affect SFs)
    • Technically speaking, if a Super Fusion has an attack included, it's supposed to be Non-Elemental...
    • However, the attack CAN be absorbed if an enemy has an Elemental Absorption Shield active and one of the cards in the included SF match that Element.


[List of Super Fusions (JP Wiki)]

A Moonlit Night's Hyakki Yagyō
Aiming for India!
Angel's Blessing
Astro Particle
Blessing of the Gods
Chaotic Year-End Party
Creation of Heaven and Earth
Cyber World Chaos
Death-Sweeping Operation
Death-Watching Monster
Demon's Wisdom
Destroy Ray!
Diamond's World
Divine Flames of Immortality
Dragon Poker Great Circus Show
Dragon Poker Idol Festival
Dragoons of Annihilation
Dream Traveler
Fighting Spirit of the Pirates
Flame Curse
Flames of Purgatory
Forest Break!
Galaxy Burst
Genesis Claw
Goblin Brothers
God of War
Halloween Costume Party
Healing Rain
Holy Judgment!
Invincible Monkey Army!
Judgment of the Three Domains
Maiden's Bombardment
Manga Power
Mental Concentration
Mystic Burst
Nightmare Prison
Poseidon's Wrath
Power of the Eldritch
Prayer of Good Fortune
Punishment of 1000 Spankings!
Radiant Gleam
Rising Tempest!
Roar of the Divine Beast
Secret Mission
Seducing Mask
Sleeping Dream
Staff Multihit!
Summer Night Dream!
Survival Bites!
... further results