Amaterasu Awakening

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Amaterasu Awakeningbanner.png
Name Amaterasu Awakening
Type Challenge Dungeon
History 8/31/2015 - 9/14/2015
11/16/2015 - 11/30/2015
4/4/2016 - 4/18/2016
Event Cards
Feeder Materials
Awakening CrystalR1card.pngAwakening CrystalB1card.pngAwakening CrystalG1card.png

Dungeon Summary

This is a challenge dungeon, which has the following restrictions:

  • Each entry costs 1/6th of your max Stamina
  • SP Boost is not allowed.
  • There is only one round instead of the normal three so be prepared to face off against the boss immediately!
  • Because there is only one round, when hosting this dungeon, the game will wait 30 seconds before starting in order to allow players to join.

Entry Requirements

Unlike some other dungeons, this Challenge Dungeon requires a minimum Deck Power to enter.

Difficulty Minimum DP Required
鬼級 (24★)
竜級 (28★)
神級 (32★)
Dragon King
竜王級 (38★)

Boss Data

Name: Fire.png Amaterasu
Type: Girl, God
Weaknesses: Water.png (1.5x) Slash.png (2.0x) Blind (1.0x) Poison (1.0x) Confusion (1.0x)
HP: ~900,000 (Dragon King)
Resistances ATK/DEF Debuff Resistance: 25%
Gravity Resistance: 50%
Blind/Poison/Confusion Resistance: ??%
Immune to all other Status Effects


Fire.png Amaterasu is weak to Water.png, Slash.png Blind, Poison, and Confuse.

  • Amaterasu will open with a Preemptive Attack and attempt to inflict Seal on the Party.
  • She'll also Buff all her Stats every turn; if she reaches +5 in all Stats, Amaterasu will unleash a deadly Release attack that will do massive damage and heavily Debuff your Party. Make sure to keep her Debuffed so she can't destroy your Party.
    • However, if you attempt to Debuff her too much (say -5 in all Stats), Amaterasu will wipe her negative Buffs.
  • Much like regular Amaterasu, Shields are an ever-important factor. Any cards that can bypass or remove them such as Izanagi, Izanami, Susanoo, Tsukuyomi, and Ame no Uzume will be highly effective.
    • Anti-Shield cards like Fam Taos or Siegfried are also quite effective and will help you deal more damage with Damage UP.
  • Amaterasu has several attacks that can inflict Seal. Make sure you can cure it or your Enhance cards will be useless!
  • Shields can be effective in reducing damage from Amaterasu's attacks, but she has the ability to wipe the Party's Shields; just keep in mind they may not last more than a turn or two.
  • Flush Counter: Should you manage to make a Flush hand, Amaterasu will counter with a nasty attack that can do great damage and Debuff you.
  • Status Counter: While Amaterasu is weak to several Status Effects, this can also trigger a Status Counter attack, followed up by her typically curing herself and applying a Status Immunity Shield; this can be used to try and avoid some of her more deadly attacks. (It can also be advantageous in getting in some solid attacks!)
    • Blind is the best Status to inflict if you can do so, since it will cause her attack to miss. Poison and Confusion can still cause her Status Counter attack to hit unfortunately.
    • The Status Counter is guaranteed to hit, making Evasion Shields useless to avoid this attack. (Oddly enough, this applies even when she's Blinded; the attack will Miss but consume the Shield.)
  • Straight Counter: When Amaterasu gets below 50% HP and the Turn # is Odd, she'll start using a Straight Counter attack that will inflict heavy damage, destroy Shields, Debuff -2 to all stats, and inflict Paralysis if you make a Straight Hand. She'll also apply a Damage Reduction + Strong Counter Shield.
    • Unfortunately, the Straight Counter has a higher priority than the Status Counter, so Status Effects can't save you from this attack. (However, this does leave her vulnerable to Status Effects; particularly Poison which can deal pretty good damage.)

Super Dragon Emperor

  • This fight is a MUCH harder one than previous difficulties. In addition, no Points or other Rewards will drop except for Orbs.
  • Amaterasu's Preemptive Attack will attack the Party for high damage, inflict Seal, and break your Shields.
    • On top of that, she'll fully Buff himself as well as applying a Status Immunity + Damage Reduciton Shield (Unbreakable/Unbypassable).
    • She'll also apply continuous Sustained Buff effect, that Buffs her every turn!
  • Ammy has all sorts of nasty gimmicks for this fight, so tread carefully...
    • If her Stat Total reaches +15, Ammy will unleash a powerful Release attack on the Party. If it goes off, it's certain death as it breaks Shields/can't miss and deals super high damage (~100k). You'll need to wipe her Buffs to prevent this attack! (Debuffs aren't enough.)
    • At the end of every Turn, Amaterasu will Charge up. This Charge isn't for an attack, rather for every Charge Lv. she has, her Shields gain more Damage Reduction.
      • After 9 turns, the Charge Lv. will reach MAX and Ammy will become nearly impossible to defeat due to her immense Damage Reduction. As such, this is basically putting you on a time limit.
    • Inflicting Damage UP will cause Ammy to counter with a nasty attack that deals high damage and inflicts Paralysis and Damage UP!
  • Status Reflect or Immunity will greatly help to counter her Status Effects (Blindness mostly). Even better if you have cards that apply these Shields + Damage Reduction!


This dungeon can drop materials used in Awakening System and Orb System. Also, high rank Marrons and Fairys may drop.
Additionally, special Limited Orbs may drop that are specific to this Challenge Dungeon.

Orb Name Rarity Slot Effect
Disaster-Preventing Mirror Lv1
★★ 2 Chance to grant 10% Status Avoidance when played in a hand (Limited to God Cards only)
Disaster-Preventing Mirror Lv1
★★★ 2 Chance to grant 15% Status Avoidance when played in a hand (Limited to God Cards only)
Sunlight Ring Lv1
★★ 2 ATK +100, When a God card other than your own is played in the hand, grants 3% Skill Boost (Limited to God Cards only)
Sunlight Ring Lv2
★★★ 2 ATK +100, When a God card other than your own is played in the hand, grants 5% Skill Boost (Limited to God Cards only)
Flame Arrow Lv1
★★ 2 ATK +100, grants 5% Accuracy when attacking enemies. (Limited to Red Cards only)
Flame Arrow Lv2
★★★ 2 ATK +100, grants 8% Accuracy when attacking enemies. (Limited to Red Cards only)
Sacred Mirror
★★★★★ 3 ATK +200, When a God card other than your own is played in the hand, grants 10% Skill Boost. (Limited to God Cards only)