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====37 Cost====
====37 Cost====
{{ShowCardImage|Rosalia}}{{ShowCardImage|World}}{{ShowCardImage|Rimulin}}{{ShowCardImage|Azathoth}}{{ShowCardImage|Shera}}{{ShowCardImage|Asura}}{{ShowCardImage|Demon King Nobunaga}}{{ShowCardImage|Rides}}{{ShowCardImage|Isabel}}
{{ShowCardImage|King Arthur (Holy Sword)}}{{ShowCardImage|Lancelot (Holy Grail)}}{{ShowCardImage|Merlin (Dragon Prophet)}}{{ShowCardImage|Amaterasu (The Sun)}}{{ShowCardImage|Kidomaru (Reincarnate)}}{{ShowCardImage|Wistaria}}{{ShowCardImage|Princess Ozma}}{{ShowCardImage|Ragnarok}}{{ShowCardImage|Superiora}}
*[[Demon King Nobunaga]]
*[[King Arthur (Holy Sword)]]
*[[Lancelot (Holy Grail)]]
*[[Merlin (Dragon Prophet)]]
*[[Amaterasu (The Sun)]]
*[[Kidomaru (Reincarnate)]]
*[[Princess Ozma]]
===Rare Cards===
===Rare Cards===

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The Gachapon (better known as the Gacha) is your primary means of progression in the game.
Through it, you can get more powerful cards to add to your deck. But that said, there are several types of Gachas present and it helps to know how each one works.

PP Gachas

The PP Gachas operate off of PP. PP can be obtained either from draining the PP Gauge, Dungeons, or Rewards.
Occasionally, there will be periods where you can earn 3x PP from draining the PP Gauge.

Normal Gacha

The Normal Gacha can be rolled with PP you accumulate. It costs 100 PP per roll, with 1000 PP for a 10-roll. (When space is applicable, you will always do a 10-roll.) Around 98% of the rolls you make with the Normal Gacha will churn out N-rarity cards. Anything higher than that has considerably reduced rates. While it is possible to roll SS/SS+ cards from the Normal Gacha, they are exceedingly rare, with your chances far below 1%. If you're seriously gunning for an SS card, expect to burn at least 200-500k+ PP.

Rare Material Gacha

Like the Normal Gacha, the Material Gacha can be rolled with PP you accumulate. However, it is 10x more expensive than the Normal Gacha to roll (1000 PP per single roll, 10,000 PP for a 10-roll). However, the Material Gacha consists only of "material" cards; Gem Marrons, Gold Marrons, and Skill Fairies. It can be quite useful for getting materials to power up your Cards or simply to get some extra Gold. Like the Normal Gacha, higher-rarity cards are more difficult to get.

Rare Gacha

The Rare Gacha contains powerful SS/SS+ cards that can be obtained. However, it costs 4 Dragon Stones per individual roll (of a specified element) or 40 Dragon Stones for an 11-roll (goes through all elements). You'll also typically get Fairies or Marrones for each roll, depending on the Gacha present. The standard rates for the Rare Gacha are 20% for an S, and 7% for an SS. However, RNG is not always kind. Generally, there will be specified selections where if you roll an SS, it's guaranteed to be from a select group of cards.

The Rare Gacha comes in a few varieties:

Special 9 Selection

Typically showcased during weekends (or other special occasions), the Special 9 Selection will have a selection of 9 cards (3 per element) that are guaranteed to show up if you happen to roll an SS card.
These gachas tend to follow patterns in what they'll feature; they'll usually have selections for upcoming Special Events, Colosseum, Sub Cards, and special selections for the 1st of the month.

MAX Gacha

The MAX Gachas are typically midweek, with a selection of either specific Skills or Types/Races. Generally, they offer a 50% chance on obtaining an SS to have a selected Skill-type or be a certain type of card (say Demon or God). For Skills, they usually have a good chance to start with increased Skill Lvs, which can be great for beginners. These cards also sometimes come out at Max Level of their base rarity (if their base rarity is SS, not SS+), so it can save newcomers some leveling trouble.

Collab/Holiday Gacha

Similar to MAX Gacha in how it operates; you have a 50% on obtaining an SS card for it to be a selected card, but it usually doesn't have the increased Skill Level or maxed Level present.

Selection Gacha

Added fairly recently, the Selection Gacha allows you to select 3 of 9 featured Cards so you can perform an 11-Roll with a 50% Chance on getting an SS Card to get one of the Cards you selected. If you manage to get one of the Cards you selected, you cannot select it again. You can continue to roll until less than 2 Cards are remaining. This can be a decent way to somewhat control what Cards you want to aim for, but the major drawback is that you're forced to do 11-Rolls in order to get any Cards (and even then, you're not guaranteed to get what you picked).


Gacha Tickets

Special Gacha Tickets can be obtained to redeem new cards. These come in the form of Rare Gacha Tickets, S Gacha Tickets, and SS Gacha Tickets. They guarantee that whatever card you get will be at least the rarity of the selected ticket (So if you redeem 1 S Gacha Ticket, the card you get will be at minimum an S-rarity card, but could turn out to be a SS card). However, while you have a chance to get a higher rarity card, R and S Gacha Tickets will be restricted to at most 28 Cost. For SS Gacha Tickets, such restrictions are no longer in place, meaning you could potentially get any SS card available from the Rare Gacha.

  • You cannot get any Special Collab, Holiday, or Event Cards from an SS Ticket. Just whatever is available normally in the Rare Gacha (including Limited cards that are present in the Rare Gachas for their duration).
  • The chances of getting an SS Card from from an R or S Gacha Ticket is about the same as rolling the Rare Gacha itself; just consider yourself lucky!
  • The recently added SS Gacha Ticket (U28) can churn out SS cards that are 28 Cost or lower.

Special Gachas

Occasionally special Gachas will be featured that have greatly increased chances of getting an SS Card or guaranteeing one. One such variation is the "11-Roll Gacha" where you can spend 50 Dragon Stones for 11 Rolls with a guaranteed 34-Cost card to come out (along with the usual rates of getting a S/SS card) as well Material Card rewards. Keep an eye for such Special Gachas to see if they're worth your time!

New Year's Lucky Bag

A special event that happens during New Years, the New Year's Lucky Bag allows you to spend lots of stones to get guaranteed SS cards (in addition to a bunch of other goodies including lots of valuable Material Cards and extra Deck Space).
Typically, it's 50 Stones for 1 card of a selected element and 100 Stones for 3 cards of any random element. Many players will often stock up on Stones towards the end of the year for this.

"Whale" Cards

Tucked away in the Normal and MAX Gachas, powerful 35/37+ Cost cards lurk. These cards will NEVER appear in a Special 9 Selection.
Getting one of these cards is fairly random; they have a very rare chance to appear whenever you roll the Normal or MAX Gachas or use an SS Gacha Ticket.

While trying to actively go for them can be expensive, they can add some serious power to your deck. Just consider yourself lucky (or a whale) if you manage to nab one.
But if you do decide to go after them, it's usually best to wait for a MAX Gacha featuring their specified Skill or Race as they'll have a better chance of appearing.

35 Cost

37 Cost

Rosaliacard.png  Worldcard.png  Rimulincard.png  Azathothcard.png  Sheracard.png  Asuracard.png  Demon King Nobunagacard.png  Ridescard.png  Isabelcard.png 

King Arthur (Holy Sword)card.png  Lancelot (Holy Grail)card.png  Merlin (Dragon Prophet)card.png  Amaterasu (The Sun)card.png  Kidomaru (Reincarnate)card.png  Wistariacard.png  Princess Ozmacard.png  Ragnarokcard.png  Superioracard.png 

Nirvanacard.png  Poseidoncard.png 

Rare Cards

For whatever reason or another, the cards listed below are bizarrely rare due to barely appearing in any featured Gacha Selections (i.e. they appeared once or twice and that was it).

Element Cards
Fire.png Phoenix, Buzzock, Kidomaru, Regulus, Uzuki
Water.png Cancer, Yuki-onna, Aquarius, Minette, Daisy
Wood.png El Topo

Additionally, many sub 30 Cost cards are quite harder to find now due to the increasing number of Cards in the Rare Gacha.
The Normal Gacha has a higher chance of churning out these cards and you can still nab them from R and S Gacha Tickets as well as through MAX Gachas.
The newly added SS Gacha Ticket (U28) can also churn out SS/SS+ cards that are 28 Cost or lower.