Dragon League Collab (2014)

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The second(?) collab with Asobism's other big moneymaker, Dragon League.


From 6/23 15:00 to 6/30 14:00, complete various missions in Dragon League to obtain up to ten stones in Dragon Poker.

The objectives are as follows:

  • Collect 10k gold
  • Get a power level of 50k
  • Leave a comment on a friends profile
  • Make a friend
  • Capture a Nubobo (one of those pig looking dudes)
  • Capture a servant from a temple
  • Collect 10 treasures from the field map
  • Complete a dungeon (the middle button on the homepage that requires 8 hours of real time to pass)
  • Complete 3 arena matches
  • Win 1 arena match

Download Links

Dragon League X (iOS) | Dragon League A (Android)