Dragon Poker Great Circus

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Dragon Poker Great Circusbanner.png
Name Dragon Poker Great Circus
Type Points Exchange
History 5/8/2016 - 5/22/2016
5/7/2018 - 5/21/2018
4/29/2019 - 5/13/2019
Four (Circus)card.pngPenguin (Circus)card.pngDon Koala (Circus)card.pngFour (Pierrot)card.png
Event Cards
Feeder Materials
Balloon Marrones

Dungeon Summary

It's Dragon Poker's Anniversary!

The first wave consists of Mahiru (Circus), Medea (Circus) & Girim (Circus).

Genos (Circus) & Wicked Witch (Circus) appear on the second wave.

The Bosses are Fire.png Four (Circus), Water.png Penguin (Circus), Wood.png Don Koala (Circus), and Fire.png Four (Pierrot),

All of the Bosses are weak to Slash.png and Confusion.


Four will appear with either Penguin or Koala.


  • Four will use her Preemptive Attack to attack the Party, then attempt to apply Damage Reduction Shields to her Party. (If w/Penguin)
  • Four will use her Preemptive Attack to attack the Party, then attempt to Buff her Party. (If w/Koala)
  • For the most part, Four will try to constantly Buff herself and her ally, while attacking the Party and trying to Debuff them.
  • She can also apply Sustained Buff effects to herself and her ally, which will Buff their Stats every turn.
  • If you defeat Four's ally and leave her alone, she'll Buff herself greatly and start applying a multi-tick Iron Wall every turn. Shield Breakers/Bypassers are useful for this phase.
  • Four will also sometimes appear in her Pierrot form. She has a slightly different moveset, but tends to lean towards more Buffing/Debuffing than Shielding.
  • Release: Multi-hit attack + Debuffs


  • Penguin will use his Preemptive Attack to hit the Party multiple times.
  • Most of his attacks will also hit several times as well as sometimes inflicting Debuffs.
  • He can also inflict Taunt with several of his attacks, so be wary!
  • Release: Multi-hit attack + Debuffs


  • Koala will use his Preemptive Attack to hit and greatly Debuff the Party.
  • He can inflict Paralysis and Damage UP with several of his attacks, as well as also occasionally breaking the Party's Shields.
  • Koala is often the most annoying of the bosses due to his constant heavy Debuffing and Paralysis. Consider taking him out quickly.
  • If you defeat Four and leave him alone, he'll Buff himself greatly and start applying a Damage Reduction Shield every turn.
  • Release: Large damage, breaks Shields and heavily Debuffs (up to -5).

General Tips

  • The bosses themselves don't have very much HP, making it possible to defeat them very quickly.
  • However...the longer the fight drags on, the more difficult and annoying it will be as they can Buff and Debuff quite quickly.
  • Inflicting Confusion on the Bosses is a bit of a double-edged sword; it will cause them to attack everyone and prevent them from using some of their more annoying attacks, but they'll still attack the Party and possibly inflict Status Effects.
  • However, if the bosses suddenly gain a Red Aura, you'll need to inflict Confusion to dispel it or they'll assault the Party with strong Release attacks that deal heavy damage.
  • Status Reflect Shields can be very useful in preventing the various Debuffs and Status Effects being thrown around.
  • Conversely, Strong Counter Shields can be very useful as well, as the bosses can hit pretty hard once left alone and start throwing up Shields.

True Dragon King (Grand Master)

  • The first two waves remain the same as before; be sure to fully Buff going into the Boss fight.
  • On the Boss Wave, you'll have to fight Penguin, Four, and Koala all at the same time!
  • It's a good idea to try and Debuff the bosses immediately to try and keep the damage down.
  • Cards that can reverse/wipe Debuffs will be very handy; Penguin and Koala can very quickly Debuff a Party into the negatives!
  • Status Reflect is also highly useful to prevent Penguin and Koala's Debuffs and Status Effects, as well as Debuffing them with the reflected debuffs!
  • You'll want to focus on taking down the bosses one at a time; Four and Koala are good candidates as Four will constantly Shield and Buff her allies, while Koala's Debuffs and Paralysis are very nasty to deal with.
  • If too many turns pass, the bosses will gain a Red Aura and start performing their Release attacks; inflict Confusion to dispel it.
  • Once you get down to one boss, they'll start executing their behavior when they're alone, typically Shielding themselves and Buffing; try to finish them off quickly.

Recommended Cards

  • Slash cards of every element
  • Cards that can inflict Confusion (Jeanne, Girim (Circus), Harpy, etc.)
  • Shield Breakers/Bypassers
  • Debuff and Power-Up/Multiply Enhance Cards
  • Status Reflect and/or Strong Counter/Damage Reduction Shield Cards

Accumulated Point Rewards and Event Cards

Unlike most other Special Events, the Points you accumulated are split into two.
The first is an accumulated point total that keep tracks of all the Points you've gained total, while the other you can use to spend on fodder.

Once you've reached the appropriate Point Total, you can obtain the reward associated with it.

Point Total
3000 R.png Gem Marron x3
5500 R.png Skill Fairy x3
8000 R.png 200 Dragon Medals
10000 Water.pngSS+.png Penguin (Circus)
30000 5 Black Medals
50000 Wood.pngSS+.png Don Koala (Circus)
80000 S.png Princess Skill Fairy x3
100000 Fire.pngSS+.png Four (Circus)
200000 R Gacha Ticket x5
300000 S.png Large Gold Marron x3
400000 5 Black Medals
500000 300 Dragon Medals
600000 SS.png Shining Gem Marron x3
700000 SS.png Queen Skill Fairy x3
800000 SS.png Super Gold Marron x3
900000 S Gacha Ticket x2
1000000 GOD.png Goddess Fairy x6

Four's Evolutions

Four has a Split Evolution when evolving to DRA. She can evolve into one of 3 different Forms depending on what you use as Evolution Material.
The Clown Hat, Clown Costume, and Beast Costume each have a chance to drop when you clear the Dungeon.
They can be used to evolve Four to her respective form. They also act as Skill-Up Material for all Skills.

Evolution Material Evolved Card
Fire.pngDRA.png Overlord's Ring Fire.pngDRA.png Four (Circus)
Clown Hat & Clown Costume Fire.pngDRA.png Four (Pierrot)
Beast Costume Fire.pngDRA.png Four (Beast)

Special Sub Cards

When you clear the Dungeon, Special Sub Cards may drop from the Dungeon Chest.
You'll need 12 copies each to evolve one fully to from SS to SSS.

Card Sub Skill Description
Fire.pngSSS.png Girim's Clown Costume Grants (10/15/20)-30% Skill Boost
When Main Card has Buff Skill, (20/33/50%) Chance to grant +1 to all Stats
When Main Card has Debuff Skill, (20/33/50%) Chance to inflict -1 to all Stats
When Main Card has Shield Skill, increases the Minimum Skill Boost to (15/20/25%)


The Fodder are Balloon Marrones; they give 2x EXP to all Event Cards + Mahiru (Circus), Medea (Circus), Girim (Circus), Genos (Circus) & Wicked Witch (Circus).
They can also be used as Skill-Up Material for Slash.png, Enhance.png, and Buff.png Skills. (Skill Fairy Equivalent)

Special Missions

There's a Special Mission for this Dungeon that you can complete to get a special Title.

4th Anniversary

Mission Reward
Clear the Dungeon 44 times (Any Difficulty) "Dorapo Clown Team" Title & 4th Anniversary Orb
  • 4th Anniversary Orb: 3 Slots; ATK +250, If 4 or more cards are in the played hand, grants 4% Skill Boost

5th Anniversary

Mission Reward
Clear True Dragon King Difficulty for the Dungeon "Dorapo Circus Team" Title

6th Anniversary

Mission Reward
Clear Grand Master Difficulty for the Dungeon "Beast Master" Title

Point Rewards

  • 3 Black Medals for 10,000 P (Obtainable up to 3 times.)
  • 150 Dragon Medals for 7,500 P (Obtainable up to 3 times.)

Treasure Rewards & Points Earned

Difficulty Points Earned Treasure Reward
初級 (24 STP)
3000 N/A
中級 (42 STP)
5500 N/A
上級 (60 STP)
8000 10 Black Medals
鬼級 (72 STP)
10000 200 Dragon Medals
雷級 (84 STP)
12500 10 Black Medals
竜級 (96 STP)
15000 200 Dragon Medals
神級 (114 STP)
30000 10 Black Medals
Dragon King
竜王級 (132 STP)
45000 3 Goddess Fairies (Fire)
True Dragon King
真・竜王級 (150 STP)
60000 10 Black Medals

2019 Anniversary

Difficulty Points Earned Treasure Reward
ピエロ級 (24 STP)
3000 10 Black Medals
玉乗り級 (60 STP)
8000 200 Dragon Medals
曲芸級 (72 STP)
10000 10 Black Medals
Beast Master
猛獣使い級 (96 STP)
15000 200 Dragon Medals
Aerial Arts
空中芸級 (132 STP)
45000 3x Goddess Fairies
Grand Master
団長級 (168 STP)
60000 Forehead Jewel