Danmachi - Familia Myth II

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Danmachi - Familia Myth IIbanner.png
Name Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? - Familia Myth II
Type Points Exchange
History 9/30/2019 - 10/14/2019
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Event Cards
Bugbear (Danmachi)card.pngMinotaur (Danmachi)card.png
Feeder Materials

Dungeon Summary

Cardify Skills are disabled.

First two waves consist of Event Cards.

The Boss Fire.png Goliath (Danmachi) is weak to Water.png Slash.png and Seal.


Waves 1 & 2

  • Bell and Eis appear on the 1st Wave.
    • Simply defeat only one of them and the other will flee.
  • Minotaur and Eggbear will appear on the 2nd Wave.
    • Despite appearing as Minibosses, they go down easily enough.


  • Goliath's Preemptive attack will attack the Party and inflict Debuffs and Confusion.
  • Goliath's attacks will primarily inflict Debuffs (and sometimes multiple times).
    • He can also occasionally break Shields as well.
    • He can also inflict Petrify; cure any allies that get Petrified ASAP as they'll take extra damage from Goliath's attacks!
  • Goliath will also frequently apply a Strong Counter Shield (Overwrite Disabled)
    • Goliath will also Charge up during this process. Once he begins Charging, the Shield also gains Damage Reduction.
    • Shield Breakers are highly recommended. Damage UP Cards not so much, since they can't overwrite the Shield.
  • If Goliath suddenly Buffs himself +10 to all Stats, this means he'll follow up with a Powerful Attack on the next turn!
    • Make sure you're at full HP or attempt to put up Damage Reduction Shields to hopefully reduce the attack's damage.
  • Goliath will frequently Charge up during the fight, increasing the power of his attacks and his Shield.
    • The Charge can have multiple levels (5+ at least), so he'll continually Charge until it gets dispelled.
    • If you manage to Seal Goliath, it'll dispel the Charge. He'll Heal himself for some HP and then attack the Party for a good chunk of damage.

True Dragon King

  • Not too terribly different than previous difficulties, other than Goliath hitting much harder and having more HP.

Super Dragon Emperor

  • There's only a few changes for this difficulty.
  • Goliath's Preemptive Attack now hits twice, dealing more damage than before.
  • His Debuffs are also more intense; either Evade them or put up Status Reflect Shields.
  • Goliath's Release Attack now does HIGHLY increased damage. Either reduce his ATK greatly or put up Damage Reduction Shields.
    • Otherwise, the attack will very likely kill you!

Recommended Cards

  • Blue Slash
  • Seal Cards
  • Shield Breakers
  • Debuff Cards
  • Damage Reduction, Status Reflect, Evasion Shield

Event Cards

Point Cards

Reward Points Needed
Fire.pngSS+.png Bugbear (Danmachi) 50,000
Fire.pngSS+.png Minotaur (Danmachi) 50,000
Fire.pngSS+.png Goliath (Danmachi) 50,000

Special Sub Cards

When you clear the Dungeon, one of four Sub Cards may drop from the Dungeon Chest.
For Hestia's Knife and Desperate (Sword), you'll need 12 copies each to evolve one fully to from SS to SSS.

Card Sub Skill Description
Water.pngSSS.png Hestia's Knife When Main Card has Attack Skill, grants (30%/30-35%/35%) Skill Boost and +1 to all Stats.

(SS+/SSS Only: When your Stat Total is +15, increases Skill Boost to (35/37%)

Wood.pngSSS.png Desperate (Sword) When Main Card has Slash Skill, grants (20%/25%/30%)-40% Skill boost and +1 ATK/AGI.

For every +1 ATK/AGI, increases the Minimum Skill Boost by +1%

  • Both Subs are quite good as long you can keep the respective Buffs up. Certainly not bad at all.

For Hestia's Hair Ornament and Hestia's Bowtie, they have a rare chance to drop when you clear the Dungeon.
They already come at SSS, so you don't have to evolve them.

Card Sub Skill Description
Water.pngSSS.png Hestia's Hair Ornament When Main Card is Blue and its Skill Activates, 33% Chance to Prevent Enhance Linking

When Subbed along Hestia's Bowtie, 100% Chance to Prevent Enhance Linking instead

Water.pngSSS.png Hestia's Bowtie When Main Card has Attack Skill, grants 30-40% Skill boost and +3% Accuracy.

When Subbed alongside Hestia's Hair Ornament, grants 10% Skill Boost regardless of the Main Card's Skill.

  • Hestia's Bowtie is quite good as a Universal Attack Sub and the extra Accuracy is nice to have.
  • When combined together, these Subs allow a Card to not be linked with Enhance Cards and get a 10% Skill Boost on top of that. This is better than some previous Subs that can do the same thing.

Accumulated Point Rewards

Unlike most other Special Events, the Points you accumulated are split into two.
The first is an accumulated point total that keep tracks of all the Points you've gained total, while the other you can use to spend on fodder.

Once you've reached the appropriate Point Total, you can obtain the reward associated with it.

Point Total
3000 Gold Marrone Set
5500 100 Dragon Medals
8000 Boost Ticket Set x5
10000 S.png Princess Fairy Set
30000 SS.png Gem Marrone Set
60000 R Gacha Ticket x3
100000 S Ring Set
200000 GOD.png Gem Marrone Set
300000 5 Black Medals
500000 SS.png Queen Fairy Set
600000 SS Ring Set
700000 S Gacha Ticket x2
800000 200 Dragon Medals
900000 GOD.png Goddess Fairy Set
1000000 SS Gacha Ticket

Collab Gacha

The following can be rolled from the Danmachi Collab Gacha:

In addition, the following Card can be purchased from the Item Shop from its respective Card Pack for 100 Dragon Stones.

  • Fire.pngSS+.png Ottar & Freya (Danmachi)
    • Compared to some previous Card Packs, this one is actually pretty solid. Ottar & Freya have a great Main Skill and a very useful Sub for Slash Cards. The Orb and other goodies are pretty nice as well.


Fodder are ???. They give 2x EXP to all related Event Cards.
They also act as Skill-Up Fodder for ALL Skills. (Skill Fairy Equivalent!!!)
As such, this is extremely good Fodder to farm for!

Special Missions

There's a few Special Missions for this Dungeon that you can complete to get special Titles!

Mission Reward
Defeat the Minotaur 30 times. (Any Difficulty; Total) "World's Fastest" Title
Clear the Dungeon 50 times. (Any Difficulty; Total) "Sword Princess" Title
Defeat the Goliath on TDK Difficulty within 3 Turns SS Gacha Ticket

Point Rewards

Reward Points Notes
3 Black Medals 10,000 Obtainable up to 3 times.
150 Dragon Medals 7,500 Obtainable up to 3 times.
SS Fodder Set x7 100,000 Can be obtained repeatedly. Has a total of 21 Cards.
SS Fodder Set x35 500,000 Can be obtained repeatedly. Has a total of 105 Cards.
  • While rolling the Event Fodder Gacha will give you more Fodder mats on average, the Fodder Sets give a pretty generous amount of Fodder mats and makes it easier to go through Points.

Treasure Rewards & Points Earned

Difficulty Points Earned Treasure Reward
初級 (24 STP)
3000 5 Black Medals
上級 (60 STP)
8000 10 Black Medals
鬼級 (72 STP)
10000 200 Dragon Medals
竜級 (96 STP)
15000 200 Dragon Medals
神級 (114 STP)
30000 10 Black Medals
Dragon King
竜王級 (132 STP)
45000 3x Goddess Fairies
True Dragon King
真竜王級 (150 STP)
60000 10 Black Medals
Super Dragon Emperor
超竜皇級 (168 STP)
120000 Forehead Jewel