December 2019 Campaigns

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Lots of stuff happening this December, so let's break down the details!

December Login Campaign

  • When you login during this month, you'll earn the following:
    • 40 Dragon Stones
    • 3x SS Ticket U28
    • 1x element set of GOD Marrones and GOD Fairies
    • 2x element set of SS Rings
    • 5x sets of Boost Tickets
  • After that, you will receive an additional 1 Dragon Stone each day until Dec 31st 2019.

Comeback Campaign

  • Earn up to 1065 Dragon Stones when you login! (This is determined by how many days you logged in between Apr 23rd 2017 and Oct 5th 2019.)
  • This will last until Dec 31st.

7th Anniversary SS Gift Selection

Loverscard.png  Irohacard.png  High Priestesscard.png  Shinocard.png  Foolcard.png  Karulacard.png 

  • Like most selections, you can choose one of the above Cards or select from Material Sets.
  • And if those don't look good, you have the option of an SS Ticket as well.
  • That said...all of these Cards are currently outclassed by newer Cards (and some Awakened Cards).
  • Red probably has the best of the bunch. Lovers is a decent Healer that can Heal and clear Status effects. Iroha is a useful Shield Card that can apply Status Reflect Shields along with minor Buffs/Heals.
  • Blue is just average. High Priestess is another Shield Card with Status Reflect, but isn't that great compared to recent cards. Shino's a pretty decent attacker, but that's it.
  • Green is similar to Blue. Fool is a Multiply Enhance Card, but isn't that great due to her gimmicks. Karula's a decent Bite Card, but otherwise isn't too special.
  • Ultimately, pick what you're lacking in. Otherwise, go with the SS Ticket.

X-Mas Town Returns

  • X-Mas Town returns for the month of December, replacing CBG on the weekends!
  • Try your luck and capture seasonal Christmas Cards!

Item Shop Card Packs

  • Make sure to visit the Item Shop for new Xmas Card Packs as well as a New Years Card Pack 2019!

X-Mas MAX Gacha

  • The most dreaded of Gachas returns! The X-Mas MAX Gacha runs until the end of December, so if you're feeling daring, you can get some X-Mas exclusive Cards.