Kaku-San-Sei Million Nyanko

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Name Kaku-San-Sei Million Nyanko
Type Score Attack, Points Exchange
History 4/21/2014 - 5/5/2014
Nekomutcard.pngNeko Valkyriecard.pngMonecocard.png
Event Cards
Nimue & Nyankocard.pngNekocard.pngTank Nekocard.pngBattle Nekocard.png
Feeder Materials

Dungeon Summary

Dragon Poker x Million Arthur x Nyanko Wars!!!

This a Score Attack dungeon.
Depending on how you perform in the dungeon, you'll be given a Score and sent Points in the mail.

First two waves consist of the associated Event Cards as well as Cat Food (Fodder).

The "boss" so to speak, is a five-wave assault of various Battle Cat cards.
You're given 10 Turns to defeat all the waves. After 10 turns or all waves have been defeated, the dungeon ends.
Thus, AoE Enhance cards work well for this dungeon.

Event Cards

Nimue & Nyanko can be obtained from the Medal Shop.

Neko, Tank Neko, and Battle Neko can be obtained from the Medal Shop for 200 Dragon Medals each (or cardable at a low chance from the Event Dungeon).

The Cat Food feeder cards obtained can skill up any card. (Roughly equivalent to Gem Fairies.)

Collab App

For a limited time, you can download a special collab app called "Dorapo Million Nyanko".
When you complete the Bestiary in the game for all of the Dorapo characters, you can get a special Serial Code to input in Dragon Poker get the following cards!

Collab Gacha

The following can be rolled from the Kaku-San-Sei Million Nyanko Collab Gacha: