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Introduced in the 2.3.0 update, Duel Match allows you face off against people 1v1 in Card Duels!


Duel Match itself is basically quite similar to Rock-Paper-Scissors (or Janken). Using Attack Sets that you create, you attempt to defeat your foe.
Each battle in a Duel Match takes 3 turns. However, there are three different rulesets you can battle with (Annihilation Battle, Defense Battle, and Competitive Battle.)

How to Play

Duel Match has its own separate decks you can modify for use.

Your Duel Deck is comprised of three main parts: Monster Cards, Attack Sets, and your Special Card.

Monster Cards

These cards essentially act as your "Ace" cards. They're the cards that display to the opponent.
The strength of these cards is completely a non-factor, so feel free to put whatever you want here.
The only thing that does matter is the Element of the card (when the opponent attacks you).
At the end of a Duel Match, these cards will gain some EXP, so it's decent for leveling up some cards.

Attack Sets

For each Deck, you have 5 Attack Sets comprised of 5 cards each. Unlike your Monster Cards, the strength of these cards DO matter, so try to put in your best to build a good Attack Set. Each Attack Set has a set Deck Cost of 150, so be mindful of what you put in your deck.

In battle, you'll see the first card of each Attack Set in your hand. The goal of the game is to try and trump your opponents' card Element. So if they play a Fire card, you ideally want to play a Water card to counter it. However, while you can see the opponent's cards, you can't see what they play, which turns this into a tricky game of Rock-Paper-Scissors basically. If both Players play the same Element, the turn is considered a Draw and no cards attack.

If you manage to win against your opponent's card, you'll be able to attack first with your chosen Attack Set. (This is very advantageous as whoever attacks first has an Attack Bonus.) The cards will automatically use their Skills against the enemy in the order you placed them. Standard hand rules apply (i.e. Support cards will take Enhance priority, etc.). Something to note is that cards that have hand-dependent extra effects will have them semi-randomized. i.e. If a card has a House Flush effect, it may randomly go off.

Special Cards

Additionally, you can have one Special Card attached to your deck. These cards have different effects, but mostly revolve around the different Elements. The default Special Card you start out with is Reverse Element. In order to activate a Special Card, it must be played BEFORE you play a Card in your deck. You can only use your Special Card once per battle.

Needless to say, if you plan carefully, you can use these to your advantage to gain the upper hand!

  • Reverse Element: Reverses the Element Triangle. If two are played at the same time, they cancel each other out.
  • Fire Trump: Win turn if Opponent's card is Fire. Costs 300 Dragon Medals.
  • Water Trump: Win turn if Opponent's card is Water. Costs 300 Dragon Medals.
  • Wood Trump: Win turn if Opponent's card is Wood. Costs 300 Dragon Medals.

Status Effects

Status Effects work a little differently in Duel Match. They have a significantly reduced chance to be inflicted, and some even have different effects than you'd normally see.

Name On player
Poison Deals a % of your Card's total HP as damage at the end of each turn.
Confuse May randomly attack your own Monster Cards.
Blind Greatly decreases accuracy.
Petrify Card may be unable to attack. Defense is increased.
Paralyze Card may be unable to attack.
Sleep Card you play will not attack. Wakes up when dealt damage.
Charm May randomly attack your own Monster Cards.
Taunt Forces you to target the caster.
Seal Prevents Skills and Enhance Cards from activating.
Zombify Take double damage from Holy attacks and heal efficacy greatly reduced. You also take significantly increased damage.

Victory Conditions and Rules

There exist different victory conditions for each of the different rulesets.

Annihilation Battle

The player with the most BP at the end of the battle wins. BP is gained from attacking the enemy.
If a Monster Card is defeated during a turn, it is removed from the battle.
If one Player's team is completely wiped out, they instantly lose.

Defense Battle

The player with the most HP at the end of the Battle wins.
If a Monster Card is defeated during a turn, they are revived with 1 HP.

Competitive Battle

A Player wins if they are in possession of the Crown at the end of the battle.
If a Monster Card is defeated during a turn, they are revived with 100% HP.

  • The "Crown" is held by a random monster card in the battle. If it's defeated in battle, then the player who defeated it gets the Crown it held.

Sudden Death

In the case of Annihilation and Defense Battles, if there is no clear victor after 3 turns (either all turns are a Draw or BP is the same for both Players), the battle will enter Sudden Death mode.
In Sudden Death mode, the battle will continue until a victory condition is met. However, if you manage to go to a Draw after 3 more turns, the battle will ultimately end in a Draw.

Other Notes

Player Stats

The Stats for each Player and their Cards are set as follows:

  • HP: 75000
  • ATK: Set as follows on each individual Card.
  • DEF: 0

Sustain Cards

Some Sustain Cards like Topaz and Star will only have their effects last for 2 Turns instead of 3.

Skill Changes

Some Cards will have adjusted Skill Power for part or all of their Main Skill.
For example, Enhance Cards will have lowered Skill Power similar to Colosseum.
Some other cards like Latio and Ran will have lower Skill Power for their Main Skill.
You'll need to check the Skill Info in-game to see what exactly is modified for Duel Match for certain Cards.


For participating in a ranked Duel Match, you'll be rewarded the following:

  • EXP for your Monster Cards
  • 3 Dragon Medals
  • 1 Duel Medal

If you win a certain number of matches during the period, you can earn the following Rewards:

Battles Won Rewards
5 20 Dragon Medals
10 40 Dragon Medals
15 40 Dragon Medals, 3x SS Gold Marrones
20 60 Dragon Medals
25 60 Dragon Medals, 3x SS Gem Marrones
30 80 Dragon Medals
35 80 Dragon Medals, 3x Goddess Fairies

If you happen to Rank in the Top 50 or above in your group at the end of the period, you can earn the following rewards:

Rank Rewards
Rank 21-50 Rare Gacha Ticket x1, 50 Dragon Medals, 1 Dragon Stone
Rank 11-20 Rare Gacha Ticket x1, 60 Dragon Medals, 2 Dragon Stones
Rank 4-10 Rare Gacha Ticket x2, 70 Dragon Medals, 2 Dragon Stones
Rank 3 S Gacha Ticket x1, 80 Dragon Medals, 3 Dragon Stones
Rank 2 S Gacha Ticket x2, 90 Dragon Medals, 3 Dragon Stones
Rank 1 S Gacha Ticket x2, 100 Dragon Medals, 4 Dragon Stones

Special Missions

By winning a number of Duel Matches, you can unlock special cards! (Practice matches don't count towards this.)

Reward Condition
Hermes Win 50 Duel Matches.
Nyx Win 100 Duel Matches.
Hephaestus Win 200 Duel Matches.

These cards have reduced Cost and interesting Skills that will no doubt help out in Duel Match.
However, be aware that these cards CANNOT be used as a Main Card in your Normal Decks. (They can still be used as Subs though.)

Battle Tips

  • Status Effects can be really nasty if inflicted with them. Especially Confusion and Charm, as they can not only prevent your cards from attacking, but they may attack your own cards!
  • Depending on the opponent's cards, it may be beneficial to actively seek a Draw during a turn; this can be useful to negate nasty Attack Sets they may have!
  • Super Fusions can be particularly nasty in Duel Match as some can inflict lots of damage or Status/Debuffs and there's not many ways of stopping them.
    • If you can manage to get off a specific Super Fusion early, this will prevent the opponent from using the same one against you.
    • Some Super Fusions are much more useful than others; you may want to experiment in Practice Mode to find out which ones are effective to use.
  • Unlike in Colosseum, you can actively aim at an opponents' specific Monster Cards. This can be handy to shut down certain cards they may have in their Attack Sets.