Awakening System

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About Awakening

Added in the 2.1.4 update, Awakening Evolution allows certain cards to be upgraded even further, increasing their base stats and adding special Awakening Skills.

In order to use Awakening Evolution, the following are required:

  • The card must be capable of Awakening Evolution.
  • The card must be at Max Level and Max Skill Level.
  • You must have the evolution materials, which include a DRA Ring, and two new materials, "Awakening Crystal" and "The Book of Awakening"

Of course, there are a few quirks with how Awakening works.

  • After achieving Awakening Evolution, the card will return to Level 1, but retain its previous Skill Level. The card's maximum stats also increase from before.
  • The newly upgraded card will obtain an Awakening Skill. This skill is only active if the card is used as a Main Card.
  • Some cards will have their Main Skill and/or Sub Skill changed as well as their Cost increased.
  • Card rarity is unchanged (e.g. If a card was GOD before, it remains GOD-rarity after Awakening.)
  • DRA cards upgraded through Awakening Evolution have their Max Level increased to 120 and their Max Skill Level increased to 7.

Awakening Evolution Materials

As noted above, there are two new materials needed for Awakening Evolution. These are "Awakening Crystal" and "The Book of Awakening".

Currently, the only way to obtain these materials is to run the special Challenge Dungeon, where they have a chance to drop (higher difficulties offer a better chance for a drop).

The "Book of Awakening" appears to be obtainable from any Challenge Dungeon and are used in all awakening evolutions, while the Awakening Crystals are are specific to each wave of released awakenings and are paired in sets of Challenge Dungeon/newly Awoken cards

Awakened Card List

This is a listing of all cards that are currently able to undergo Awakening, as well as their corresponding dungeons where you can obtain the specific Awakening Crystal

Date Cards Dungeon
6/15/15 Garnet, Lapis Lazuli, Peridot, Zeus Zeus Awakening
7/3/15 Laguna, Azzurro, Gigas, Volks, Delice, Gulldos
Volks (Ravenous), Delice (Ravenous), Gulldos (Ravenous)
The Three Dragons' Counterattack


Below you can see how Lapis Lazuli has changed after awakening
Stats/Cost has been increased
Main skill (スキル) - AoE status removal, heals self for 38% of max HP and teammates for 20% of max HP (On Straight+, heals teammates for 30% HP instead)
Sub skill (子分スキル) - On straight+, heal skill efficacy +15% (If target's HP is greater than 85%, also remove status effects)
Awoken Skill (覚醒スキル) - This card will never be paralyzed