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This article will cover the basics of Card Capturing.

When going through Dungeons and the like, you can utilize Cardify Skills to Capture enemies and "Cardify" them into Cards.

While this seems pretty simple enough on paper, there's a lot of variables that go into what the chances of capturing a target and the like.

But the main focus of this page is primarily centered towards building a dedicated Capture Deck for going after Evolution Rings and even SS Cards that appear in Club Bad Girls and the like.

The Basics

  • When in an applicable Dungeon, you can use Cardify SP Skills to Capture enemies and "Cardify" them into Cards.
  • There's a set chance (randomized) that the target will or will not be Cardified.
    • There's also a chance that the enemy will "Auto-Cardify"; this means the enemy has a chance to be Captured regardless if you use a Cardify Skill or not! (Basically 100% Capture Rate.)
  • Inflicting Charm will increase the odds of capture by up to 4x or more!
    • However, not all foes are vulnerable to Charm. Some will have high Resistance or are straight-up immune!
  • For the majority of Event Dungeons, Cardify Skills are disabled as you won't be able to Capture any of the cards that appear in those Dungeons and any Fodder will Auto-Cardify when defeated.
  • For Ring Dungeons, the Capture Rate for Rings is increased by 30%! This makes easier to catch Rings in these Dungeons specifically, but you're not guaranteed to capture them.


For running CBG and attempting to capture SS Cards, some extra effort is required in order to capture them successfully.
These tips should help quite a bit if you plan to run these Dungeons.

  • As before, Charm is indispensable. If you can actually Charm a target, make it a high priority so that they're easier to capture.
  • Running the Dungeon when SP Boost is active is highly recommended, especially for longer sessions!
  • Subbing Carbuncle on your A Card is a very good idea. Since it can often take many, many turns to even capture an SS Card, Carbuncle will help you regain more SP with Hands made.
  • In addition, Subbing Cards such as Mammon and Asmodeus work well too since you can Debuff the Party's ATK, making it less likely to kill the target. (This is more applicable for CBG however; Seasonal Dungeons you can skip Subbing them mostly)
  • Keep in the mind the Hands you're making; it's often worth going for lower/weaker Hands so that you don't accidentally kill the target. (One Pair, Two Pair, etc.)
  • Making Flush Hands is also an excellent idea since it's a "weak" hand, but you regain a decent amount of SP.
    • However, for higher-level Seasonal CBG Dungeons, many of the SS Card Bosses will have Flush Counters! Avoid making Flushes against these foes!
  • For going after SS Cards in Club Bad Girls, you'll need to be careful as the Bosses are quite weak and can be easily defeated.
  • For going after SS Cards in Seasonal CBG Dungeons, you'll need to take extra precautions as the Bosses are much stronger and can often deal immense Gravity damage with their attacks.
  • For Enhance Cards, Power-Up Enhancers are highly recommended. These can greatly increase the Cardify Rate on most cards, increasing the Cardify Rate to 36x or higher!!!
    • However, do note that Power-Up Enhancers are ineffective on Charm Cards that have it as a Secondary effect such as Seraph, Sacher, and Valentine. Since their Charm is a Secondary effect, it cannot be Enhanced.


Straight Strategy

  • For high-level Seasonal CBG Dungeons (90 STP), you can get away with making Straight+ hands, since the Bosses are pretty sturdy. Unless someone plays an Attack Card, it's unlikely that the target will be killed.
  • In addition, make sure to take note of the Party's State; Heal when necessary and attempt to Debuff the enemy if you need to do so.
  • Evasion Shields can be quite useful, though some Bosses will have attacks that can bypass the Shields.

Green Flush

  • The original Flush Strategy! Utilize Green Cards that keep the Party alive as well as packing handy Support Cards.
  • Don't put any Green Attack Cards in!!!
  • For CBG Bosses, you can put in weaker N-Rarity cards that don't have any Attack or Sub Skills. This will keep the damage inflicted to a minimum.

Halloween Town

  • Halloween Town is pretty infamous since all of the SS Cards present are completely immune to Charm! (The lesser R & S Halloween Cards are vulnerable to Charm though!)
  • As such, trying to capture them is a long act of attrition...(they don't have boosted Capture Rates to compensate).
  • That said, the general Strategy for this is to just survive and keep the target's HP up if at all possible, while tossing out Cardify 1 every so often.
  • The only minor saving grace is that if you do defeat one of the Halloween SS Cards, you have a very rare chance for it to drop from the Dungeon Chest. That said, don't rely to on this to happen at all.

Recommended Cards

The following Cards are recommended to create a Capture Deck with. It's quite likely you won't have access to everything listed, so you can sub out other Cards where appropriate.

Charm Cards

  • Kumaffy (Awakened): The absolute cornerstone of many Flush & Charm decks! Kumaffy Heals the enemy and attempts to inflict Charm on them. Even if the Charm is inefffective, the Enemy Heal is essential for keeping weaker foes alive. Sadly, Kumaffy is a rare X-Mas exclusive card. (Also very useful in that the Enemy Heal CAN be Enhanced!)
  • Valenti: AoE AGI Debuff with good chance to Charm. If the target has -5 AGI, then Valenti Heals them! However, the Heal can't really be increased much since it's a Secondary effect. Also Valentines-exclusive, so that restricts getting her a bit.
  • Lino & Nana: Single-target Debuff that reduces ATK and attempts to inflict Charm. That said, the Charm effect has a high chance to activate and can last up to 3 Turns. Can be obtained through the Rare Medal Shop.
  • Otohime (Christmas): AoE ATK Debuff with good chance to Charm and can Heal Enemy HP. Very useful, but X-Mas exclusive as well.
  • Erika (Resort): AoE ATK/AGI Debuff with good chance to Charm. Can be obtained from the Rare Gacha.
  • Everlasting Summer Magical Girls: Literally Erika (Resort) but better! AoE ATK/AGI Debuff with chance to Charm and Heals Enemy HP! Can be obtained from the Rare Gacha.
  • Devilunlun: Simply attempts to Charm all enemies and reduce their AGI. Decent, but also X-Mas exclusive.
  • Devil Phantom (Vacation): Chance to Charm all targets and apply a Sustained Debuff effect that decreases the target's ATK/AGI every turn for 3 turns. Can be useful for prolonged fights against tough foes. Can be obtained from the Rare Gacha.
  • Hipopo (Bare): Chance to decrease all targets' ATK and inflict Charm. Shockingly decent despite being an Event Card.

Charm Attackers

ONLY use these Cards if Awakened and at Lv1 only! Otherwise, you run a high risk of killing the foe you want to Capture!!!
These are best used against Seasonal CBG Bosses as they have significantly more HP. (Normal CBG/Star Romance Bosses will crumble.)
Equip them with the highest possible Skill Boost Subs and link them with Power-Up Enhancers for maximum effect.

Enhance Cards

Power-Up Enhance Cards are the flavor of the day for Capture Runs. Their high multipliers greatly increase the Charm effect's Cardify Rate (typically 4x) to something much higher, making it significantly easier to Capture Cards!
Multiply will increase the chances of the Charm effect activating, but will also reduce the extra Cardify Rate from the Charm effect. (As such, Multiply/AoE is not preferred.)
Do note that the listed cards below are currently the strongest Power-Up Enhancers. Weaker ones like Mercurius or Ifrina can still be used if you're missing the below.

Support Cards

These are just other random Support Cards you may want to include in your Deck.

  • Okuni: Sustained Buffer that buffs your AGI. At +5 AGI, you get a 1-tick Evasion Shield. Pretty handy as it allows you to evade numerous attacks!
  • Scaling Healers: Any number of Healers could do this, but against the tougher Bosses with Gravity attacks, you want strong Heals to keep you alive.