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Dragon Poker is slightly more resilient to accidental data loss than its bretheren due to the game tying itself to your device ID. Accidents... will happen from time to time, though.

Passkey Recovery

Your passkey is the main path towards recovering your account (it can also be used to switch an account between devices, to boot). To generate a passkey, visit the following menu:


And click on the red button. Write it down somewhere or press the green button to mail it to yourself. Pressing the button again will generate a new passkey, so be careful!

You can use the passkey to restore/transfer your account by pressing on the text on the corner of the title screen.

2.4.0 Change: Custom Password

In v2.4.0 this has changed a bit, as now you are required to enter a Custom Password in order to obtain a Passkey.
(i.e. You can no longer Transfer Data using just a Passkey anymore; you need both your Custom Password and the Passkey.)

The first time you're prompted when you attempt to generate a new Passkey, you are required to enter a Password that consists of 6-14 characters (certain special characters may not work, so it doesn't need to be overly complex). You'll need to enter your Password twice to confirm it's the same, then afterwards you'll be given a generated Passkey confirming your Custom Password as well. You'll also be given an option to save the info using the Green Button (it opens up your Mail Client with the generated info or just take a Screenshot).

After that, every time you need to Transfer Data, you'll need to enter your Custom Password and Passkey, so don't lose them!

(Something important to know is that once you've generated a Passkey, you can continue to use it over and over again as long as you know the Passkey and your Custom Password. Though the game does recommend changing it whenever you transfer from devices.)

After 5/22/2017, any Passkeys generated prior to v2.4.0 will not work in Recovering or Transferring your Data.

Be sure to check out this guide for more details: [Account Recovery Guide]

Account Restoration

If you're very unlucky (or stupid), you may find yourself both without an Account and with no Passkey. If this is the case, you have no choice but to contact support. They will ask you to play through the tutorial on whatever account your current device possesses, then ask for the following information in a follow-up email:

  1. The nickname of your original account
  2. The user ID of your original account (publically accessible from your profile card)
  3. Your two most recent stone purchases
  4. The date you first started playing Dragon Poker
  5. The first SS Card you obtained
  6. What cards are Subbed to your Ace (on your Main Deck mostly; list up to 3 other Decks if possible)
  7. What Voice Pack are you using (if any)
  8. Your Shout settings (You have 12 Shout Settings that you usually use when you got CHARMED). Mention as many as you can. Probably at least 3 of them. Be descriptive as possible.
  9. What Card you chose when you started the game (One of the 6 S Cards you were given a choice of at the Start)
  10. The nickname of the account on your current device
  11. The user ID of the account on your current device
  • In the case of the last two questions, if your account is lost, then your old account info will be transferred to the new one you created. (Assuming the previous info you gave is accurate.)

Asobism is generally quick to respond to support inquiries and will not hassle you much about proof of identity, even if you have not spent money on IAP (unlike a certain other company).

Additionally, it is possible to answer all of these questions in English...though be aware that Asobism will likely only answer back in Japanese, so be sure to have something like Google Translate handy. Try to use Japanese when possible for better assistance.