Dazzling Giant Dragon Invasion

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Name Dazzling Giant Dragon Invasion
Type Raid Event
History 12/22/2014 - 12/28/2014
Event Cards
Feeder Materials
Dragon Crystals

Dungeon Summary

Dragon Invasion!!!

This Raid Event takes the place of Colosseum for the week, with the dungeon opening four times a day for two hours each.

Upon entering the game while the event is occuring, you'll be forced to choose one of three dragons to tackle, Gevurah, Hesed, or Netzah.
Whichever one you choose, you'll be locked into until that dragon has been defeated.

The gimmick here is that the dragons have a Global HP bar; the more the dragons are defeated in battle, the lower their HP falls.
Once a dragon has been totally defeated, you'll be prompted to choose another dragon until all three are defeated in battle.

After all three dragons have been defeated, Malkhut will appear and can be fought, having a Global HP bar like the other dragons.
Once Malkhut is defeated, the event will end.

All dragons are weak to Slash and Stab attacks, as well as Paralyze.

For completing the dungeons, two types of points are obtained. The first is Dragon Points, which are much like the Special Dungeon points.
The other is an accumulated score, which goes towards a Global Ranking and gives out rewards at certain point thresholds.

Event Cards

Gevurah, Hesed, or Netzah can be obtained if you reach 40,000 accumulated points on any single dragon.
Malkhut can only be obtained if you place in the top 1000 or get lucky with the other requirements (repeating number place such as 11111, 22222, etc. or round numbers like 20000, 30000, etc.)

Feeder Mats

The feeder material for this dungeon are Dragon Crystals. These can be obtained from the Dragon Crystal Gacha using Dragon Points earned from completing a dungeon.
They feed for roughly the same amount as Gem Fairies.

Event Rewards