Dark World

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Dark Worldbanner.png
Name Dark World
Type Points Exchange
History 11/25/2019 - 12/9/2019
Vhuzompha (AW)card.png
Event Cards
Dr. Motorovcard.pngSheriff Deckerscard.png
Feeder Materials
Gourmet Eldritch

Dungeon Summary

Cardify Skills are Disabled.

The Boss Water.png Vhuzompha (AW) is weak to Wood.png Claw.png and Paralysis.
Eldrtich-Type Cards also deal 20% additional Damage.


Another Vhuzompha

  • Vhuzompha's Preemptive Attack will attack the Party and attempt to inflict Charm.
    • Preemptive Iron Wall w/Batista subbed is recommended; the Preemptive does a good chunk of damage on higher difficulties.
  • Vhuzompha will apply a multi-tick Evasion Shield on himself. The higher the difficulty, the more ticks it'll take to get rid of it.
    • On God difficulty and higher, he'll apply various forms of Evasion Shields (Overwrite Disabled, Unbreakable, or None). You'll definitely want to pay attention as Shield Breakers are not always effective.
    • Cards with Skills that are guaranteed to hit are a must-have! Likewise, having Subs that grant these effects work just as well.
    • Multiply Enhancers can brute force their way through the Shield, though be aware it has a lot of ticks on higher difficulties. (Up to 10 Ticks on Dragon King difficulty!)
  • Vhuzompha will assault the Party with strong attacks as well as inflicting quite a bit of Debuffs.
    • For the 1st turn, allies that are inflicted with Charm will have some of their Stats stolen. However, any Party members who aren't inflicted with Charm will get hit a hard-hitting attack!
    • On higher difficulties, the follow-up attack deals very high damage (roughly assumed to be 50% Max HP Gravity damage).
  • Inflicting Paralysis will cause Vhuzompha to wipe one of his Stat Buffs; otherwise, it doesn't do a whole lot.
  • If his Stat Total becomes Negative, Vhuzompha may attempt to absorb the Party's Buffs! Beware!!! (Avoid Debuff Cards for the most part)
  • After a few turns, Vhuzompha will prepare for a Release attack on the next Turn (watch for Yellow Text).
    • He'll try and inflict Paralysis and Damage UP to the Party!
    • On the next turn, Vhuzompha will unleash his Release attack which will attack the Party multiple times and attempt to inflict Zombify. Any Zombified targets will then get hit for a lot of damage!
    • Fortunately, you CAN Shield yourself against the Release attack. (Status Immunity is highly recommended with Status Reflect a close second.)
    • There is no way to prevent the Release attack from occurring, so be careful.
  • That said, God/DK Difficulties will be VERY difficult if you're unable to field the right Cards in your Deck.
    • Unsurprisingly, Eldritch dungeons often tend to be some of the hardest and more gimmicky fights in the game.
    • If you're lacking in proper Claw cards, don't be afraid to utilize off-Skill Cards that can help get the job done.
    • As mentioned, Cards with attacks are that "guaranteed to hit" are critical to have, as it'll be difficult to do any damage otherwise.

True Dragon King

  • Essentially Dragon King difficulty but much harder.
  • This time around, the follow-up attack on the 1st Turn will deal very high damage (65k+) if you're not Charmed. As such, if you're not Charmed, there's an extremely high chance you'll die on the 1st turn.
    • That said, go into the Boss Fight with Iron Wall, but do not have any Status Avoidance Subs equipped.
    • In addition, don't clear the Charm on the 1st Turn; avoid using Status Reflect.
  • Other than that, most everything else still applies.

Super Dragon Emperor

  • The Boss Fight gets even more intense!
  • This time around, actual Awakened Vhuzompha appears as the Boss! That said, most of its mechanics are primarily the same.
  • Just like TDK, go into the Boss Fight with Iron Wall, but do not have any Status Avoidance Subs equipped.
    • The follow-up attack will now INSTANTLY KILL if you're not Charmed on the 1st Turn. Do NOT cure Charm at all costs!!!
  • As before, the Release attack occurs every 3 Turns and can't be prevented.
    • Status Reflect is ineffective this time. Status Immunity is a must to prevent the Debuffs & Zombification from occurring. (Xiao (Little) is a must-have for this.)
    • If you get Zombified, the follow-up attack WILL kill you. (Does 100k+ damage & Ignores Shields)
  • After the Release attack goes off, Vhuzompha will then try to Charm the Party again, repeating his attack pattern.

Recommended Cards

  • Claw Cards
  • "Guaranteed to hit" Cards
  • Status Reflect/Status Immunity
  • Strong Heal Cards
  • Strong Multiply Enhancers (Amaterasu (Sunbathing), Nebula Queen)

Event Cards

Point Cards

Reward Points Needed
Fire.pngDRA.png Dr. Motorov 50,000
Wood.pngDRA.png Sheriff Deckers 50,000

Special Sub Cards

When you clear the Dungeon, one of two Sub Cards may drop from the Dungeon Chest.
You'll need 12 copies each to evolve one fully to from SS to SSS.

Card Sub Skill Description
Fire.pngSSS.png Explorer's Diary Grants (10-25 / 15-25 / 20-30%) Skill Boost and +1 ATK/DEF
(For every +1 ATK and DEF you have, increases the Minimum Skill Boost by +1%)
Water.pngSSS.png Eldritch Quartz When Main Card is Eldritch and has Attack Skill, grants (25/30/35%) Skill Boost
(When attack target is Eldritch, grants (30/35/40%) Skill Boost; For every 20% HP lost, Skill Power decreases by -1%)
  • The Explorer's Diary is a good Support Sub that grants a nice Skill Boost and +1 ATK/DEF. You also get an extra boost by having more ATK/DEF. If you can keep your Buffs up, it's pretty good.
  • The Eldritch Quartz is a great Sub for Eldritch Attackers. It also gives an extra Boost vs Eldritch enemies. Great if you're lacking Subs for any Eldritch Attackers you have.

Accumulated Point Rewards

Unlike most other Special Events, the Points you accumulated are split into two.
The first is an accumulated point total that keep tracks of all the Points you've gained total, while the other you can use to spend on fodder.

Once you've reached the appropriate Point Total, you can obtain the reward associated with it.

Point Total
3000 Gold Marrone Set
5500 100 Dragon Medals
8000 Boost Ticket Set x5
10000 S.png Princess Fairy Set
30000 SS.png Gem Marrone Set
60000 SSS.png 5 Black Medals
100000 Boost Ticket Set x5
200000 GOD.png Gem Marrone Set
300000 5 Black Medals
500000 SS.png Queen Fairy Set
600000 SS Ring Set
700000 S Gacha Ticket x2
800000 200 Dragon Medals
900000 GOD.png Goddess Fairy Set
1000000 SS Gacha Ticket


The Fodder is Gourmet Eldritch; they give 2x EXP to all Event Cards including Willy, Aniolowski, and Jenny
They can also be used as Skill-Up Material for Heal.png Shield.png Claw.png Skills. (Skill Fairy Equivalent)

Special Missions

There's a Special Mission for this Dungeon that you can complete to get a special Title.

Mission Reward
Defeat Vhuzompha on TDK Difficulty in 3 Turns. "Bastard Child" Title

Point Rewards

Reward Points Notes
3 Black Medals 10,000 Obtainable up to 3 times.
150 Dragon Medals 7,500 Obtainable up to 3 times.
SS Fodder Set x7 100,000 Can be obtained repeatedly. Has a total of 21 Cards.
SS Fodder Set x35 500,000 Can be obtained repeatedly. Has a total of 105 Cards.
  • While rolling the Event Fodder Gacha will give you more Fodder mats on average, the Fodder Sets give a pretty generous amount of Fodder mats and makes it easier to go through Points.

Treasure Rewards & Points Earned

Difficulty Points Earned Treasure Reward
初級 (24 STP)
3000 N/A
上級 (60 STP)
8000 10 Black Medals
鬼級 (72 STP)
10000 200 Dragon Medals
竜級 (96 STP)
15000 200 Dragon Medals
神級 (114 STP)
30000 20 Black Medals
Dragon King
竜王級 (132 STP)
45000 3 Goddess Fairies
True Dragon King
真竜王級 (150 STP)
60000 10 Black Medals
Super Dragon Emperor
超竜皇級 (168 STP)
120000 Forehead Jewel