Invasion of the Purgatory Genies

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Invasion of the Purgatory Geniesbanner.png
Name Invasion of the Purgatory Genies
Type Raid Event
History 5/4/2015 - 5/11/2015
Faborascard.pngOulialcard.pngForebacard.pngHell Bolgcard.png
Event Cards
Feeder Materials

Dungeon Summary

Invasion of the Demon Gods!!!

Much like the previous raid event, you're forced to choose a raid target.
Once you pick a target foe, you're forced to fight it until it has been totally defeated, at which point, you pick another raid target.
All three Demon Gods have a Global HP meter that is depleted over time when they are defeated.
Once all three Demon Gods have been defeated, the final boss will appear.


Faboras: Weak to Water, Stab; does an AoE attack that can cause Confusion and has a Damage Reduction Shield. This Shield cannot be broken or bypassed, but can be overridden by other special effects (like Latio's Damage UP debuff).

Oulial: Weak to Wood, Stab, Seal; does an AoE attack that can cause Seal.

Foreba: Weak to Fire, Stab; does an AoE attack that can cause Paralysis.

All three bosses will charge up every turn. After three turns, they'll unleash a powerful attack and dump all their charges.
However, by getting a hand of Full House+, you can force them to dump their charges early. The more charges they have, the more powerful their attack will be.

Hell Bolg: Weak to Water, ???;

Event Cards

Faboras, Oulial, and Foreba can only be obtained by getting 40,000 Contribution Points on any single Demon God.

Hell Bolg can only be obtained if you place accordingly in the Global Rankings (Top 1000 or other stated requirements.)

Feeder Mats

Feeder Mats feed for 2x EXP for associated Event Cards.


Contribution Rewards

Points Reward
1,000 3x R maroons
2,000 10x dragon medals
4,000 3x R skillup fairies
6,000 30x dragon medals
8,000 1x R ticket
10,000 3x S maroons
15,000 50x dragon medals
20,000 3x S skillup fairies
25,000 100x dragon medals
30,000 1x R ticket
35,000 100x dragon medals
40,000 3x SS maroon
45,000 150x dragon medals
50,000 3x SS skillup fairies
55,000 150x dragon medals
60,000 10x black medals
65,000 3x R tickets
70,000 200x dragon medals
75,000 200x dragon medals
80,000 10x black medals
85,000 1x GOD skillup fairy
90,000 1x S Gacha ticket
95,000 1x S Gacha ticket
100,000 3x GOD skillup fairies
150,000 1x SS Gacha ticket

Global Ranking

Score Ranking