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Head Boss Coyote

Nicknames Coyote
Rarity (レア) SS.pngGOD.png
Max Stats
Lv:120 HP:2355 ATK:1426 DEF:1054
Lv:120 HP:2826 ATK:1711 DEF:1265 (Awoken)
Main Skill (スキル)
Burning Cross Slash
2x Slash attack (chance to deal increased damage)
Sub Skill (子分スキル)
One Hit Turnaround!
When your HP is below 25%, grants 40% Damage Boost
Awoken Main Skill (スキル)
Blazing Cross Slash
2x Slash attack; 50% Chance to imbue attacks with Fire (Chance to deal increased damage)
Awoken Sub Skill (子分スキル)
Backwater Position
When HP is less than 50%, grants 20% Skill Boost (When HP is less than 25%, grants 30% Skill Boost instead)
Awoken Skill (覚醒スキル)
Crimson Blades
For every Red card in the played hand, gain +3% Skill Boost (Up to a max of +15%)
S.Awoken Main Skill (スキル)

S.Awoken Sub Skill (子分スキル)

S.Awoken Skill (覚醒スキル)

Super Fusion (超合体)
Arabian Night Fever

Coyotecard.png  Desert Foxcard.png  Magic Lanterncard.png  Mongoose Snakecard.png  Turban Ratcard.png 
Shared by (合体カード): Coyote, Desert Fox, Magic Lantern, Mongoose Snake, Turban Rat


A card saved by his GOD evo, Coyote is potentially a powerful PVE beater. A double attack lands a very solid mix of high multiplier to break through defense and also a high pure output from a high multiplier- and he has a chance to simply do more damage than an equivalent card! Sadly, his actual attack stat is essentially average for an attacker, not matching up to some of the greats, but only trailing slightly behind.

On the other hand, that's all he does- he applies no status effects, he doesn't hit enough times to spread around to multiple targets well in PVP, and his actual subskill is rather useless. Grab this card because you want him to run in your main deck, and for nothing else.


Coyote gets a much-needed Stat boost and his Main Skill gets slightly modified to now have a 50% chance to deal Fire-imbued damage. While it may be unpredictable, Coyote can pump out some serious damage on the proper foes. He also gets a revised Sub Skill, but you have to be fairly low on HP for it to be usable. Sadly, it's better than before but not by much. Coyote's Awakening Skill grants him an additional Skill Boost based on the number of Red cards in the played hand, giving him a small boost if any Red cards come into play. Stat-wise, Coyote gets a huge boost to his HP & Attack, while his Defense falls a little short. With all his improvements, Coyote definitely became one of the strongest Red Slash cards available and very much worth Awakening if you have him.

Main Skill

※Skill level 1 to 5:
Slash of the Burning Cross: 2x Slash attack

※Skill level 6 and above:
Slash of the Burning Cross: 2x Slash attack (chance to deal increased damage)

DMG 0.8x 0.9x 1.00x 1.15x 1.3x 1.5x 1.7x
  • SL6+: 20% Chance of dealing 1.2x increased damage.
  • SL6+: 5% Chance of dealing 1.5x increased damage.

Overall, Coyote doesn't do much other than damage, but damn if he doesn't do it well. 1.7x is higher than the average 2x hit multiplier on other similar attackers, and with a solid chance to do 1.2x that, he can easily keep up with 3x hit cards. The chance to boost that even higher 5% of the time is just gravy. There's not much else to say- he hits hard and hits pretty well.


DMG 1.70x
  • 50% Chance to imbue attacks with Fire-element. (1.75x Elem Mod)
  • 20% Chance of dealing 1.2x increased damage.
  • 5% Chance of dealing 1.5x increased damage.

Coyote's Skill is primarily the same as before, but now has a 50% chance for his attacks to be Fire-imbued. Of course, the chances of getting increased damage still remain the same, so if the stars align, Coyote can bust out some ridiculous damage against the right foes. Getting a nice Stat Boost also helped considerably and with his 4 Orb Slots, can reach all the way to 1961 Attack! Needless to say, Coyote's definitely worth Awakening if you have him and remains a crazy strong Red Slash card.

Sub Skill

The low HP level of this means that this will only come up if you are probably a hit from death. To make use of this skill card, you'd need to survive getting to 25% or less, draw the card with this, and then draw into an appropriate situation to play it in. An unconditional skill boost would probably be far more useful.


Coyote gets a small improvement. Below 50% HP, it'll grant a 20% Skill Boost, but if your HP drops below 25%, then the Skill Boost increases to 30%.
However, the flaws from before still remain; you have to be pretty low on health to get the boosts and that's not exactly a place you want to be.

Awakening Skill

Grants an extra Skill Boost based on (# of Fire cards in played hand x 3%). Ideally, you can get anywhere from a 3-15% Skill Boost depending on the hand.

Recommended Subcards