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Club Bad Girls is a recurring Special Dungeon that pops up on the weekends, offering chances at Marrons and Faries that give EXP and Skill Ups!.
True to its name though, the dungeon consists of primarily Girl-type enemies, with a chance of a SS-rarity Girl card that may pop up as a boss on higher difficulty levels that can be captured.

Dungeon Info

CBG is split up into several different dungeon types, though the two typical ones that show up are:

  • Fairy and Girls: Skill-up Fairies will appear in the waves available for capture. Best to run if you need to level up your cards' Skills.
  • Gem and Girls: Gem Marrons will appear in the waves available for capture. Best to run if you need to level up your cards.

Typically, the higher difficulty dungeons will have better quality cards available on the last wave.
As noted earlier, there is also often a SS-rarity Girl card rotated into the standard mix that may show up a boss.

Unfortunately, the chances of capturing a SS/SS+ card are quite low, typically hovering around 0.1%.
However, a number of those cards can be Charmed, which will greatly increase their Cardify Rate, making it easier to catch them.

For the most part, running CBG on the Weekends can be quite beneficial to improving your Deck, especially if you need to get your Cards' Skill Levels up.

Other Info and FAQs

  • There's an Event Dungeon running....should I do CBG instead of it? Depends on the Event and if it has meaningful Fodder. For the most part, if you just need fodder for EXP, running the Event Dungeon is typically more worthwhile. If the fodder has Skill-Up material, it depends on whether or not you can make use of it. If the Event has Universal Skill-Up fodder (Gem Fairy equivalent), it's a much better use of your time to stick to the Event.
  • So these SS Girls...are they really that hard to catch? As mentioned earlier, the actual capture rate is typically VERY, very low, usually hovering around 0.20%. That doesn't mean they're impossible to catch, but it's going to require luck, teamwork, and time. It could take 10 minutes or a few hours. In terms of difficulty, CBG sits on the easier end, since the Girls typically don't do much damage and you can Flush hands to stall them out. But if your primary goal is to actually capture one, you'll definitely want a stacked Party. Check out the Card Capturing Page for ideas on how to put together a Capture Deck.
  • What's the most efficient difficulty to run? For Fairies, definitely 48 STP as it's very time and STP efficient. For Gem, 60 STP is the way to go.
  • Seasonal Variations: Depending on the month, CBG may be replaced with a seasonal variation offering special cards. The rewards are typically much better (such as Gem Fairy-type mats), but the Seasonal Cards are also more difficult to defeat and capture. They also may have an additional 90 STP difficulty for higher-level players. See below for a listing of said Dungeons.
  • Star Romance: The "Boys" Version of CBG, where all the Cards that appear are essentially "Boy" Cards. Currently, it rotates out with CBG every month. Check out Star Romance for more info.

Available Cards

The following are the cards that appear in most CBG dungeons:

Flame Ailecard.png  Aqua Ailecard.png  Forest Ailecard.png  Pyrcard.png  Nymphcard.png  Apsarascard.png  Red Pixiecard.png  Blue Pixiecard.png 
Green Pixiecard.png  Hildrcard.png  Musecard.png  Linscard.png  Flame Silkycard.png  Aqua Silkycard.png  Forest Silkycard.png 

SS Girls

The following are SS cards that have appeared in CBG in the past as capturable cards.

Garnetcard.png  Lapis Lazulicard.png  Peridotcard.png  Chelseacard.png  Alicecard.png  Emilycard.png  Pinokocard.png  Mermaidcard.png  Nadjacard.png 

Ifrinacard.png  Karincard.png  Athenacard.png  Melissacard.png  Clarecard.png  Vermouthcard.png  Charlottecard.png  Little Red Riding Hoodcard.png  Jeannecard.png 

Cat Sithcard.png  Saficard.png  Tsukuyomicard.png  Liarcard.png  Monicacard.png  Heracard.png  Isiscard.png  Kisshoutencard.png  Nikitacard.png 

Aphroditecard.png  Lamiacard.png  Marycard.png  Rougecard.png  Arielcard.png  Clovercard.png 

Seasonal & Holiday Variations

Typically around the time of major holidays, CBG will change into a seasonal variation with different cards available for capture.

Here's a list of some of these:

Halloween Town

Celebrate Halloween during October with Devil Fairies and Special Halloween cards that may appear as the boss of these stages!

Jack Nyanterncard.png  Urchin Boycard.png  Garlic Boycard.png  Flamme (Halloween)card.png  Merrow (Halloween)card.png  Pillon (Halloween)card.png  Brutocard.png  Mamicard.png  Wurucard.png 

Crownecard.png  Werewolfcard.png  Frankencard.png  Nana (Halloween)card.png  Leviathan (Halloween)card.png  Belphegor (Halloween)card.png  Little Red Riding Hood (Halloween)card.png  Gambler (Halloween)card.png  Okuni (Halloween)card.png 

Vermouth (Halloween)card.png  Wizard (Halloween)card.png  Noel (Halloween)card.png  Barachiel (Halloween)card.png 

Capture Tips

  • The various R and S cards can be Charmed and Captured.
  • SS/SS+ cards CAN be captured but are immune to Charm. They also have a very rare chance to drop from the Dungeon Chest when you clear the Dungeon.
    • Werewolf: Hits fairly hard; Status Clears and Buffs himself +3 ATK/AGI every 3 turns, while constantly Debuffing the Party's Stats.
    • Franken: Hits fairly hard; Can inflict Paralysis on the Party.
    • H. Nana: Can inflict Charm/Debuffs on the Party.
    • H. Levi: Cannot be Debuffed; She'll clear off any Debuffs she has, but doesn't buff beyond that.
    • H. Belphe: Can inflict Confusion on the Party and rarely Buff herself. Also applies random Shields (Out of Iron Wall, Status Immunity, Damage UP, and Counter) to the Party as well.
    • H. Vermo: Can hit fairly hard and inflict Charm/Debuffs on the Party.
    • H. Red Riding Hood: ???
    • H. Gambler: Attacks the Party 1-6x, can Confuse, self-applies Sustained Buff that grants +2 AGI (sometimes), can apply Sustained Debuff on Party that decreases AGI every turn.
    • H. Okuni: ???

Est. Capture Rates

  • Bruto, Mami, Wuru, Crowne, Werewolf, Franken: 0.10%
  • Nana, Levi, Belph, Vermouth, Wizard: 0.08%
  • Red Riding Hood, Gambler, Okuni: 0.06%
  • Auto-Cardify: 0.01%
  • 0.01% Chance for any of the Cards to drop from the Dungeon Chest when you defeat them.

X'mas Town

Celebrate Christmas during December with Santa Fairies and Special Christmas cards that may appear as the boss of these stages!

Reindeer Ridercard.png  Snow Devilcard.png  Ent (Christmas)card.png  Cracker Dollcard.png  Poddycard.png  Kumaffycard.png  Santacard.png  Priscillacard.png  Merrycard.png 

Little Match Girlcard.png  Devilunluncard.png  Mister Santacard.png  Jumelles (Christmas)card.png  Latio (Christmas)card.png  Dryad (Christmas)card.png  Sherry (Christmas)card.png  Torte (Christmas)card.png  Mahiru (Christmas)card.png 

Diana (Christmas)card.png  Medjed (Christmas)card.png  Otohime (Christmas)card.png  Hanako (Christmas)card.png  Murasaki Shikibu (Christmas)card.png 

Capture Tips

  • The various S cards can be Charmed.
  • The various SS cards can not be Charmed.
  • The various SS+ cards appear on 90 STP only.
    • Little Match Girl, Devilunlun, and Mister Santa can not be Charmed.
    • Everything else not explicitly mentioned above can be Charmed, but are very dangerous foes; they can easily wreck a Party with a combination of high-damaging and Gravity-type attacks. Beware!

Est. Capture Rates

For 90 STP Difficulty:

  • SS/SS+ Cards: 0.10%
  • 2015 SS+ Cards (Jumelles, Latio, Dryad): 0.08%
  • 2016/2017 SS+ Cards (Sherry, Torte, Mahiru, Diana, Medjed): 0.06%
  • 2018 SS+ Cards (Otohime): 0.05%

For Lower Difficulties, Capture Rate is variable based on Difficulty. (The lower the Difficulty, the lower the Capture Rate; Minimum is 0.06%.)
All Bosses (that can actually Charmed) have 60% Charm Resistance.

New Years Bad Girls

Celebrate the New Year with Gem Fairies and special Furisode Silkies!
Also earn Tickets from defeating some of the Bosses to redeem special New Years Marrones!

Agate Silkycard.png  Indigo Silkycard.png  Gazon Silkycard.png  Garnetcard.png  Lapis Lazulicard.png  Peridotcard.png 

Four (Kimono)card.png  Garnet (New Year)card.png  Persephone (New Years)card.png  Mikuru (New Year)card.png  Ran & Akane (New Year)card.png  Lady Rokujo (New Year)card.png 

New Years Marrones

  • When you defeat any of the above Cards, you'll earn a New Years Ticket. This can then be redeemed for a rolling a New Years Marrone.
  • These special New Years Marrones not only come with a Sub Skill, but can be fed for lots of EXP or sold for lots of Gold!
Card Sub Skill Description
Wood.pngSSS.png New Years Marrone On Skill Activation, grants 15% Skill Boost; 50% chance to grant (20/25/30)% Skill Boost instead
SS+/SSS Only: When your HP falls below 50%, grants 2% Damage Reduction (and +2% Increased Healing on SSS).

Capture Tips

  • The Gem Girls, Four, Miko Garnet, Persephone, Mikuru, and Ran & Akane can be Charmed.
  • The Furisode Silkies can NOT be Charmed.
  • Compared to other Seasonal Variations, the Cards are much easier to capture.
  • However, they're about as strong as the normal CBG Bosses, so they can be killed quite use caution and be careful!

Est. Capture Rates

  • Garnet, Lapis, Peridot, Furisode Silkies, Miko Garnet: 0.20%
  • Four, Persephone, Mikuru: 0.18%

All Bosses (that can actually be Charmed) have 60% Charm Resistance.

Valentine Bad Girls

Celebrate Valentine's during Feburary with Chocolate Marrons and special Valentine cards that may appear as the boss of these stages!

Hildr (Valentines)card.png  Muse (Valentines)card.png  Lins (Valentines)card.png  Chocolatcard.png  Valentinecard.png  Valenticard.png  Sachercard.png  Sakuracard.png 

Chocolattecard.png  Melty Fairycard.png 

Capture Tips

  • Hildr, Muse, and Lins can NOT be Charmed.
  • Chocolat, Valentine, Valenti, Sacher, and Sakura rarely appear on 90 STP; be wary of Charming them.
    • Chocolat can inflict Charm; Be wary, as she can Nuke the Party.
    • Valentine can destroy Shields and occasionally Charm the Party. If you Charm her, she'll buff herself +5 ATK/AGI. Shielding the Party may trigger her Nuke attack as well.
    • Valenti: ???
    • Sacher: ???
    • Sakura: Mostly attacks the Party with Debuffs and Charm. Sometimes breaks Shields. Has Flush Counter that deals high damage. Will often Buff +5 to all Stats if Charmed.
    • Chocolatte: Has lots of attacks that ignore Shields. Attacks the party with Gravity damage, Charm, and Debuffs. She'll Buff herself +5 to all Stats if Charmed. Otherwise, as long as you stay Healed up and keep her Debuffed, she's not bad to deal with.

Est. Capture Rates

  • Hildr, Muse, Lins: 0.40%
  • Chocolat: 0.10%
  • Valentine, Valenti, Sacher: 0.08%
  • Sakura: 0.06%

All Bosses that can be Charmed have 60% Charm Resistance.

Beach Girls

CBG with a summer flair and Ice Marrons! There's a chance that one of the Gem Girls may appear as the boss!

Garnetcard.png  Lapis Lazulicard.png  Peridotcard.png  Mermaidcard.png  Pearlcard.png  Berylcard.png  Jadecard.png  Rubycard.png  Opalcard.png  Seraphinitecard.png 

Diamondcard.png  Topazcard.png  Elsa (Bikini)card.png  Anna (Swimsuit)card.png  Scarlet (Tropical)card.png  Victoria (Swimming)card.png  Tsubame (Watermelon)card.png  Xiao (Entertainment)card.png  Hera (Lifebuoy)card.png  Dragon Sisters (Shaved Ice)card.png 

Capture Tips

  • Garnet, Lapis, Peridot, and Mermaid may appear from 48 STP onwards.
  • The various SS+ cards only appear on 90 STP.
  • Garnet, Lapis, Peridot, Pearl, Beryl, Jade and Mermaid don't have any complicated gimmicks; they shouldn't be difficult to deal with.
  • Ruby, Opal, Seraphinite, Diamond, Topaz, Elsa, Anna, Scarlet, Victoria, and Tsubame can be especially dangerous foes with their Gravity attacks; be wary.
    • Diamond: Has super high Defense, but low HP (~30 HP). Has Gravity attacks, can inflict Blindness, has Flush Counter nuke. Can be Charmed, but she clears it if at +5 DEF and deals Gravity damage.
    • Ruby: Has Gravity attacks, can inflict Charm, has Flush Counter nuke. Can be Charmed, but she clears it if at +5 ATK and deals Gravity damage.
    • Opal: Has Gravity attacks, can inflict Petrify, has Flush Counter nuke. Can be Charmed, but she clears it if at +5 DEF and deals Gravity damage.
    • Seraphinite: Has Gravity attacks, can inflict Sleep, has Flush Counter nuke. Can be Charmed, but she clears it if at +5 AGI and deals Gravity damage.
    • Topaz: Has Gravity attacks, Flush Counter nuke. Can be Charmed, but she clears it if at +5 ATK or DEF and deals Gravity damage.
    • Anna: Buffs her ATK/AGI and has Flush Counter. Can be Charmed, but she deals Gravity damage. If Charmed and at +5 AGI, clears Status and nukes the Party.
    • Elsa: Buffs her ATK/DEF and has Flush Counter. Can be Charmed, but she deals Gravity damage. If Charmed and at +5 ATK, clears Status and nukes the Party.
    • Scarlet: Has Gravity attacks, has Flush Counter nuke. Can be Charmed, but she clears it if at +5 ATK and
    • Victoria: Has Gravity attacks, has Flush Counter nuke. Can be Charmed, but she clears it if at +5 DEF and deals strong damage (Can be evaded).
      • If at +5 DEF, deals high-powered Shield-breaking attack (Guaranteed to hit). This continues until her DEF goes below 5.
    • Tsubame: Has Gravity attacks, has Flush Counter nuke. Can be Charmed, but she clears it if at +5 AGI and deals Gravity damage.
    • Xiao: If ATK or AGI +5, guaranteed & shield break nuke. If ATK or AGI +5 and charmed, clears & shield break nuke (can be Evaded). If Charmed & ATK & AGI < +5, deals Gravity 40% Max HP (can be Evaded). Has Flush Counter nuke.
    • Hera: Attacks ignore/break Shields. Will Counterattack the Party once Charmed. Continuous/Sustained Heal is needed. If at +5 DEF, will clear Charm.

Est. Capture Rates

  • Garnet, Lapis, Peridot, and Mermaid: 0.20%
  • Pearl, Beryl, Jade, Ruby, Opal, Seraphinite, Diamond, Topaz, Elsa, Anna, Xiao, Hera: 0.10%
  • Scarlet, Victoria, and Tsubame: 0.08%