Breakneck Kungfu Guru

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Breakneck Kungfu Gurubanner.png
Name The Breakneck Kungfu Guru
Type Points Exchange
History 07/14/2014 - 7/28/2014
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Event Cards
Gaohcard.png Linglingcard.png Li Feicard.png
Feeder Materials

Dungeon Summary

The first two waves consist of various Martial Arts enemies such as Ham Han, Lao Hu, Lee Long, and Meiling, along with the other Event Cards.

The boss is Chen Xiong, who is weak to Fire, Claw, and Stab.


Chen will use a variety of attacks that can cause Status Ailments (Poison and Blind for instance), as well as increasing his Agility every turn. He'll also put up a Counterattack Shield which will dish out some damage back onto you.

On higher difficulties, he'll create clones of himself.

Thus, any cards that can neutralize his Agility buffs and Shield are highly effective (like Meiling).

Event Cards

Chen Xiong can be obtained for 50,000 P.

Gaoh, Lingling, and Li Fei can be obtained for 20,000 P each.
They can also be Cardified rarely in the dungeon.


Fodder are Chinese Steamed Buns; they give 2x EXP to all associated Event Cards.

Weapon Subcards

The gimmick for Chen Xiong's Main Skill is that he can equip special Weapon Subcards that not only change his attack type, but also adds a status ailment to boot.
These special Weapon Subcards can be obtained from the Medal Shop for 1 Black Medal each.

  • Blue Dragon Sword: Changes damage to Slash-type and may inflict Poison
  • Sai: Changes damage to Stab-type and may inflict Confuse
  • Iron Nail Fist: Changes damage to Claw-type and may inflict Paralyze
  • Chain Tiger Fangs: Changes damage to Bite-type and may inflict Taunt
  • Nunchaku: Changes damage to Hit-type and may inflict Seal

Treasure Rewards

24*: Skill +20% on attack skills (if attacking shielded target, increase all stats +1)
28*: When attached to A, damage received -10%, and resist status effect by 10%
32*: Skill +10% on attack skills (+5% more for each AGI)

24*: 焔龍穿 - 親分の攻撃スキル発動時、スキル威力20%UP(対象が防御スキルの時、自分の能力を1段階上昇する)
28*:ラー定 - 親分がAの時、被ダメージ10%軽減、状態異常を受ける確率10%軽減
32*:疾風迅雷 - 親分が攻撃スキルの時、スキル威力10%UP&素早さ上昇(素早さ上昇毎にスキル威力5%UP)