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All about f***ing dungeons
All about f***ing dungeons
See the list at [[Category:Dungeons|Dungeons]] (this doesn't appear to work for some reason)
See the list at [[:Category:Dungeons|Dungeons]]
== EXP Tables ==
== EXP Tables ==

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All about f***ing dungeons

See the list at Dungeons

EXP Tables

Normals (missing 23*+) Club Bad Girls

Boost Time

At 0800 and 1200 JST each day, SP skill costs are halved. These bonuses may occasionally be disabled (for example, over the weekend when Club Bad Girls is active). Other types of boosts may occur throughout the day -- these are typically announced on the Dragon Poker twitter.

Best Places To Get X

Healing Pixie - Various weekday dungeons (2*), Weekend Club Bad Girls

Skillup Fairies - Weekend Club Bad Girls: Fairies & Girls, Super PAL

EXP Maroons - Weekend Club Bad Girls: Gem & Girls, Super PAL

Hilda, Lynns[?], Muse (S-rank knight girls) - 4* Club Bad Girls and up

“Gold” Evo Rings - 4* super weekday dungeon (one), 8* S.Weekday (two), 12* S.W. (one)

God Rings aka “Rainbow Ring” - 12* Super Weekday (one)

Dragon God Rings aka “GOD Ring” - Medal Exchange Shop (100 Dragon Medals)

Overlord’s Ring aka “DRA Ring” - Medal Exchange Shop (100 Dragon + 10 Black Medals) - funny how these nicknames ended about huh