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Valentine SS Giveaway Evaluation (Until 2/28)

Stone.png SS Rare Card Event Selection Stone.png
(All Users - Runs until February 28, 23:59 JST)
Check the in-game promotions and select a SS Card of your choice!
Or choose from other rare items such as an SS Ticket or a batch of Goddess Fairies!
Fire.png Water.png Wood.png
Verdandicard.png Meilingcard.png Marycard.png Urdcard.png Artemiscard.png Coltcard.png Skuldcard.png Ame no Uzumecard.png Namahagecard.png

What SS Card Should I Choose?
This particular selection has some pretty decent cards in it, including 3 Cards that have received Awakenings.
Be sure to check out each Card's Page for more information. That said, it's up to you what you ultimately need, but here's some advice:

  • Elemental Attackers
    • Verdandi, Urd, Skuld: These 3 are pretty similar enough to warrant talking about in one group. Essentially, they have a 1-5x Elemental attack that increases their respective Stat and a 50% chance to reverse your Debuffs if your Stat Total is Negative. They also have pretty similar Subs, giving you a 20% Skill Boost if your Buff Total is at least +3. As such, they're pretty decent Elemental attackers. Pretty good all around for most foes.
  • Phys. Attackers
    • Meiling: A very useful Red Stab card. She has a 3x Stab attack that can break Shields and greatly decreases a foe's AGI if she does break a Shield. Despite her 28 Cost, she's actually still pretty good to utilize against many foes and one of the better picks in this Selection. Her Sub's a decent one for Support Cards; it's not flashy, but good enough. Fortunately, she just very recently got an Awakening, making her even stronger than before!
    • Mary: A 3x Hit attacker that can inflict Petrification. Not necessarily a bad card, but Petrify is a pretty iffy Status as it has both serious Cons (most Bosses aren't weak to it; disadvantageous to use in Colo, etc.). She also got an Awakening last year which gives her a nice boost to her Stats and Skills. Her Sub isn't really all that great though. It's worth noting she also appears in CBG from time to time...
    • Artemis: A neat Blue Stab card; she's got a 3x Stab attack with a chance to transfer your Negative Debuffs to foes (albeit at low chances). She's actually a pretty solid card all things considered. Her Sub's pretty good too if you manage to keep your HP high.
    • Colt: A Blue Hit card that can inflict Confusion. On top of that, her attacks grow stronger with more Blue cards in the played hand, so she can get fairly strong. Her Sub fluctuates wildly though depending on how many Blue cards you have in the played hand. Pretty decent though, especially for Duel Match.
    • Namahage: A Green Slash card that grows stronger the more Green cards are in the played hand. Pretty similar to Colt really. Her 3x Slash attack can be pretty strong given the right conditions. Like Colt, her Sub fluctuates wildly depending on how many Girl cards you have in the played hand. However, stronger and better Green Slash cards do exist...
  • Support
    • Ame no Uzume: A quite useful Debuff Card! Ame can decrease a foe's ATK/DEF and break their Shields. Not too many Debuff Cards can break Shields, making Ame still useful after a long time. She's also a decent Sub for Buff/Debuff cards. Like Mary, Ame also got an Awakening as well, but it didn't change much, making not imperative to Awaken her.
  • New Players: Assuming you really don't have any of the above...Ame no Uzume and Meiling are excellent choices to pick. Ame is very useful against a number of Bosses that are packing Shields, as is Meiling (though Meiling herself almost never appears in the Gacha anymore...something to consider). Meiling also has a pretty decent catch-all Sub. Either way you can't really go wrong with either of them. The other cards in the Selection aren't bad choices either, so pick whichever one will be most useful to you.
  • Other Options: Your other options are as follows:
    • SS Gacha Ticket: Not totally recommended unless you have most or all of the Cards available. Grabbing the SS Ticket is essentially gambling though as you could get something potentially better or worse (since you're pulling from the rather big pool of everything available in the Rare Gacha).
    • Material Set (Forehead Jewel & Goddess Fairies): Highly NOT recommended. The Forehead Jewel is a nice EXP fodder, but you can easily get the Goddess Fairies elsewhere.
    • Awakening Material Sets (Fire/Water/Wood): Not recommended unless you're in dire need of Awakening Materials. Running the Challenge Dungeons can be a pain, but you're better off with something else.