4th Anniversary Event

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It's time to celebrate Dragon Poker's 4th Anniversary!

Lots of Events and Campaigns going on!

4th Anniversary SS Selection

Stone.png SS Rare Card Event Selection Stone.png
(All Users - Runs until May 31, 23:59 JST)
Check the in-game promotions and select a SS Card of your choice!
Or choose from other rare items such as an SS Ticket or a batch of Goddess Fairies!
Fire.png Water.png Wood.png
Ariescard.png Tauruscard.png Geminicard.png Reguluscard.png Spicacard.png Libracard.png Sagittariuscard.png Capricorncard.png Aquariuscard.png
  • Pick your choice of Zodiac cards! But if you don't want those, you can also get:
    • SS Gacha Ticket!
    • Goddess Fairy & Forehead Gem set!
    • Awakening Material Set!
  • Which card should I choose??? Comes to down to what you have. In general, here's some advice:
    • Top Tier: Gemini, Spica, Pisces - All 3 Cards here are very solid Support cards. Gemini has scaling healing and can Buff ATK/DEF. Spica is excellent for flash Buffing the Party quickly, and Pisces is a powerful Debuffer that can also Paralyze. It's difficult to go wrong with any of these three.
    • Pretty Good: Taurus, Capricorn, Sagittarius - Taurus is the best Attack card of the bunch, boasting a strong Main Skill, great Stats, and a good Sub to boot! Capricorn is a Debuffer that can inflict Seal, making her useful in Colo and foes weak to Seal. Sagittarius is a solid Green Stab card that can inflict Confusion, and grants Damage Reduction as a Sub.
    • Average to Bad: Mostly everything else. Everything else not mentioned above generally has an iffy Main or Sub Skill, or aren't all that impressive compared to other cards. Check the individual cards for more info.
    • SS Gacha Ticket - Not recommended unless you have all/most of the Cards from the Top Tier/Pretty Good sets. Grabbing the SS Ticket is essentially gambling as you could get something potentially better or worse.

4th Anniversary Special Dungeon: Dragon Poker Great Circus

Current Event Dungeon
Dragon Poker Great Circus (May 8 - May 22)
Dragon Poker Great Circusbanner.png

4th Anniversary Login Campaign

Lasts from 5/8/17 to 5/31/17. Earn Dragon Stones and other rewards each day for up to 20 days!

  • 5th Day: 3 EXP Boost Tickets, 3 SDP Boost Tickets
  • 10th Day: 3 SP Boost Tickets, 300 Dragon Medals
  • 15th Day: 3x Goddess Fairies
  • 20th Day: 10 Dragon Stones

4th Anniversary Comeback Campaign (5/7/17 - 5/31/17)

  • For new players or those who haven't logged into the game for the last two weeks (since 4/23 at least), you can get lots of goodies including:
    • 50 Dragon Stones
    • 1x SS Ring of each Element
    • 15x SS Shining Gem Marrons (5x of each Element)
  • But even if you're still playing, as long as you log in every day, you can get 2 Dragon Stones per day!

Club Bad Girls for the Month!

  • CBG will be available every day until 5/31/17! Additionally, there will be TWO Girls that can appear in either Fairy&Girls or Gem&Girls! Check the list below for the cards available.
Fairy&Girls Gem&Girls
From 5/8 to 5/12 Cat Sith, Alice Harpy, Peridot
From 5/12 to 5/19 Tsukuyomi, Pinoko Nikita, Garnet
From 5/19 to 5/26 Little Red Riding Hood, Hera Emily, Lapis Lazuli
From 5/26 to 5/31 Rouge, Diamond Lise, Safi

Orb Boost and SP Boosts

  • During the Weekends in May, there may be Orb Boosts which increase the Drop Rate on Orbs from the Challenge Dungeon by 1.5x!
  • Additionally, there will be extended SP Boosts during the Weekends as well.
  • There will also be an all-day SP Boost on 5/17 to commemorate the Anniversary.

Level Cap Increase and More!

  • Level Cap has increased to 375
  • Deck Capacity increased by 50
  • Warehouse Capacity increased by 200
  • Orb Capacity increased by 100

4x PP Campaign

  • Gain 4x PP from draining the PP Gauge until 5/31!

Rare Material Gacha

When rolling the Rare Material Gacha, there's a chance to roll various Rings and Awakening Materials (very rarely). Goes from 5/8 to 5/31.

Training Campaign

  • 2x EXP when sending cards out to Training.

Gem Marrones evolve to GOD!

  • Gem Marrones can now evolve to GOD-rarity!

4th Anniversary 11-Roll Gacha (5/17 to 5/19)

Use 40 Stones for an 11-Roll and get at least one guaranteed 34+ Cost card! (One roll per day.)