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Lots of dungeons

Special Dungeons

Event # Name Boss Element Boss Weaknesses Dates
1 The Devil's Dance Party Fire Water, Slash, Confuse
2 Tenma's Ninja Trio All Multi, etc.
3 Dragon's Den All Multi, etc.
4 Zeus the Almighty Wood Fire, Stab, Hit 10/6/2014 - 10/20/2014
2/17/2014 - 3/3/2014
8/19/2013 - 9/8/2013
5 Priestess of the Sun and Moon Fire, Water Water, Slash, Taunt
Wood, Stab, Confuse
6 The Soul-Inviting Reaper Fire Water, Holy, Seal
7 Ultra-Evolved Beasts All Hit, Claw, etc.
8 Odin, God of Magic Water Fire, Stab, Hit
9 Palace of the Genies All Multi, etc.
10 Sacred Mirror of Amaterasu Fire Water, Slash, Confusion
Poison, Blind
11 Steam Machine Corps Water Wood, Paralyze, Confuse, Blind
12 King Pharaoh's Curse Fire Water, Blind, Seal, Taunt
13 Pirates of Immortality Water Wood, Holy, Bite
14 Breakneck Kungfu Guru Wood Fire, Stab, Claw
15 Thousand-Hand Vajra Barrier Wood Fire
16 Temple of the Water Dragon Water Wood, Hit, Poison 08/25/2014 - 09/08/2014
17 Rise of the Old Ones Water Wood, Stab, Seal 9/08/2014 - 9/22/2014
18 Witch of the Haunted Forest Fire Water, Taunt, Confuse 10/20/2014 - 11/23/2014
19 The Monstrosity That Dwells In The Darkness Wood Fire, Claw, Blind
20 Diva of the Elven Forest Wood Fire, Claw, Seal
21 Jack in the Box Fire Water, Hit, Confuse
22 Alchemist of Creation Water, Fire Wood, Water

Collab Dungeons

Event # Name Boss Element Boss Weaknesses Dates
1 Diffusibility Million Nyanko
(Million Arthur x Nyanko Wars x Dragon Poker)
All Multi, etc.
2 Poker Wars
(Nyanko Wars x Dragon Poker)
All Multi, etc.
3 Tatsunoko Collab Wave 1 - Superhero Compilation Fire Multi, etc.
4 Tatsunoko Collab Wave 2 - Time Bokan Compilation Wood Multi, etc.

Raid Dungeons

Event # Name Boss Element Boss Weaknesses Dates
1 Dazzle of Dragon Invasion All Multi, etc.

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