7th Anniversary Event

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It's time to celebrate Dragon Poker's 7th Anniversary!

Lots of Events and Campaigns going on!

7th Anniversary SS Selection

  • You can choose a single SS Card of your choice. That said, choose carefully!!!
  • Unlike other years, you get a HUGE selection of Cards to choose from. (Far too many to list here.)
  • There are some exceptions to what you can pick however. The following Cards will not appear:
    • 35 Cost or higher
    • GDR Cards
    • DRA Cards
    • Special Sub Cards (from Special Events)
    • Limited Cards (Seasonal, etc.)

Tips on What to Pick

Given this year's HUGE selection of Cards to choose from, you'll want to decide what you need very carefully. So here's some advice.

  • Focus primarily on Support Cards
    • Attack Cards are very common in the Gacha, and more often than not tend to get outclassed later on.
    • Good Support Cards will frequently be in use throughout many Dungeons. (It's a bit harder for them to get outclassed if you pick the right ones.)
  • Some Prime Choices:
    • Hades: A VERY Powerful Red Buff Card that increases ATK/AGI, clears Status Effects, and applies Status Reflect Shields. There's a lot to like here!
    • Spica: A strong Blue Buff Card that can flash Buff ATK/AGI and also Heal. Sees frequent use. (She may be due an Awakening soon as other Zodiac cards are getting theirs.)
    • Ceres: An Excellent Healer/Buffer that can Heal and Buff the Party accordingly. Sees very frequent use.
    • Mikuru: A very strong Blue Heal Card that can Heal and Buff the Party's Stats. Similar to Ceres, but with Scaling Healing and weaker Buffs.
    • Queen Lady: A powerful Blue Heal Card that can Reverse the Party's Negative Stats. A critical Card to have for tackling highly difficult Dungeons!
    • Hibiscus: A Red Heal Card that can apply a Sustained Heal effect that applies Status Reflect Shields. Very useful.
    • Pio: A strong Red Heal Card that can greatly Heal and clear Status Effects (before the Heal). Also chance to apply Sustained Heal. Quite useful.
    • Diana: A useful Blue Heal Card that has Scaling Heals and can clear Status Effects. (Along with a goofy gimmick of transferring Status Effects.) Great Sub as well for Girl Attackers that can potentially clear Status Effects!
    • Okuni: A Sustain Card that can help apply Evasion Shields. Useful for a number of Dungeons to completely nullify Attacks/Debuffs/Status Effects. Her Sub is also quite useful as it allows other Cards to help apply Evasion Shields.
    • Star: A Sustain Card that can apply a Sustained Heal effect that applies Status Effect Shields. Very useful. (Similar to Hibiscus in usefulness.)

Enhance Cards

Most Enhance Cards are pretty good candidates for a pick as well. Below are the most recommended choices.

  • Four: Strong Power-Up Enhancer. Power varies wildly but very strong. Has an Awakening now, which makes her considerably stronger (and comparable to recent 35 Cost Power-Up Enhancers)
  • Wizard: A hybrid Power-Up/Multiply Enhancer. Toggles between Power UP or Multiply depending on the Cardinal of the Card linked.
  • Reika: A hybrid Power-Up/Multiply Enhancer. A bit random on what exactly you may get out of her, but she's very strong.


While not totally recommended, there are some pretty good Attack Cards that can be found.

  • Rico: A powerful Fire Skill attacker that can potentially deal immense damage...if you can get her attacks to hit. (Pops up semi-frequently in the Gacha though...)
  • Ran: A powerful Universal Elemental attacker that can break Shields and wipe enemy Buffs! (Have to Awaken her first.) A very useful card!
  • Xiao: Xiao bears mentioning if only for her Sub Skill which allows Hit Skill Cards to not miss with their attacks! That said, she does tend to pop up in the Gacha whenever Hit-weak Events are coming.
  • Yukibana: Basically mentioned for the same reason as Xiao; her Sub can allow Claw cards to not miss if attacking enemies with Shields. Pretty decent attacker as well that can self-apply an Evasion Shield.


  • Kidomaru: Can apply powerful Strong Counter + Damage Reduction Shields to the Party. Can be quite helpful against powerful foes who can't break Shields since the Counter Strength can be powered up via Enhance Cards. That said, his use cases are pretty niche these days.
  • Kaguya: Only worth mentioning because of her Sub. Apart from the typical Damage Reduction, she grants a 30% Skill Boost when Subbed with 2 other Green Cards. Cards like Senjuu, Chen Xiong, or even dupes of herself work quite well for this. (3 of them work VERY well for many cards...but it's quite an investment.) Make this a low priority pick if anything.
  • Devil Phantom (Vacation): Evolves from Kaito Phantom (Aloha), so you'd need to pick him. A viable alternative to Kumaffy in that he can attempt to Charm all foes as well as inflict a Sustained Debuff effect. As such, he's great for trying to Capture cards. Pretty nice Sub for Green attackers too.

7th Anniversary Special Dungeons

Current Event Dungeon
Dorapo Studio Tour 2020 (May 11 - May 25)
Dorapo Studio Tour 2020banner.png

Current Event Dungeon
Dorapo Gig 2020 (May 11 - May 25)
Dorapo Gig 2020banner.png

7th Anniversary Comeback Campaign (Until 6/8)

  • For all Players, you can get lots of goodies including:
    • 40 Dragon Stones
    • SS Gacha Ticket (U28) x3
    • 2x SS Ring of each Element
    • GOD Gem Marrone Set
    • Goddess Fairy Set
    • Boost Ticket Set x5
    • 1 Dragon Stone every day

Super Comeback Campaign (5/11 - 6/8)

If you haven't played Dragon Poker since 4/23/2017, you can receive up to a maximum of 1303 Dragon Stones (one for each day you didn't log in).

  • New Players during this period can also receive 1303 Dragon Stones!
  • And if you don't qualify, you still get an SS Gacha Ticket as a reward, so don't fret!

Club Bad Girls & Star Romance for the Month!

  • CBG and Star Romance will be available every day until 6/8! The Dungeons will swap off every week; check the in-game information for more details.
  • TWO Cards have a chance to appear for each Session. Check the below chart to see who will appear where and when.
Fairy&Girls/Boys Gem&Girls/Boys
Star Romance
From 5/11 to 5/15
Sinbad, Ares Eliel, Belial
Club Bad Girls
From 5/15 to 5/22
Karin, Mary Aphrodite, Monica
Star Romance
From 5/22 to 5/29
Anubis, Horus Ranmaru, Apollo
Club Bad Girls
From 5/29 to 6/5
Little Red Riding Hood, Diamond Emily, Liar
Star Romance
From 6/5 to 6/8
Tengu, Shuten-doji Gawain, Tristan

Orb Boost and SP Boosts

  • Every day in May, there will be Orb Boosts which increase the Drop Rate on Orbs from the Challenge Dungeon by 1.5x!
  • Additionally, there will be extended 12-hour SP Boosts during the Weekends as well.
  • There will also be an all-day SP Boost on 5/17 to commemorate the Anniversary.

Guerilla Boosts

  • Until 6/8, there will be a daily Guerilla Boost! Make sure to take advantage of it to get more Gold and Rank-EXP!

7x PP Campaign

  • Gain 7x PP from draining the PP Gauge until 6/8!

Rare Material Gacha

When rolling the Rare Material Gacha, there's a chance to roll various Rings and Awakening Materials (very rarely). Goes until 6/8.

  • All Rings have a chance to appear including Overlord's Rings (DRA) and GOD Rings. (The latter being more rare obviously.)
  • Likewise, all Awakening Materials have a rare chance to appear.

Training Campaign

  • 2x EXP when sending cards out to Training until 6/8.

Free Daily 11-Roll (5/17 - 5/27)

  • For 10 Days, everyone gets a free 11-Roll daily to roll Cards! (Meaning if you do all 10 days, that's 110 Rolls!)
  • There is a Selected Rate UP on specific Cards (not really specified).
  • The only real restrictions are that you can't roll GDR, Super MAX Gacha, and Limited Cards that aren't available during this time (essentially just like how the MAX Gachas normally operate).

7th Anniversary Card Pack (5/15 - 6/8)

A Card Pack for the Anniversary can be bought for 100 Dragon Stones in the Item Shop and has the following:

  • Queen Lady, Hanako, Diana
  • Heavenly Gem Marrone Set x7
  • Goddess Fairy Set x7
  • 7th Anniversary Orb: 3 Slot; ATK +277, Grants 7% Skill Boost on Straight+
  • 700 Dragon Medeals