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The Overdrive System is a new system meant for use in the Tower Dungeon.
By equipping an Overdrive, you can utilize "Super Ultimate Techniques" during battle as well as useful Passive effects.
You can customize the type of Overdrive you wish to use to power up your Tower Deck.

Overdrive Types

There are four different types of Overdrive:

Overdrive Role Characteristic Initial Passive Effect
Attack Drive Attacker Specializes in Attack Skills Max HP -1%, Attack Skill Power +12%
Defense Drive Defender Specializes in Defense/Shield Skills Max HP +10%, Shields 10% damage inflicted on an targetted ally.
Assist Drive Assist Specializes in Support Skills "W-Link" SP Cost -11
Heal Drive Healer Specializes in Healing Skills When you Heal the Party and have over 70% HP, increases Max HP by 1% for 2 Turns.
  • For the Defender's Passive, you have to manually target an ally during your active turn to give them the Shield.

Roles are decided for your Overdrive such as Attacker or Healer, so you can utilize your Overdrive accordingly to your role.
As you defeat Bosses, you'll earn Tower Points which you can then use to enhance your Overdrives to strengthen them.


When you purchase an Overdrive for the first time, you can assign its related Role to your Tower Deck to grant Passive Bonuses and modifiy your "Super Ultimate Technique".
However, by assigning a Role to your Tower Deck, it restricts the types of Cards you can use as Main Cards.

The Skill Types listed for each Role below cannot be used as Main Cards in your Tower Deck according to the appropriate equipped Role.

Role Forbidden Skill Types
Attacker Heal
Defender Sustain, Buff, Debuff
Assist Most Attack Skill Types, Shield
Healer Status

Super Ultimate Techniques

Depending on the Overdrive you've equipped, you can use different Super Ultimate Techniques. While in the Tower Dungeon, a Technique Gauge sits where the BET button would normally be.

  • Each time you hit an enemy or receive damage, the Technique Gauge increases by 1/15. Once the Gauge is full, you can then activate your Super Ultimate Technique by hitting the button next the gauge.
  • As such, cards with multiple attacks can be useful in increasing the Technique Gauge very quickly.
  • When you activate your Super Ultimate Technique, the card you play will become Colored. This will prevent the played Card from using its Skill.
  • Keep in mind once you activate your Super Ultimate Technique, it can NOT be cancelled.
  • However, if your activated card is not part of the played Hand, it won't consume the Technique Gauge.
  • Super Fusions will occur before Super Ultimate Techniques. If a card has activated a Super Ultimate Technique, it will not be part of a Super Fusion.
  • Each SUT has 4 Levels and can be upgraded with Tower Points to increase their effects.

Attack Drive

Attacks target and breaks their Shield. (Has Damage Power of 1500/2000/2300/2500)

Defense Drive

Attacks all enemies (500/1000/1500/2000 Damage Power) and applies Unbreakable (20/30/40/50%) Damage Reduction Shield to Party for the duration of the turn.

Heal Drive

Fully recovers the Party's HP and increases their Max HP by 7/8/9/10% for 2 Turns.

Assist Drive

Combines with and strengthens other allies Super Ultimate Techniques used.

  • Attack Drive: Increases damage (55/60/65/70% UP) inflicted.
  • Defense Drive: Increases Damage Reduction to 60% and increases damage (35/40/45/50% UP) inflicted.
  • Heal Drive: Increases Max HP% (7/8/9/10%)

Passive Bonuses

As mentioned above, each Role has their own Passive Bonuses they can level up and enhance using Tower Points.
These bonuses are different for each role and each Passive has differing required Tower Points in order to level them up.
The latter Passives in particular cost quite a few Points, but said Passives are key to powering up your Deck to tackle the Tower Dungeon.

Every time you spend Points on a Passive and level it up, your Role Level will increase.

Each Role has 7 Ranks of Passives + their Default Passive & Super Ultimate Technique.
You can only select one Passive per Rank, however if a Rank has multiple Passives in it, you can refund the full Tower Points in that Rank and choose another one.
This can be very useful when dealing with certain Bosses, so make sure you pick the right Passives accordingly!
For Rank 7 Passives, the Default Passives, and Super Ultimate Techniques, you cannot get back any Tower Points you put into them.

In order to unlock the next Rank, you must put Tower Points into the Previous Rank. (i.e. In order to unlock Rank 2, you must spend Points on Rank 1 first.)
After that, even if you reset the Points in Rank 1, Rank 2 will still be unlocked.



The Attacker Role is pretty self-explanatory; it specializes solely in Attacking, with many of its Passives offering Skill Boosts for Attack Cards, sometimes at the cost of other Stats like HP or taking more Damage. But given as later Bosses have LOTS of HP, you'll need all the Boosts you can get. Of particular note are the Rank 3 Passives; these allow you to set your Cards' Primary Attribute to any of the 3 Elements (Fire, Water, Wood). Their Super Ultimate Technique is particularly useful against some of the Bosses who have Shields.

  • insert chart here*


The Defender Role specializes in protecting the Party from attacks. A number of their Passives increase your HP and give you additional Defense or Damage Reduction. Their Main Passive ability allows you to manually target a single Ally to give them additional protection against enemy attacks. Their Super Ultimate Technique is particularly useful against many of the Bosses who have dangerous Release attacks.

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The Assist Role is simply that; primarily assisting the Party with Buffs, Debuffs, Heals, and Enhance cards. Unlike the other Roles, they have to forego the majority of Attack Cards, leaving them in strictly a Support Role. Most of their Passives involve powering up their Support Cards (Buff, Debuff, and Enhance) as well as reducing their SP Costs for W-Link and Shuffle SP Skills. Their Super Ultimate Technique is an interesting one, acting as an Enhancer for the other Roles' Super Ultimate Techniques.

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The Heal Role is a pretty curious one; it mostly specializes in Healing and Buffing. Yet unlike the other Roles, it has the least restrictions of all them, only unable to use Status Cards. As such, their Decks can be relatively well-rounded. The majority of their Passives involve powering up their Heal & Buff Cards, allowing them to Heal/Buff more and increasing the Party's Max HP%. Of particular note are the Rank 3 Passives that allow you to increase the upper limit on specific Stat Buffs to +6. Their Super Ultimate Technique is highly useful as it fully heals the Party's HP as well as increasing their Max HP for 2 turns.

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