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Damage Formula

[Card Base Damage including Sub Card Stat Boosts] x [Card Base Multiplier] x [Sub Card Skill Boosts] x [Hand Multiplier] x [Enhancer Card Multiplier if any] x [Elemental Modifier] = Output damage before Enemy armor reduction x [Sub Card Damage Boosts if any after armor reduction]

For Example, Tsukuyomi with 3 Garnet on a straight against red targets:

Each hit: [1402 + 1800.168] x [1.2] x [1.35 x 1.35 x 1.35] x [1.8] x [Enhancer Card] x [1.5] = 25526.45046132 damage each hit before armor reduction

Total Damage for 3 hits: 76579.35138396 damage before armor reduction

  • Note: This is an overly simplified formula because the base damage part of the formula, actually includes variance and a more complicated formula, actual numbers are actually lower.

Enemy Weakness Modifiers

Bosses and strong foes will often have specific Weaknesses (this can be checked via Weakness Search when available).
When you attack a foe with a Skill it's weak to, they'll take extra damage from the attack! This is noticeable as the damage numbers will appear Bolded as opposed to normal.

Here are the typical Damage Modifiers for Enemy Weaknesses:

  • Physical (Stab, Hit, Slash, Claw, Bite): 2.0x
  • Holy (Vs. Undead or Zombified): 2.0x
  • Elemental: 1.5x (See Basic & Special Elemental Modifiers below)
  • Status Effect: 1.0x
  • Type/Race: 1.2x

All of these modifiers can stack when applicable. And yes, Status Effect weaknesses deal no actual extra damage. It's bizarre but true.

In more recent times, some Event Dungeons feature Type/Race Weaknesses, which allow certain Types to deal more damage to foes in the Dungeon.
Interestingly enough, if a Boss is weak to God and Hero-type for example, a Card that has both Types can double-dip on both Weaknesses! (Susanoo for instance)
Enhance Cards that match the Type weakness will grant an extra bonus to any Cards that they link, allowing them to take advantage of the 1.2x extra damage inflicted with their Skills!

Sub Cards Stat Boosts

The formula for the amount of bonus stats you get is:

[[Subcard Level + Subcard Cost] x 0.2%] + [[Each level of same Subcard Skill] x 2%] = Stat Boost%

For example, 3 x level 120 SL7 Garnet on a Tsukuyomi will yield:

[[120 + 24] x 0.2%] + [[120 + 24] x 0.2%] + [[120 + 24] x 0.2%] + [21 x 2%] = [28.8 + 28.8 + 28.8] + 42 = 128.4% Stat Boost to Main Card

Hand Multiplier

Flush 1.0x 0.7x 3x 20%
Mini-Straight 1.0x 0.7x 1x 10%
One Pair 1.3x 0.91x 1x 10%
Two Pair 1.3x 0.91x 1x 10%
Three Card 1.8x 1.26x 1x 10%
Straight 1.8x 1.26x 5x 30%
Full House 1.8x 1.26x 5x 30%
Three Seven 2.3x 1.61x 2x 20%
Four Card 2.3x 1.61x 8x 40%
House Flush 2.4x 1.68x 8x 50%
Five Card 2.4x 1.68x 10x 70%
Five Card Flush 2.6x 1.82x 15x 80%
Straight Flush 3.4x 2.38x 10x 70%
Lucky Seven 3.8x 2.66x 15x 90%
Lucky Seven Flush 4.0x 2.8x 30x 100%
Royal Straight Flush 4.0x 2.8x 30x 100%

For more information on hands tier list: click here

Enhancer Card Multiplier

Enhance cards help boost your attack cards in 3 ways: Power-Up, Multiply, or AOE. Popular enhance cards include Ifrina, Peridot, Snow White and etc.

Typically, most Power-Up enhancers have a 2.0x multiplier at SL7, Multiply enhancers have a 0.8x multiplier at SL7, and AOE enhancers have a 1.2x multiplier at SL7.
However, additional Skill Boosts will bump up these multipliers, meaning they will be higher than the stated base value.

  • For example: Say we have a Power-Up Enhancer with a base 2.0x Multiplier with 3 Sub Cards that have a flat 20% Skill Boost.
    • We would get (2 x (1.2 x 1.2 x 1.2)) = 3.456
    • Thus, the 2.0x becomes a 3.456x Multiplier instead!
    • This can increase even more assuming other Skill Boosts via Orbs or Awakening Skills.

As values might differ for many Enhance Cards, please check their respective pages for their base multipliers.

For more information on Enhance skills: click here

Basic Elemental Modifier

Strong against the Color = 1.5x (ie: Red card against Green enemy)

Neutral against the Color = 1.0x (ie: Red card against Red enemy)

Weak against the Color = 0.8x (ie: Red card against Blue enemy)

Special Elemental Modifier

Elemental Skill cards such as Rouge have their own Special Elemental Modifier. Other examples are Qued, Kisshouten, Lise and etc.

Rouge's attacks deal extra damage to Water targets, as her Elemental Modifier is 3.8x. What this actually does, is that it replaces your basic Elemental Modifier against Water targets which is 1.5x normally, into Rouge's 3.8x modifier.

Hybrid attackers such as Lancelot and King Arthur, usually have a 1.75x special Elemental Modifier instead for their imbued attacks. Please check each Card's respective pages for their modifiers.


In addition, each Parameter/Stat Buff also affects your final output. Cards that Buff/Debuff Stat Parameters include Norn, Ame no Uzume, Ham Han, Safi, and etc.

For each +1 ATK buff = +10% Damage increase

For each +1 DEF buff = +10% Defense increase

For each +1 AGI buff = +4% Accuracy and +4% Evasion rate

The reverse is true if you have Negative Parameters, and these values work similarly for enemies as well.
Each Stat has a set Limit from -5 to +5. Some Skills will take into account your Stat Total or the entire Party's Stat Total.

Accuracy for Attack Skills

The Base Accuracy for most Attack Skills is effectively 100%. This value can vary depending on a number of things.

Attack Accuracy = Base Accuracy ± Additional Accuracy ± Enemy Buffs - Blind Accuracy Penalty (Varies by Card/Skill) ± Your Buffs ± Your Applicable Subs ± Your Orbs ± Your Overdrive Bonuses (When applicable)

For most Attack Cards, Accuracy isn't always an issue unless enemies use strong Debuffs. However, some Cards have Accuracy Penalties or a lower Base Accuracy by default.

For example:

  • For Shachiminator, his Skill's Base Accuracy starts at 80-85%. However, this can increase depending on the target's HP.
  • For Rico (and many 6x Attackers), her Skill's Base Accuracy is 50%. In her case, Rico's Base Accuracy can increase based on more Red Cards in the hand.
  • For Kay (another 6x Attacker), his Skill's Base Accuracy is 50%. However, his Skill has no way to naturally increase its Accuracy. Thus, you would need to make up the difference with AGI Buffs and/or Orbs.

In more recent days, many Cards' Skills or Subs will have the wording "guaranteed to hit" which essentially means that their attacks can not miss.