Dragon Poker Song Festival

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Dragon Poker Song Festivalbanner.png
Name Dragon Poker Song Festival
Type Contribution Event
History 12/25/2015 - 12/31/2015
Leonidas (Mogul)card.pngKisshouten (Mega)card.png
Event Cards
Dragon Youth Corpscard.pngRambunctious Dragon Girlscard.png
Feeder Materials

Time to celebrate the end of 2015 with a good 'ol fashioned Song Contest!

Dungeon Summary

Dungeon is split into two parts: One featuring Mega Kisshouten as the Boss (Red), and another with Mogul Leo as the boss (Yellow)

The dungeon itself only consists of two waves; the first will be up against the respective Girl or Guy group of the boss.

The 2nd wave is the boss itself (Note: This isn't considered a Boss Wave, so things like Garnet's Shield will not activate)

The bosses, Fire.png Mega Kisshouten and Mogul Leo are only weak to Water.png


Fire.png Mega Kisshouten

  • Will assault the Party with a Preemptive Attack
  • Kisshouten will primarily assault the party with powerful Fire AoE attacks. (Some of these can inflict Confuse.)
  • She can also put up a Status Reflect Shield, though it only lasts for one turn.
  • She'll also randomly bust out some nasty attacks that can put Damage UP Shields on everyone.
  • Kisshouten will also transform once she reaches certain thresholds of HP; this seems to be mostly for cosmetic effect.
  • Debuffs and Damage Reduction Shields are very helpful in keeping the damage down on higher difficulty levels.

Fire.png Mogul Leo

  • Will use his Preemptive Attack to buff himself in random stats (more buffs per difficulty level up to 5)
  • Will use a AoE attack that does serious damage and can cause Seal every few turns.
  • Will also use weaker AoE attacks and continuously buff himself
  • Can apply Damage UP Shields on the Party
  • Can also put up a 1-tick Iron Wall Shield on himself
  • Leo will reset his stats if debuffed too much

Event Cards

The following cards can be obtained once reaching a certain point threshold for each side:

Contribution Point Rewards

Much like regular Event Dungeons, you will obtain Points for completing the Dungeon.
For this Event, they are split into two different parts (Kisshouten's Side and Leonidas' Side).
Fortunately, as the Event only lasts a week, once you reach a Point Threshold on the Event Page, you can redeem your rewards (this doesn't consume your points).