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A three way collab between Kakusan-sei Million Arthur, Battle Cats, and Dragon Poker. While the event dungeon has already finished, you can still complete the collab app and redeem the rewards until October 2014.


The mechanics are pretty simple, you have a stock of eight monsters that you can use, generated randomly from the list of four possible monsters to collect in that stage (and rarely from previous/later stages). The goal is to clear the stage by defeating each wave of monsters before you run out of stock.

Each turn, you can either choose to attack or use gacha bomb. Attack hits a single enemy for low damage, while gacha bomb sacrifices your current stock to hit all enemies for large damage. After your attack, one enemy attacks back at you.

The overarching goal is to fill out the monster book for each game. Potential entries in the book appear in each stage; they are randomly generated each time you use a stock. If those stock survive to the end of the stage, or you gacha bomb them before they die, they get added to your monster book compendium.

Each stage has three "normal" rarity monsters, one from each of the three series, and one "rare" monster, which can come from any series. Normal monsters can typically deal about four hits before regular enemies kill them, and two hits before boss enemies kill them. Rare monsters can do a little bit more. It is advisable to keep attacking until the next enemy attack would kill you, then use gacha bomb. If you're worried about possibly losing a monster since it's close to death, gacha bomb it, because the game has large amounts of leeway for stock required to clear a stage.

You can tell which stage has what rare monster because they typically appear in the cutscene before the stage starts. Since we only really care about Dragon Poker, you can skip grinding for the rare in any of the stages that don't feature a Drapo monster.

Once you complete the Dragon Poker monsterbook you can


Nimue (Wife) God (card)

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