3rd Anniversary Event

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It's time to celebrate Dragon Poker's 3rd Anniversary!

Lots of Events and Campaigns going on!

3rd Anniversary Party Dungeon

Current Event Dungeon
Third Anniversary Party Dungeon (May 9 - May 23)
Third Anniversary Party Dungeonbanner.png

3rd Anniversary SS Selection

Stone.png SS Rare Card Event Selection Stone.png
(All Users - Runs until May 23, 23:59 JST)
Check the in-game promotions and select a SS Card of your choice!
Or choose from other rare items such as an SS Ticket or a batch of Goddess Fairies!
Fire.png Water.png Wood.png
Leviathancard.png Mammoncard.png Belphegorcard.png Lucifercard.png Satancard.png Beelzebubcard.png Asmodeuscard.png Garnetcard.png Monkey Kingcard.png

3rd Anniversary Election (5/9-5/15)

Once a day, you can select your favorite card to vote on. You'll get a Dragon Stone when you place a vote.

3rd Anniversary Login Campaign (5/9-5/29)

Login every day to get fabulous rewards! Get a Dragon Stone everyday!

  • 5 Days: Rare Gacha Ticket, SDP Boost Ticket x3
  • 10 Days: S Gacha Ticket, SP Boost Ticket x3
  • 15 Days: SS Gacha Ticket, EXP Boost Ticket x3

Training Campaign

  • 2x EXP when sending cards out to Training from 5/9 to 5/30.
  • 3rd Training Slot unlocked for purchase. It costs 10 Dragon Stones.

3x PP Campaign

Gain 3x PP when draining the PP Gauge from 5/9 to 5/30.

Rare Material Gacha

When rolling the Rare Material Gacha, there's a chance to roll various Rings and Awakening Materials (rarely). Goes from 5/9 to 5/30.

SP Boost Campaign

There may be extended SP Boost times at Management's discretion. On 5/17, there'll be an SP Boost for the entire day!

Orb Capacity Increased

Maximum Orb Capacity has been increased from 100 to 200.

Normal Mission Added

A new Normal Mission has been added to "Get a card capable of Awakening into a state to be Awakened (Get card to Max Level, Max Skill Lv, check Awakening Evolution screen)". Completing the Mission awards you with a set of full Awakening Materials to awaken that card.

Beginner Support Campaign

New Users (as well as New Users made within the last 14 days) that are Lv50 and under gain extra benefits:

  • Cards gain 2x EXP when feeding mats
  • Gain 2x EXP when sending cards through Training
  • 2x Chance for Secret Training Locations