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The 2.5m download event takes place between 7/18 and 9/1. In this period, players can get a maximum of 25 stones via login stamps, and 1 goddess skill fairy every 5 stamps, up to a maximum of 5 fairies.

New users can obtain a free SS card, the choices again being Hellhound, Garnet, Coyote, Walrus, Lancelot, Pinoko, Monkey King, Gorilla and Dryad.

Players who use the new GPS play system can also receive stones. The event is divided between three periods (7/18-8/1, 8/1-8/16, 8/16-9/1); users get 1 stone per day per GPS use, up to a maximum of 5 stones per period, and 15 stones over the entire event. Template:Wl-publish: 2014-07-18 13:56:09 +0000