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Iris (MMX)SSP.png
Rarity (レア) SS+.pngGOD.png
Girl, Robot
女の子, ロボット
Max Stats
Lv:120 HP:3333 ATK:1023 DEF:1609
Main Skill (スキル)
'A Heart Wishing for Peace
Chance to Buff all Stats for the Party; also clears Status Effects and applies Status Reflect Shields for the Party (Buff Strength increases as the number of Turns Elapsed increases; Status Reflect ticks increase as ally target's Stat Total increases)
Sub Skill (子分スキル)
'A World of Only Reploids
When Main Card is a Robot, activates Skill 2x on Straight+; On Full House+, activates Skill 2x with a 33% chance to activate it 3x instead (When Main Card is A and Robot, grants 15% Damage Reduction)
Awoken Main Skill (スキル)

Awoken Sub Skill (子分スキル)

Awoken Skill (覚醒スキル)

S.Awoken Main Skill (スキル)

S.Awoken Sub Skill (子分スキル)

S.Awoken Skill (覚醒スキル)

Super Fusion (超合体)
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Main Skill

Buff Chance 60% 70% 80% 90% 100% 100% 100%
Stat Buff (1 Turn) 0.60 0.75 0.90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50
Stat Buff (2 Turns) 0.70 0.85 1.00 1.15 1.30 1.45 1.60
Stat Buff (4 Turns) 0.80 0.95 1.10 1.25 1.40 1.55 1.70
Stat Buff (6 Turns) 0.90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 1.65 1.80
Stat Buff (8 Turns) 1.00 1.15 1.30 1.45 1.60 1.75 1.90
Stat Buff (10+ Turns) 1.10 1.25 1.40 1.55 1.70 1.85 2.00
  • 100% Chance to clear Status Effects and apply Status Reflect Shields to the Party.
  • Turns Elapsed resets at the start of every Wave. Turns are counted via Player Turns.
  • If you enter a Dungeon mid-battle, this Skill will refer to the already elapsed Turns.
  • Status Reflect Ticks increase as the target's Stat Total increases (see below).
Ally Stat Total Shield Ticks
+4 or less 1
+5 or more 2
+10 or more 3
+15 4
  • Stat Total is checked at Skill Activation after clearing Status Effects.

Iris basically comes across as very similar to Hades but in Blue flavoring. She can Buff all of the Party's Stats (ATK/DEF/AGI), clear their Status Effects, and apply Status Reflect Shields!

Of course, there are a few things to be aware of; First off, Iris' Buff slowly increases in power as more Turns pass. She doesn't come across as strong at first glance, but as more Turns pass, Iris' Buff will continually get stronger. Secondly, the # of ticks on the Status Reflect is tied to the target's Stat Total, so at best you're getting 4 ticks if fully Buffed (though on average, you're looking at 2-3). Given how prominent Status Reflect has become, this makes Iris highly valuable, and the fact that you can guarantee it is even better.

Sub Skill

Basically the Yata no Kagami for Robots! Granted, there doesn't seem to be a ton of stuff use Iris with, but she's great for some cards like Gigas and Pio. This gets even more fun when you factor in cards like Vermillion and TS808 to take advantage of Iris' Sub to avoid Linking with Enhance Cards. But on top of all of that, she has a 33% chance to activate a Card's Skill 3x on a Full House+ and even acts as a Damage Reduction Sub if you have said Robot Card on A. There's a LOT to like with Iris!

Recommended Subcards


Iris was a Reploid from the Mega Man X series that worked as a Navigator for Maverick Hunters. She was also Zero's love interest and the younger twin sister of Colonel.